Saturday, June 9, 2018

I will never order from Amazon again

For close to twenty years I have ordered from Amazon almost every single month. Most of those orders totaled $100 or more. The majority of the items were supplements that I cannot easily find near home - or at least not where we were living in small towns in New Mexico.

And then Amazon decided to no longer allow you to chose your carrier. They use their own carriers now. This is apparently whoever is hanging around the distribution center who wants to make a buck and claims to have a car.

This month the first part of our order was chucked into the patio chair and left where anyone could steal it. But it was marked "handed to resident".

The second part, due today, was marked "We tried to deliver your package today, but we didn’t want to leave it unattended" at 1:51 pm. At 1:51 pm, as it happens, I was outside, sitting in the patio chair. No one pulled up in our drive. or drove down our street, or even drove through our trailer park. But they tried real hard to deliver to me, didn't they?

No, they are sitting in an air-conditioned restaurant, scanning packages and laughing as they get paid to sit on their ass and do nothing.

So when I contacted Amazon at 3 pm... and chattted online to the nice but sensitive man who certainly speaks English as a second language and offered to make sure this happens again... really?

He offered me the contact info for the carrier service - then emailed me the links to talk to him, email amazon, or phone Amazon. Like, I didn't already have the information in front of me? He offered to send it out again - with the same carrier. Like I expect it to arrive this time? Maybe they can chuck it on the drive and see who wants to steal it before I get home - and mark it "handed to resident" again? How is someone in India making sure it leaves "in a different vehicle"?

I was about to renew our Prime. I was just waxing how nice it was that there is an Amazon distribution center here in town so almost everything is next day delivery. ROFLMAO.

Well, at least now I live in a real city, so hopefully I can find stores to purchase the supplements we need. Spend a week on the bus going to one store after another to purchase our needs. Walk in the heat. Order direct from the companies and end up with my credit information in ten different websites and hope they actually use a REAL delivery service.

Goodbye Amazon.

EDIT: A P.S. After the delivery was made. From the email I sent to Amazon in reply to their "did we solve your problem" email.

We were planning on leaving at 6 pm on Saturday. I know that I told you, or the person on chat, that we would not be home after 6 pm. However, because we were upset, we had delayed and were considering not going out at all. About 7 pm someone arrived with this order. He did not speak English. He handed the box to my husband and quickly left. He did not make sure he had the right people, since he could not pronounce my first name. Summer. Such a difficult word. No reason for anyone to be able to figure that out. 

Well, we have our order. I do not know what you wish to do about the refund which was already in process. We were supposed to refuse the order, I think, but had no opportunity to do so.

I do appreciate the assurance that we do not have to worry about retaliation. 

Overall, however, I do not think we will order physical goods from Amazon again. There are other ways to purchase these items in which I can either go physically to get them, or have them delivered by an official, legal, bonded service with trained personnel. Since Amazon gives me no choice as to delivery service, and since your delivery service is clearly unsuitable and undependable, I do not see how we can continue to order from Amazon. If I had the ability to insist on ONLY USPS or UPS, I would do so, and continue to order from you. But I do not like this situation where any one might, or might not, show up and deliver. I do not know if these people are screened for a criminal record. It is clear you have people working for you who purposely abuse your own system for their profit. I do not invite strangers into my home, or give out our personal information to anyone who walks by - and this is basically what you are doing. 

If Amazon wants to use their own delivery service, they have a very long way to go to make it a service I would use, and I don't think we are that unusual as customers go. 

I understand you say you use the service "most efficient" - most efficient and cheapest for you, I am sure. But clearly, it is a very inadequate service from a customer viewpoint.

Again, if I simply had the option to chose my delivery service, I would chose a dependable, trusted service and continue to order. I will not order from Amazon as long as I cannot know if I will receive my items. 

Thank you

Summer Foovay
A former customer

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