Friday, December 1, 2017

December 2017

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Wow. Last month of 2017. It seems like this year has gone by so fast.

Looking back, it has been so much better than 2016. In 2016 James was in the hospital EVERY SINGLE MONTH for at least a few days. We had an ER run in January in 2017 which made me feel like we would have more of the same. But he wasn't in again until May, which was to have the ICD installed. Since then he's managed to stay out. We've had a few scares with the fistula but it's finally matured and doing fine.

So, with him stable and doing fairly well, it has made the deficiencies of the medical system in this area really spotlighted. Because any problem we have had this year was CAUSED by poor care, or office staff that can't be bothered and don't care. At best the dialysis clinic can manage a week or so of good treatments, then a week or so of bad ones. It's gotten old. The quality of treatment very much affects his quality of life and how he feels, what he can and cannot do. And the attitude of "who cares" about his constant pain. Well, I do. I listen to the man I love moan and toss all night, or watch this 51 year old man barely able to stand up and get out of a chair. So yes, I feel we are doing the right thing to get out of here now, and find him better care.  I've come to a point where I am afraid with the quality of care here that he will catch pneumonia from someone in the clinic and die in this hospital. And I can't watch him in pain anymore.

So - Viva Las Vegas!

Today is his payday. He ordered the tire and it will arrive Tuesday - so now we have firm dates. Talked to the dialysis travel people on the phone and they are still trying to set him up in Las Vegas DaVita but we made some changes in our reservation request that should expedite things. If we MUST we will go with Fresenius and switch to DaVita after we get there. He spoke to both representatives on the phone today and you could really hear the contrast in the attitude. Company culture - it's a real thing.

Summing up 2017 for myself, I am pleased. I no longer do goals, because that seems to be setting myself up for the Universe to get a good laugh at my expense. I do "themes". 2017 had three themes.

1- Improvement in James' health. As stated earlier, I think he is as healthy as he can get in this environment, and it is a vast improvement from 2016. So, done.
2-For myself I wanted to lose some weight and get fit. I have lost and kept off about 7 pounds. I haven't reached my goal, but at least I'm consistently keeping it off. My problem lately has been I lose 10 pounds over a month, and gain it back in one weekend. Then it takes a month to lose it again. I'm slowly learning what foods cause this and eliminating them. I walk and ride the bike a lot, and do a little workout with some weights most days, and I'm considerably more fit than I was at the first of this year. So, done.

3-Increasing my income. This has been a little bit spotty, but overall as the year comes to a close I've at least doubled what I make in a month, and far more of it is coming from writing now. Most months I have also increased what I make at the Turk as well - but that is the spotty one and that has to do with issues like computers not working, Internet not working, and RL interfering with my writing/work time. I'm really happy and grateful for the increase. I want it to be more!

Now that Nanowrimo is over, I will be devoting more time to winter projects. And, of course, there's this big relocation thing going on! But this post is getting awful long, and I've got dumb stuff I gotta do.

Thanks for hanging in with me and may December be great for all of us!


  1. this is becky (aka karla from tom's). i just started twitter, so please add me, that way we can commiserate. we're DEFINITELY in the SAME boat, love! elise is going to have to go to the hospital this week and i dropped off the face of the planet when i got cancer (still on chemo) in 2014. i'm using my freelance writing name brenda gless/writertn1 on twitter. (wouldn't you know i'd misspell my name on blogger. gotta figure out a way to fix that.

    1. How totally cool to hear from you! As you can imagine I have no clue how much Internet I'll have for the next month or so. Drop me a long catch up email at sffoovayATgmail and I'll get back to you when I can. Twitter I mainly use for Nanowrimo Sprints and otherwise I'm barely there.


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