Thursday, July 19, 2018

Free Kindle Books

True story. I am too lazy to list every one of the sixty or so books I currently have available free on the Kindle store. So here's the minimum - the author pages for my real name and pen names. Grab 'em up - I think today is the last day of free. This weekend I will sit down and unpublish the batch of them. To tell you the truth, I was a little bit surprised to look today and see that Amazon hasn't beaten me to it.

The sex story books are leaving for good. Poor old things. I don't feel they contribute to the world, nor do they truly positively contribute to my income at this time.

The essay collections and novels I will possibly republish somewhere at a later date. It is not a big priority, but it's also not a big loss to the world ;)

The Peritoneal Dialysis book I have somewhat mixed emotions about. At the least it will get an additional chapter outlining the consequences of prolonged peritoneal dialysis - much needed since that is also something your doctors won't tell you until you are in the middle of it (and often not then either). If I do anything after that, it will be to try and get it with an agent and/or medical publishing company. I still dream of a stack of them sitting in every nephrology or dialysis waiting room. But because it does tell the unvarnished truth - which your doctors usually don't share with you - I suspect it will not find a publisher in the medical field either. Maybe I can find someone brave and anti-conformist in the alternative health community that will publish it. At any rate, I'd like to go through a more conventional process and let somebody else get the price down so it can be widely (even freeeeeeely) distributed.

I do have a page at Wattpad where I was writing. The website seems to have devolved into housewife porn and teen angst and has some functional issues, so I'm sort of shopping for other websites where I can pop up something if I get the urge to write. Maybe I'll just make a fiction/essay blog - or, you know, a blog.

Sex Stories here (Petit Morte is my pen name) Get 'em while they're hot (and free).

Gay Male Sex Stories here (Randall Silver Fox is another pen name of mine) Hot, rough, written for men.

Summer Foovay - various schtuff because I simply do not fit into the "brand" mentality. Not all of these are 99 cents because some simply were not eligible right now. Sorry.

The Blue Dragonfly books I think I will eventually make into "visual novel hybrids" with games an illustrations to go with the text. That's how I always wanted to make them in the first place, and now I finally can see a way to do it. Of course, I have to learn how to code games. (Never fear, that's where I'm going..)

Peace Out

Summer Foovay


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