Monday, January 22, 2018


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Frustration seems to be my primary emotion these days when it comes to getting anything done.

Frustration, of course, at not being able to get up and walk across the room to refill my drink or go to the bathroom, let alone go outside for any reason. 

Frustration with paying for our own wifi hotspot, and paying for the apartment wifi, and still not being able to check email, let alone something really complex like say - posting on Patreon. Turns out that is a problem with my new (used) computer - so I am back on the old desktop to have Internet - while my most recent work is all on the useless laptop with no internet capability. May I remind you that the old desktop is not compatible with the drawing tablet or software?

Frustration with the new dialysis clinic who insisted on a second full set of vaccinations less than a month after the last set. James was seriously ill by Friday and all weekend. I nearly took him to the ER. Tell me again how vaccines don't make people sick. We are working on the arrangements to transfer him out of Fresenius system completely and into DaVita. Anyone who thinks he will immediately get a third full set of vaccines (including the "one in a lifetime" pnuemovax) in under two months, raise your hand. 

Frustration with this system that has people working for it who can look me in the eye, me standing there obviously in pain on a walker, and say - we are cutting off your medical insurance because you make $20 a month in royalties and we don't believe you could stop that if you wanted to.

I'm not even going to try to find an orthapedic doctor that will see me for $20. Hope I didn't need surgery - because I'm just going to have to heal up as I am.

So since I can actually accomplish fuck all anyway, we had a nice, quiet weekend at home. I did work on the Turk a little. An anime blogger I follow did a review of Visual Novels and I have been off down the rabbit hole looking at those and thinking how grand they would be for some of my projects, and the projects of the people I'm collaborating with this year. Taking a video course on becoming a YouTube millionaire that is free and looks interesting mainly because one of the teachers does animated shorts and, again, ideal for some of what I'm going to be working on. I've been helping one of my collaborators figure out how to use her drawing tablet and graphics software. 

And resting and reading a lot. Yeah, old school hard copy books - LOL. I'll probably never break the habit of picking them up free and cheap whenever I can, but mostly I read and release these days. So I'm looking at this as a grand time to read some that have piled up. So far no real gems to review. No real dogs to warn people against either.

I am continuing to keep some of my books on Kindle out there for free. This week it is an oddball series that are kinky sex and murder. The story drooled out of my brain one midnight dreary in a sort of hallucinatory state and eventually turned into 3 books. 
The Angel Touches Silent , Silent Speaks , and The Fairy Princess. The first two are free - the last is regular price. I thought it would be interesting to see how many people found it interesting enough to pay $1.99 for the ending. 

Goals for this week - as much as I can make at the Turk. They lost a huge account that I used to work on a lot. That account moved to a new system and due to my Internet issues I cannot pass their qualification test! Maybe I will also finally get the next book in the Mia and The Black Cowboy sex story series finished. And do some editing and rewriting on one of the nearly done projects so I can get it published. If they are taking $250+ in benefits off us because I make $20 a month I best get a move on to replacing that! I also need to get back to the 385 digital arts blog. It was severely interrupted by the hospital stay and I simply have not gotten my shit together since. 

I wrote that before I figured out my graphic arts capable computer is not Internet capable.  
Thanks for hanging in with me.

Summer Foovay

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