Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 The Year of Collaboration?

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For the last month or more my astrology and numerology mavens have been saying that 2018 will be a year of collaboration and cooperative effort. When they started that I snorted. I've always been best off working by myself. I guess to some extent I see art and writing as something you do all alone up in your lonely writers garret. This, to me, is not a bad thing. I spent a great deal of time alone as a child, and that was the only time I had any peace. Human beings, even those who love and support me, grate against my PTSD and cause me stress simply by being present. Even my beloved husband of 27 years can sometimes bug me simply be being alive and "in my space". So, yeah, I laughed at the idea of me collaborating.
But then my sister from another mother approached me the first part of December with big plans to collaborate next year on a project we have talked about for some time. She writes a marvelous series of children's books about Waldorf the Magician Mouse - that's him you see up there in yesterdays digital art. She writes, I draw. In fact, at this point we are not only talking about more books, but maybe even some video games as well.
Another dear friend from years ago also contacted me, and she, too wants to work together on some Kindle books.
Having been around both of this wimmen before, I know both of them encourage me to get things done only in the very best of ways. So I hope that 2018 will be a really productive year, both with my own projects, and working with others.
I consider Patreon to be a cooperative effort as well. Maybe I'll gain a few more patrons. The end of this year has certainly reminded me that we all do better when I allow others to help us.
Back 100 years ago when I was a sexy little titty dancer, my first mentor emphasized that when all the dancers work together, everyone makes more money. I found that to be very true over the 15+ years that I worked in the business. There was always a significant difference in income between the clubs where all the girls got along and worked cooperatively, and the clubs where everyone was "I'm number One" and back stabbing and all sorts of nastiness ruled. In fact, one of the reasons I gave up dancing (besides the fact that at some point no one wants to see you naked any more) was that it seemed like the younger girls coming in were all "me me me me" and you couldn't teach them anything - let alone that we all make more money if we work together.
Do you suppose I'm too old and PTSD and set in my ways to learn how to work together on writing and art? I hope not.
Blessedbe and Happy New Year!

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