Tuesday, December 26, 2017

(1) Any Last Words?

There is a running joke where I original come from about last words.

"Hold my beer. Hey, ya'll watch THIS!"

Followed by some incredibly stupid stunt that gets the speakers head knocked off, or otherwise lands on him "worlds' greatest fails" videos.

I feel a little like  I said something very like that when I signed up to do the 12 Days of Anime blogging.  I was halfway through Nanowrimo and feeling very unmotivated about everything. And that was before I moved up my relocation date from February 2018 to the first of December. Well, actually, it ended up being the 6th of December. And yet, here I am, finishing up all 12 entries - after a late start - on the correct day. Well, a bit late but my rule is it is still the day I woke up on, until I go to sleep. It's the night owls way of dealing with those date/time conventions based on a "normal" biorhythm. (I don't think it's normal so much as it is that of the majority of humans. Bats and owls agree with me)

So in honor of all those famous last words - here's a few I like best.

Thanks for joining me. 

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