Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nanowrimo 2017 Summary/What's next for us

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As of today I have 30,966 words. I am not unhappy with that, although I would have liked to win. As usual, I'm looking at 30K and saying "but I'm not even halfway through the story". 
All in all I am not going to dog myself about it. This month has included several unnecessary doctors appointments, the usual wrangling, bad dialysis treatments and bullshit. 
This desktop works some days and does not work some days. There is possibly something loose inside on the on/off switch. We can't just leave it on because it moves twice a day from the desk by the window (where James sits) to the dining table (where I sit) then back to the desk (the table makes into the bed and I sit by the window after James goes to sleep). James cannot fix it because the case does not open - this is an all in one. We did a "backup" to Google Drive and it used all my drive space. We found there were thousands of duplicate files and weird shit like the Pinterest button was there about 100 times. I ended up having to strip the Google Drive to empty and then going through each file here. I'm through the Documents folder and it is, at least, nicely organized and all backed up. Luckily there aren't that many pictures, and most of them are here four or five times. There is something running that backs up the photos that my Kindle sends to Amazon and it downloads ALL the photos and videos on my Kindle EVERY SINGLE TIME I take a new photo or video... So today's big task is sorting out all the duplicates, finding the photos worth keeping, and backing them up to Google drive since I can't figure out how the hell to put them onto Google photos. And probably on my Flickr account, too. So - this has been a big ongoing issue/project this month that takes a certain amount of priority. My big plan for today is to finish, or at least make inroads on finishing back ups. They are more important right now than finishing a novel.
Last, and of course, hardly least - we are getting ready to relocate to Las Vegas. This entails, of course, telling the dialysis clinic we are going - and then the "oh, we love for you to travel, it's no problem, just give us a call" turns into "OH MY GOD YOU'RE GOING TO TRAVEL??????WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????? WELL, WE MIGHT - MAYBE - CALL US IN A MONTH - WHAT - YOU'RE GOING WHEN - YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US TWO YEARS AGO YOU MIGHT TRAVEL THIS CENTURY. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CURRENT TB TEST YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CURRENT HEP B TEST YOU HAVE TO...OH NO THE CLINIC HAS TO TALK TO THE CLINIC-WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE COMPANIES????????
I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to end up taking him to Las Vegas and checking him into a hospital for dialysis and THEN getting a chair (time slot). 
And, of course, because we are still in Las Cruces - the heater died in the middle of the night ten days before the end of the month. The Kindle money came in yesterday and is enough to replace it, but James got it working again somehow (pure intimidation I think) so we are going to wait until we are in Las Vegas to do that, maybe. If we can. 
See what I mean about lurching from crises to crises? 
This is just not us. The events are not of our making, and not in our control. In fact, we are constantly told by the people who are constantly fucking up that we don't know how to do things, we should let these fuck ups do it all for us poor, stupid, ignorant patients.
Deep cleansing breath. 
So we are pretty well set at this time on leaving Monday, and thus having all weekend to get things done like a fluids inspection and top off for Firefly. Packing up the few yard things we are keeping. Finishing the backup on this desktop as I don't expect jouncing around in back for two days is going to improve the situation on it. Figuring out what accounts will transfer and what has to be cancelled. Since we are telling some people we are "vacationing" and others the truth that we don't plan on coming back there are complications :P but since people here will fuck you over we have to be just as dishonest in some cases. Things I will not miss...
I guess this might sound like a list of excuses but it isn't really. I'm actually happy with that word count. That is the equivalent of about six sex stories - you know, the books that make money. It's about half a novel for me, and I'm happy with how it is coming along. I intend to finish it. 
When I finish it - I'll be living in a state where wild horses actually do run free... I might even get to see them before the BLM kills them all. 
That will be cool :D
Summer Foovay

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