Thursday, October 19, 2017

Trick or Treat Desert Witch Style

Yesterday I finally had the time at the right time to do something I've been planning to do for a while. Go seed collecting in the Chihuahua Desert.

For all the amazing success I have had with my little bit of garden in my lot here
My morning glories are really turning into something to behold. This little guy didn't even sprout until July and now here he is blooming in October! 
The fact is that by and large what I have is a little patch of caliche' - a hard, rocky, sandy soil full of minerals.

But then again - the caliche' desert is full of amazing I have been waiting for the wildflowers in my nearest patch of desert to make seeds. The plan is to collect them and plant them here in my caliche where they will grow and be happy and carefree. As natives they won't require a lot of watering or pampering. My kind of garden.

So off I went on my walk. Flowers. Seedheads. I began literally stuffing them in my pockets - but then found a bag caught in a mesquite bush that was just right and went on collecting them.

And then at some point as I took a few steps, bowed down to a plant and asked if I might have some seeds, gathered a few, stood, walked to another plant and asked if I might have some seeds, gathered a few, repeat, repeat, re - gee - I'm trick or treating!

I have a rule about things that have thorns or stickers in the yard (NO) so I didn't stop at every plant! Here are some of my contributors. I don't really know their names although I generally know their families.


Baby's breath


Desert Willow
I was so pleased to get some desert willow. I took cuttings from some this spring, but none of them rooted. They make these beautiful pale pink to purple flowers and smell beautiful to me. I also got some seeds from a Monk's Pepper or Chaste Tree, and a few others whose photos didn't turn out. Pix are from my phone and it's capabilities are limited.

For instance, this roadrunner was trick or treating, too.

Best pic I could get :P
Some of the sunflower types along one of the water gutter walls had what looked like webbing scattered here and there. On closer examination, it was more like a foam. I wonder if it's frogs eggs? Or something else?

And then there was this weird thing... a dead plant that seemed to have part of it's stems encased in hardened sand. Some sort of insect activity?

I returned to the Firefly, skipping along with joy and a bag full of desert wildflower and tree seeds. Better than candy!


Summer Foovay

P.S. My sister from another mother, Ember Sleet, tells me that the foam is "cuckoo's spit". A caterpillar that will cocoon itself in foam and be a moth some day. How cool! Thanks!


  1. Great idea to use native plants. Hope they sprout and grow well for you.

  2. Thank you and thank you for the offer of the seeds from your collection! I'm so excited! I've been pleased with how well the little cheap "wildflower" collection did this year, and of course I let many of the "weeds" grow as long as they were pretty and didn't make thorns or stickers. I think the desert is beautiful just as it is and it's best to simply go along with it rather than try to impose some foreign idea of suburban lawn that takes thousands of gallons of water and TLC.


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