Sunday, December 24, 2017

(3) Gamers! Isn't What You Think It Is

I really love all those marvelous anime based on LitRPG - and LitRPG that is well written. Sword Art Online and Log Horizon are the most notable examples.

And then there's Gamers! If you started this anime looking for another action packed adventure based in a game type fantasy world with references to the "real world" you are about to be very disappointed.

But if you can keep an open mind for a few minutes, you just might find yourself literally laughing out loud. I laughed so loud and often my husband was soon over my shoulder asking what in the world was I watching. The romcom is so ridiculous, and yet believable for that age group and social group (gamers) that any real gamer cannot deny the truth of it. And truth telling is what makes humor funny.

I've been a gamer since you bought a box with three magazine sized guides and a single set of strange dice to play D&D. Things have changed a lot since then, but games still attract much the same sort of people for the same reasons. Face it, most of us are to some extent socially awkward. Gaming may allow us to hide in our room and play with people we know only at a distance. But it also gives us a passion, and something in common to talk about. From that point we are able to make social contacts - however awkward they may be. Factor in the inevitable awkwardness that is teen life and it's a wonder any of us ever manage to marry and reproduce.

It's hard to think what else this anime would be titled, but I think one reason it is a sleeper of the season, and often panned in reviews, is that the title sets you up for another anime in the vein of SAO and what you actually get is Ouran Highschool Club Host. Free your mind, and you might be surprised how much you actually enjoy this little gem.

I also liked the sexy pin-up gamer girl bits at the end. It's just a fun little series, don't expect too much of it.

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