Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Decision Had To Be Made

"Nano Nano"
"You're okay by me."

Sorry, momentary lapse into Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A few days ago during my morning meditation the words popped into my head, "What are you waiting for?" and the answer is - well, I've got a dozen of them. None of which are legitimate reasons when you look at our past, and the various versions of our possible future here in Las Cruces, NM. None of which I like the looks of.

So - he gets paid December 1st. We order one more (spare) tire for the Firefly, and when it gets in and is on, off we go. Las Vegas, NV Baby!

Our best dialysis clinic here is 3 star. Their worst is 3 star, the rest are better and there are over ten to choose from instead of 4 owned by two companies. We have one doctor who handles this damn defibrulator that comes up once a week for a day or so, Las Vegas has TEN doctors working with Boston Scientific. A search for alternative health practices turns up over 1000 results. Maybe I can find a doctor or two that doesn't either laugh, or scream, when I use the dirty words, "nutrition", "supplement", or "vitamin". Marijuana is legal - maybe he can finally have some real pain relief and sleep. What did the "Pain Management" people offer us here? OPIOIDS.

We have been discussing leaving Las Cruces for nearly a year due to the often wretched care at the dialysis clinic here. I wanted to have some work done on Firefly. I wanted some money saved. But every single month something breaks, wears out, is stolen, or comes up. EVERY month. This is not our life - we don't have that kind of life that is simply lurching from crises to crises. Except here, we do.

We will never get anything saved. We will never have the Firefly perfect. And I'm tired of watching him toss and turn and moan in pain all night long. Days he feels great because he got a good dialysis treatment. Days he feels crappy because he got a crappy treatment. Not anything we are doing - just depends on who is taking care of him at the clinic and whether they felt like doing their job.
I'm afraid he will catch something there this year and end up back in the hospital - and I'm afraid these hospitaler doctors will KILL HIM.

So, we're bugging out. It's got to be better - it could hardly be much worse. He is as good a health as can be expected given the level of care here. He feels good enough to be angry and frustrated at the care he is receiving. We need a spare for the Firefly and we're out of here.

Viva Las Vegas!

Send good thoughts.


Summer Foovay

P.S. Oh yeah, I'm still working on my Nanowrimo 2017. I might even win! If you want to watch, you'll have to come join me on Patreon. Otherwise, you'll be waiting until I finish and edit and publish on Kindle. If you join in time, I'll send your donations in December on to a Mustang refuge. 

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