Saturday, December 23, 2017

(5) Give Mecha A Chance

When I first started my exploration of anime, I quickly learned that some of the most popular and long running series had absolutely no appeal to me at all. Not on an artistic basis (some of them I actually actively hate the art and couldn't bring myself to finish a single episode) and not on a story basis. (story? what story? let's just kick butt, take names, and make witty - sort of - comments)

If any given episode is over 60% fight scenes, I'm probably not interested. You've got to wrap some story and characterization around those fights and make me care, or, well, I don't care.

So, on that basis, I simply passed over the entire Mecha genre.

Big mistake. Don't follow my lead on that one, okay?

Because I thought the art was beautiful, and the story sounded intriguing, I gave Gargantua of the Verdurous Planet a chance. I liked Midori.

And it turned out to have a very good story, incidentally wrapped around a Mecha pilot.

But you know, any genre of anything is going to have one or two good ones you like even if you don't like the genre. So I went merrily along, skipping all the mecha anime as they came out.

As a latecomer, I actually read a lot about anime, and watch stuff like this.

Since Gargantua - which had become one of my all time favorites, was mentioned in the same breath as Aldnoah Zero - I went off to watch Aldnoah Zero. And then got my hubby to watch both with me - meaning I watched them both twice. This year there was much ado about the new Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. I'm in the process of watching it now for the second time - with my hubby. I plan on going back and watching the entire franchise.

None of these are kiddie shows.

Although if you know a kid who thinks war is cool and fighting is fun - you might run one of these by them before it's too late.

And from now on, I solemnly swear I will at least have a peek at any new Mecha that comes out. And if you have some old ones to recommend - please, do. I have lots of catching up to do.

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