Monday, October 2, 2017

Shhhhhh - don't tell anyone. I have a plan.

I live very much by the seasons. For my purposes "winter season" is Mabon (Sept 22) to Ostara (March 22).
October is shaping up to be super busy - and that is before you figure in my favorite holiday. 
My husband has finally agreed to seek help from a Pain Management Clinic. He is in constant pain from arthritis and inflammation, but none of his doctors can prescribe pain meds due to the laws in New Mexico. I have begun the effort to gather documentation of his arthritis and am finding it, as expected, heavy going. Not only will his doctors not prescribe pain medication, no one wants to put their name on an official diagnosis of the painful condition. Several days will be devoted to record gathering, as well as an unnecessary doctors appointment to be sent for unnecessary X-rays to re-document a known condition, followed by, no doubt, another unnecessary doctors appointment to pry the reports out of her hands so we can present them as proof of chronic pain to Pain Management so we can start the argument with them about why he can't just meditate it away. Trust me, if he could, we wouldn't be going through this! Therefore much of this month will be taken up sitting in waiting rooms of various doctor, clinic, and hospital facilities. They hate to give up records, so you will be made to wait as long as possible so maybe you will give up and go away. Experience speaking. This on top of three days a week he goes to dialysis when little else is done. 
That said, I will still be writing and editing. 
When I see what day the Patreon payment comes in I will reset my Amazon book ad campaign to bill on that day, so Patreon money will go directly to supporting my writing. There should be some money left, and that will most likely be rolled into buying the manual typewriter or maybe hiring someone at Fiverr for copywriting.
The typewriter has turned into an epic all it's own. I'll save that for another day, maybe when we've made it all the way to a successful purchase!
Every year for the winter season I choose a "project" - something new to learn, to concentrate on over the winter. It helps stave off my winter blues. Last winter I was so overwhelmed with hubby's medical issues I chose only to reaffirm and work on hobbies I already have, learning to speak Japanese, and origami. At the last minute I got an opportunity, and ended up learning Reiki as well.

Maybe that is why this winter I have somehow managed to gather THREE projects. Continuing Japanese - I will be finally making an organized effort to learn Kanji. Another project I began several months ago but have not had any substantial time to work on - learning game development with the Unity engine is now an official winter project. And through a series of serendipitous happenings, learning to tattoo has made it in this winter! 
In November, Nanowrimo will, of course, become a major project and get me started writing new work, too. I so hope I've got my manual typewriter by then!
Writing plans for Octoberare by and large editing plans. I don't want to give it all away - but if I meet all of my goals my Patrons should receive between two and six FREE new books from me next month. Gee, you should get you some of this! Besides, I need people to help me choose a new name for... the rewrite of Hunters of Men/Bloodline.
My sex books are the only books that actually sell or rent on Kindle, other than the PD book. I am going to be writing one sex book per week during the winter season. That gives me plenty of time to procrastinate until the last minute. Saturday will be sex book publication day (as I started the first one yesterday).
I hope I'm not being overly ambitious, but I do think I can do this. The garden is asleep, as is the lawn. Pretty days alternate with days too rainy, windy or cold to ride the bike. The nights are getting long - and I like to write at night. I hope to have my manual typewriter by the end of October and that will allow me to write new work freely and without fear even while he is in dialysis. (I also intend to type out a hard copy of every manuscript I have left before the gremlins eat them) 
"Man plans and God laughs."

Summer Foovay

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