Friday, December 22, 2017

(7) Crashing Waves of Testosterone

Wow. Holy Gonads, Batman the newest addition to the Garo franchise, Garo-Vanishing Line, is a tsunami of testosterone.

And I'm loving every minute of it.

Big, bad ass talking motorcycle. This ain't no polite and thoughtful Hermes asking polite questions. This is a Madou Ring gone completely mad, bad, and dangerous to know. 

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Sword. It is tempting to spend five minutes watching Sword and conclude his name means he is a walking, talking penis who probably really enjoys boobie sex. And yet...

There are things we as a polite society either pretend we do not see about the Alpha Male, or that we unreasonably demand Alpha Males either pretend aren't true or try to hide. Which is pretty ridiculous in my humble opinion. And Sword is 110% Alpha Male.

So he loves boobs, and women, and sex, and food, and life. And big, bad ass motorcycles. He is a man of vast appetites.

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And he has a bone deep need to protect sweet, innocent things from the bad stuff in the world. In fine Alpha Male physically violent "I love to blow things up" style.

He is Alpha Male. Great fun to play with, hang out with, have wild monkey sex with. Don't marry him and don't expect him to even be aware of conventional norms, let alone abide by them.

Just enjoy him for the deep hearted, half crazy, penis brain he is.

The series makes up for Sword - if you really feel it has to - with intelligent, interesting female characters like Gina and Sophie. In fact, in a way, they actually have more of a character arc than Sword does. Which kind of makes the whole story more about them.
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