Tuesday, December 19, 2017

(10) Eating my way through anime

While watching The Eccentric Family certainly did not give me a desire for tanuki hot pot, there have been other animes that made me hungry.

The fact that Crunchyroll sells an anime cookbook in their shop tells me I am not alone in watching anime food and thinking “wow, that looks good.”.

But I am lucky in that my husband loves to cook. And so he has kindly looked up and learned to cook Omurice from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. And it is every bit as delicious as it looks and sounds. His next project is the pork cutlets from Yuri On Ice.

Silver Spoon got me to try raw egg over rice. It is good. In fact, it’s a staple breakfast in our house now, just as it is in the dorms of Ooezo Agricultural High School.

This year Restaurant To Another World added a whole new dimension to eating with anime. I can't even start to watch that one without at least a bowl of popcorn in front of me. I’m afraid to even start watching Food Wars. Actually, I’m saving it until my husband can watch with me. Then I won’t even have to ask before he is saying, “Oh, that looks good. I bet I can make that.”

Maybe he can even discover the secret to Kitsune Oden!

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