Saturday, September 9, 2017

Please be patronizing

Normally it infuriates me to be treated in a patronizing manner. But I'll make an exception if by patronizing me it means you've signed up at Patreon to support my writing efforts.

Become a Patron!

I hope to really make a go of this for two reasons. One, of course, is that a nice steady income would free up more of my time for actual writing. Two is actually just as important to me.  I hope to develop a community of people who read my work and enjoy it, who can be a sounding board for me.  Advising me on the next writing project to pursue, helping out with names, and in general helping me to get to know my readers.

Recently I realized that this "branding" thing isn't going to work for me at all. I simply can not fit myself into any restrictive sort of little box, for any reason, and retain my sanity. What I did manage to do was fit myself into my first and Goddess help me, I hope my last ever writers block. I'm coming out of it and one of the first things I'll be doing is UNdoing the "branding".  So while all you see published on my Amazon profile page right now is the kids books and the peritoneal dialysis book, the other books that were taken down are going to be republished.  If possible.

I have a little problem in that one computer full of work died and took all of my works with it.  Then I stored things safely on an external drive.  That died and took all my work, published and unpublished with it. Apparently there may be some hope that some how it can be dredged off of it, but it will cost money I don't have. So there's that.  So what I have is bits and pieces and maybe some in progress saves on a cloud or a flash drive. And then there's the work that was gulped down and disappeared when I dropped my Shakespheare subscription.

Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me to start fresh.

I've been threatening to go back to pen and notebook, or typewriter.  The old fashioned clunky type that makes marks on old fashioned paper.

Now if you would like some input on where I go from here...come join the gang! Please!


Summer Foovay

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