Saturday, October 7, 2017

FREE Sex stories - and a new sex story on the way! Sex Story Saturday!

How To Enjoy Anal Sex - The Secrets To Safe, Pleasurable Anal Sex For Men And Women by [Morte, Petit]
I am so proud of me it is insane. Yes, I did finish and publish a new sex story book today. Takes Amazon up to 72 hours, of course, to give their approval, but I hope to have a link and be sharing it with you soon! This was a big goal for me, one I really had my doubts about succeeding at, so I am so happy and proud of myself. The book is 7500 words - not bad for about two days in between all my other projects and responsibilities. Especially at the first of the month when we do our shopping. Yay me.

Meanwhile to whet your appetite and give you a hint about what the new book is about, these two sex books are currently free on Amazon;

Naughty Wife and the Shoe Salesman

How to enjoy Anal Sex

All of the sex stories are published under my pen name, Petit Morte. If you like these, please follow "her" at Amazon so you can keep up on new books and sales and promotions! 

And yes, my Patrons will get free copies of new books - including the sex books. However, I'm making the sex books optional, since not everyone likes them. So now would be a good time to get on board my Patreon train... by clicking here.

Not to mention the juicy behind the scenes bits...

Still in the pending file, I Am Pagan needs formatting, front and back matter, and then will go off to Amazon for the Kindle. I will start posting Hunters of Men on Wattpad... tonight I hope.

And yes, I am working on the winter projects although until some things get here from Amazon it consists mainly of reading on the subjects. But then, that's always where I begin!


Summer Foovay 

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