Monday, January 29, 2018

One Step Foward, Two Steps Back

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I've spent most of the last week without any Internet, and no cell phone at home (I can text but not talk). Since I can't really leave home and go very far, this has been - to say the least - inconvenient. I had hoped, after all, to make use of this forced convalescence to work online on the Turk, writing, and doing artwork. In addition, I've been treated to a ringside seat to a screaming, throwing things domestic, and someone attempted to break into our apartment the other night - while we were in it. They try to break into the Firefly on a pretty much daily basis.

All of which has led us to the final decision that we have to get out of this apartment. Everything has gone bad and wrong since we have been in here. I begin to feel the place is cursed.

And we have roaches. Again.

Roaches make me scream and run. My phobia is deep enough that I still attempt to scream and run - broken pelvis or no. This has led to some rather painful moments. Okay, days.

In addition, I found out my traffic ticket is going to cost over $300. Ow. It has to be paid in February - the same month they are taking double deductions for his insurance because they "forgot" in January. Plus our first month to pay the new Medicare Part D for his scripts. We haven't even begun to look for insurance to replace his Medicaid. So we actually do not have enough money to pay the rent for another month. Even if we didn't want to eat, or have some form of transportation to dialysis.
Not to panic - we have until the 14th to move due to having moved in the middle of the month. But the sooner we're out of here the happier I will be. We have leads on a couple of RV parks that might take the Firefly. I have managed to get in and out of her once to see if I could. Hubby points out that once I'm in - I'm pretty much stuck in there, but I'm stuck here, too and if I have a choice...

But we also have a few other apartment complexes we want to check out.

So, until we get moved, getting moved will be our priority and these days we do ONE THING at a time.

Once we are moved and settled (somewhere that we dependably have Internet so I can get back to making millions), we will tackle the whole switching clinics,  getting new doctors, etc. again.
Meanwhile, Internet is an iffy thing. You would think that would mean I get a lot of writing done but all my manuscripts are currently stored on the cloud. And I'm honestly not feeling very good much of the time. But I'm going to try and do better. I downloaded a couple of things off the cloud to work on in case Internet magically vanishes again. (I magically have it today after about 4 days of none).

So - that's where we're at in life.


  1. Ugh sorry to hear about all your troubles! Roaches freak me out too. I don't think I could handle it any better!

    1. Thanks :D You would think my brain would kick in and say "hey, stupid, forgot you can't walk?" but Nooooooooooooo.... LOL Strangely enough, I feel like we are making progress simply by making this decision. Things are going to get better.

  2. Haha, I'd be the same way! My panic would kick in and I'd be like "RUN! THROW YOURSELF DOWN THE STAIRS IF YOU HAVE TO! THERE'S A ROACH!" But moving and knowing you will move is definitely going to make a difference!

    1. IKR. I think the only reason I haven't really hurt myself is this apartment is so small. I can stand, just not walk, so I'm rolling around in this office chair - LOL. So I stood up to get something out of the cabinet and a roach fell out of it and down... so I tried to run backwards and my legs hit the chair and scooted it away from me...luckily my DH was already in motion - hearing my screams he knows immediately what it must be because NOTHING ELSE makes me scream (except pain, now) so he grabbed the chair and me and stuck me in it, shoved me away and went after the roach. MY HERO. LOL. Okay, only been two but having a big one fall out of the cabinet almost ON ME...

      There's a murder mystery, was she thrown down the stairs or did a big roach fall out of the cabinet causing her to throw herself down...

    2. Hahaha oh no. Well luckily your hubs knows just how quick to step in! That's very good! That's an Agatha Christie or Lifetime movie right? "Was it a bug or was it the killer?"

    3. Or did the killer, knowing of her phobia, PUT the bug into the cabinet?


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