Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Living on the down low

If you are one of the few brave souls who have been with me for lo these many years of blogging and writing and webpage designing, wow, I love you. 

So you've probably noticed at some point I'm actually an introvert. Left to my own devices I would use the Internet for learning, research, entertainment, and keeping in touch with people who are now spread far and wide. 

However, in 1999 or so I embarked on a journey to "make money on the Internet". What a long, strange trip it's been. And to that end as advised by every advisor, I had a "web presence". Just as I once forced myself to smile and approach customers and make small talk, I then forced myself to smile and write what I hoped were useful and/or interesting blogs and social media posts. It had it's moments. I met some pretty awesome people. I got to have some major rants. I have kept journals since I was a child, so blogging was more or less a natural extension although now I was writing to a specific subject and/or audience much of the time. I like to write.

Not only have I never become "rich working from home", I've never come anywhere near making a living. And recently, not just me, but my husband has been soundly punished and penalized in a severe fashion that could have actually caused his death because I dared to make a few bucks. Literally, I made less than $20 per month in royalties and for that we were penalized $165 out of his check for six months, along with the loss of all food stamps and all of my medical. We literally could not afford enough to eat or the supplements and vitamins he must have. Interesting enough, I can sell plasma - make more money in less time - and not be penalized at all for that. It's taken me about a year to get this all straightened out, and I'm learning that we can live in his income and still have his medical needs met. If I don't make anything! 

This is NOT an easy thing for me. I think I've got to be DOING SOMETHING all the time. So I AM. You know, most people retire and do those things they always wanted to do. So, I'm retired and what I always wanted to do was learn. I always wanted to go to college, read non-fiction, etc. I can't afford college so I'm enjoying books, documentaries and my big splurge - Great Courses. 

And as you may have noticed, I've all but quit blogging. I no longer have any need of a public web presence. I'll probably write, and I'll probably find a spot to republish my novels where you can read them online for free. One of these days. Yes, I'll post a link here when I do. And, face it, I like to rant now and then. Even if I do suspect it makes the government watch me. As if they have time to bother with me - surely they have better things to do. 

My point being - don't look for daily or even weekly or even monthly posts. I'll write when I've got something to say that I think merits a public forum. Hope that works for you. If you're a close pal who would like more frequent updates, check out my facebook page. I've closed my Twitter account, and my Patreon account and I don't actually use anything now except facebook to post on, this blog, and my Wordpress blog. Posts here will probably be crossposted there. Posts that are rants will go here. Posts that are reviews or stuff to do with anime, books, etc. will probably go live at Wordpress now. Chances are that in time, most everything will end up at Wordpress. 

Thanks for being here
Blessed be

Summer Foovay

Living on the down low

If you are one of the few brave souls who have been with me for lo these many years of blogging and writing and webpage designing, wow, I l...