Thursday, September 14, 2017

Method to my Madness

There is method to my madness.

File:ReeferMadness 04.JPGYes, I am publishing articles from my old website I am Pagan on Wattpad. I am also doing a rewrite and edit on Serendipity, a mystery originally published on Wattpad, in preparation for publication as a Kindle book. And I have opened a Patreon account.

Plans are generally only a map to disaster in my personal experience. I'm having more luck these days with themes. Theme One - some people don't own a Kindle or don't have money for books, or simply like to read on their computer or mobile or whatever on the Internet. They will read my work on Wattpad, and if they can afford it, they will hopefully become Patrons.

Theme Two - Some of us (I'm one) don't really like to read on the PC. Instead we like to read on the Kindle - and those readers will buy my books on Kindle. May I also mention that if you become a Blessed Light patron at Patreon, you'll get a free advance copy of all books that are uploaded to Kindle, plus you will get to read a lot of the background work, short works, research and so on that no one else will see.

In November I hope to do Nanowrimo, and at the same time continue the other two themes. So I will have a book in editing for Kindle, a book serializing on Wattpad (more or less a 2nd draft in most cases), and a new book in first draft being worked on. I'm hoping this will keep me perking along with plenty of work, get some of those old WIPs edited and out, and give me a decent income while I'm at it.

Try not to laugh. Better yet, you could join me on Patreon or on Wattpad and be a part of this grand experiment. You can always buy the end product at Amazon for the Kindle, of course. And now that I have actually survived converting the Peritoneal Dialysis book to paperback, I may be brave enough to try it with new works as they come out.

By the way, did you know the owners never got around to copyrighting Reefer Madness?


Summer Foovay


  1. Good for you on getting your book out on Wattpad! I'm trying to get back into editing and get some good articles out. Hopefully this year ends on a better note than it started for me :)

    1. Blessings on all your endeavors! I really hate to edit, so that's always a problem for me. Then in 2016 pretty much every electronic device I own that had manuscripts stored on it died - taking several completed novels and many WIP with them. It was not a good year! I hope this year will be much better for both of us!


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