Friday, September 29, 2017

Kindle Payday - YAY

The Kindle money came in today! Yay! It has increased a little bit every month this year, and I expect it to continue to do so. Thank you so much to every single soul out there who bought, rented, read one of my books. I hope you enjoyed it, found it useful, or both. Know that I appreciate every penny that comes to us.

Coming at the end of the month, that little bit of money is a big help. As usual, we are buying some food. We aren't going hungry, but we do run low or out of those things I cannot buy in bulk at the beginning of the month that are so necessary for good health. Mainly fresh raw fruits and vegetables, since we eat very little processed food. That garden sure was a big help this year, too!

I'm also looking forward to my very first Patreon payment very soon! It will probably go partially for my running ad campaign for the Peritoneal Dialysis book, and partially into the purchase of a manual typewriter. I shall have an off the grid writing machine! LOL!

I am Pagan is almost finished up at Wattpad. Serendipity is fully saved in three places and ready to begin rewrite and editing. I hope to get both of them finished and published on the Kindle by the end of October. If you want a FREE copy, just sign up to be a patron! 

A few days ago I located what appears to be the full first draft of Hunter of Men/Bloodline. I plan to put it up on Wattpad as the next serial - making the needed changes as I go along. When it is finished, it will be republished as a Kindle book with a new title and probably under a pen name. I have come to believe that readers seeing Summer Foovay judge this to be a foofoo lady writer wrapping a big romance in a small bit of thriller, and then they are not happy when they get a hardcore thriller with no romance to speak of. (One reader did ship two characters that I hadn't even noticed looking at each other THAT way) Anyway, I'm going to either use a gender neutral pen name, or a masculine sounding name. The book and series must be renamed as I've discovered there are a few hundred other series/books with the same or similar names.

And yes, I will be doing Nanowrimo this year. No clue what I'm writing yet.

If you want to weigh in on all these upcoming decisions and changes, you can become a $1 a month Patron and get the latest updates and polls and help, please do help, with names, and ideas and what to write next! I need all the help I can get. :P

Blessedbe and thank you again,

Summer Foovay

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