Saturday, October 14, 2017

I Am Pagan published on Amazon Kindle!

I Am Pagan is now live and available on Amazon Kindle!

I Am Pagan - U.S.
I Am Pagan - U.K.
I Am Pagan - Canada
I Am Pagan - Australia

Free copies are on their way to Patrons. If you'd like to have a free copy of each book as I publish them, please do join my community of Patrons!

My Patreon Page

I'm very proud of myself that I'm only a day late of my personal deadline for this book. I'm running a day late on the next sex story as well. I've been sick this week, and I'm still not 100% but I'm proud that I'm muddling along anyway!

I also started something new just for fun over at Wattpad - Ghostly Encounters. Throughout my life I have had several encounters with ghosts or spirits, and I thought it would be fun to write them down and share them, what with Halloween coming up. I'm going to try to add one story a day. I'm not dead yet, so I would guess it could be considered a continuing project for many years yet...

Hope all is well with you! Thanks for dropping by.


Summer Foovay

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