Wednesday, September 20, 2017

And this is why...

I have spent most of the last three days trying to create a video for my book Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, friends, family, caretakers and medical professionals. The good news is that I have refined everything I want to say into about five minutes of speech. The bad news is I do not have a completed video to upload. Yet.

But I have to set it aside.

Related imageBecause while struggling to get one of my half ass working devices to make a video, and save it somewhere that I can access it to upload it I have been unable to work on other things. Like putting I Am Pagan up on Wattpad, editing Serendipity for Kindle, or earning the small change I use to buy food and minor needs during the month at Mechanical Turk. I now have less than $1 in my bank account, and I'm going to need eggs and vegetables this week.

Right now, all writing work has to be suspended until I earn some cash.

This is why I set up my Patreon account. Something that might seem so small to many people - $5 or $10 - can buy the little bit of groceries we need for the next week or so. Then I would be free to continue struggling with the video and editing new books for publication. A lot of patrons would allow me to purchase a good computer that would reduce the video struggle to a simple walk in the park completed in the half hour or so it would take to get a take I like where I don't say "um" too much. LOL.

The more books I get out there in the world, the more promotion I can do, the more I will earn from writing. And the less time I spend struggling with half assed technology and making pennies at the Turk.

I've already met my first goal - my first Patron! I'm still really excited about that. My next goal is 33 patrons - which I figure will allow me to let the Turk go and concentrate on writing and all the little promotion and other jobs wrapped around being a truly independent one person show.

Monday the dialysis clinic tried to kill my husband again, and we made the decision to switch to home hemodialysis. So some time after the first of the year, much of my time will be devoted to training to do his dialysis at home. This will also require us to rent a building in which to do his dialysis - because the Firefly simply is not large enough. I'm sure there will be all sorts of expenses as we get that set up. It would be totally awesome for us if I could have a few more books out there earning money, and perhaps some Patrons helping me out so that we are not locked in a financial struggle deciding if we buy the expensive diet he has to have to live, or the medications he also has to have. Not to mention allowing me to use what spare time I do have to write, rather than earning pennies at the Turk.

Books on the Kindle do something really cool for me. They may only earn pennies, but they do it every month whether I am actively doing something with them or not. Some months, I really do need to devote almost every minute to my husbands health, and it's nice to know my books are still out there - hopefully helping or entertaining someone else - and making the little bit of money that is a huge help to us. And maybe between more books out, and the help of my Patrons, I can spend my spare time writing instead of working at MTurk.

Don't get me wrong - you cannot imagine how very grateful I am for the Mechanical Turk. The opportunity to earn up to $20 on a good week without leaving home and using the time that I do have free from other important tasks has been so very good for us. It has truthfully saved our ass more than once!

In fact, I need to get going here if I'm going to get an hour in working at the Turk today before we head out for his dialysis treatment.


Summer Fey Foovay

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