Monday, April 23, 2018

The Hamster Wheel

Or - running like hell to stay still...
Okay, we made it through the first week of a doctor or dialysis every day. So far, all the new heart tests are showing marked improvement according to the techs, but Thursday we see the cardio Dr. so he can make it official. So much for Drs and "it can't get better only worse" B.S. We truly are getting so much better medical care here for him - and that was my #1 priority. 
This week is more of the same - doctors, dialysis and I hope tomorrow to get some food help. Every other spare minute is spent at the Turk trying to make enough to feed us. His family was good enough to help out a little last week. 
Oddly enough in the midst of all this I've found a few quiet minutes to spend editing and rewriting on the Serendipity story. I originally thought I would expand it, but it seems quite comfortable with itself at 30K words. OTH I'm only now getting into the last bit and as I recall I rushed it a little to make room for Nano last year and that was where I felt it needed expanding. I hope I can get it on Kindle maybe even this weekend.  
I keep one of the sex books up for free all the time, and that (I think) drives some sales of the other sex books. I really do nothing and they putter along making me $5 a month or so. Well, this week I put the I Am Pagan book up for free - expecting to have to add a sex book - and I Am Pagan has been puttering along surprisingly well. We'll see if it sells any of the books under my name! Paganism and Sex. HHHH  
It does remind me I want to do videos discussing Paganism and related subjects. I need to get a mike so I don't have to shout at this computer. It's also constantly noisy here, and when I am home I often have next to no Internet. We have to get moved next month somehow, so maybe I'll have a better situation for making vids. 
Still taking a photo a day. Still trying to decide how I'm going to keep and share them :P 

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