Saturday, October 28, 2017

Book reviews

I'm doing some Kindle housekeeping today and one of the things I really wanted to do was to be sure I reviewed a couple of books I really enjoyed over the last month or so.

So let's see how well the Goodread's "embed" coding works...

The Easter Make BelieversThe Easter Make Believers by Finn Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finn Bell just keeps getting better. For real life, down and dirty, bleak noir that always leaves you with a spark of hope there are none better. If thinking makes your head hurt, don't read his books. They are deep. You will think. You will put it down and remember and think about it some more. A quote for instance: "At some point, under the sheer weight of experience, you accept the simple fact that you can't change the past. It's only ever going to be exactly how it is. But it stays with you, all that stuff, just sits inside you." Wisdom tucked into a thrilling and suspenseful story. I cannot recommend his books highly enough. I've read every one of them, and I will continue to read every single one he is generous enough to share with us. And oh yeah, it is set in New Zealand, which is beginning to sound like heaven.

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Oh! lovely! Okay - no affiliation with Amazon any more - simply want to make sure some terrific authors get their due - here's links to all three reviews on Amazon:

The Easter Make Believers by Finn Bell

Samhain Witchcraft by Arziana Everdark

Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia

Because I have thousands of books listed as being on my Kindle, I am trying to actually have five or ten ON my Kindle, and as I get those read sort them out. If they are awful I don't make myself finish things anymore - but I'm making sure I delete them from my cloud collection as well as the Kindle. Otherwise Amazon kindly sends them to my Kindle when they update, and are always trying to sell me more by the same author. I have a bad memory for names and titles, so I start them again and then go, "Ugh. this." Trying to save myself some trouble and find the hidden gems. Again.

These three - well worth it. I'd buy more from each of these authors. In fact, I plan to.

Best of luck to them in all their endeavors!

Summer Foovay

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