Friday, September 29, 2017

Kindle Payday - YAY

The Kindle money came in today! Yay! It has increased a little bit every month this year, and I expect it to continue to do so. Thank you so much to every single soul out there who bought, rented, read one of my books. I hope you enjoyed it, found it useful, or both. Know that I appreciate every penny that comes to us.

Coming at the end of the month, that little bit of money is a big help. As usual, we are buying some food. We aren't going hungry, but we do run low or out of those things I cannot buy in bulk at the beginning of the month that are so necessary for good health. Mainly fresh raw fruits and vegetables, since we eat very little processed food. That garden sure was a big help this year, too!

I'm also looking forward to my very first Patreon payment very soon! It will probably go partially for my running ad campaign for the Peritoneal Dialysis book, and partially into the purchase of a manual typewriter. I shall have an off the grid writing machine! LOL!

I am Pagan is almost finished up at Wattpad. Serendipity is fully saved in three places and ready to begin rewrite and editing. I hope to get both of them finished and published on the Kindle by the end of October. If you want a FREE copy, just sign up to be a patron! 

A few days ago I located what appears to be the full first draft of Hunter of Men/Bloodline. I plan to put it up on Wattpad as the next serial - making the needed changes as I go along. When it is finished, it will be republished as a Kindle book with a new title and probably under a pen name. I have come to believe that readers seeing Summer Foovay judge this to be a foofoo lady writer wrapping a big romance in a small bit of thriller, and then they are not happy when they get a hardcore thriller with no romance to speak of. (One reader did ship two characters that I hadn't even noticed looking at each other THAT way) Anyway, I'm going to either use a gender neutral pen name, or a masculine sounding name. The book and series must be renamed as I've discovered there are a few hundred other series/books with the same or similar names.

And yes, I will be doing Nanowrimo this year. No clue what I'm writing yet.

If you want to weigh in on all these upcoming decisions and changes, you can become a $1 a month Patron and get the latest updates and polls and help, please do help, with names, and ideas and what to write next! I need all the help I can get. :P

Blessedbe and thank you again,

Summer Foovay

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kindle Countdown Deal On Peritoneal Dialysis ebook

Peritoneal Dialysis : for patients, caretakers, family, friends, and medical professionals by [Foovay, Summer] From the 24th of September through September 29th of this year (2017) the Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends and family will be on a Kindle Countdown Deal. So if you've been waiting for one of these specials - now is the  time to grab it! Here's the link:

Peritoneal Dialysis for Patients, Caretakers, Friends and Family

I haven't gotten much editing or writing done this week. It's the old end of the month blues and I had to get to Mechanical Turk and earn some ready cash. They did have some great little jobs available though and I earned about $5 for food for next week. One of the local grocery stores is having a great sale, so I'm hoping to add some more to that and maybe get to stock up a little bit on some 2/$1 items we use a lot of. Get the freezer stocked up again!

If you would rather have me editing and writing (so would I!) you are more than welcome to come join me at Patreon. One of the bennies is getting to read my current WIPs and help me pick what to work on next.

Thanks for your time!

Summer Foovay

Thursday, September 21, 2017

peritoneal dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends, family, and medic...

Yes, I finally managed to get everything to work properly and not to say "uh" too many times. Please grant me five minutes of your time to watch this little video about my Peritoneal Dialysis book, and if you can please share, share, share, share share.  Because while I do make a little money on the book, the important thing is to get this information out there to people who need it.

Thank you!

Summer Foovay

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

And this is why...

I have spent most of the last three days trying to create a video for my book Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, friends, family, caretakers and medical professionals. The good news is that I have refined everything I want to say into about five minutes of speech. The bad news is I do not have a completed video to upload. Yet.

But I have to set it aside.

Related imageBecause while struggling to get one of my half ass working devices to make a video, and save it somewhere that I can access it to upload it I have been unable to work on other things. Like putting I Am Pagan up on Wattpad, editing Serendipity for Kindle, or earning the small change I use to buy food and minor needs during the month at Mechanical Turk. I now have less than $1 in my bank account, and I'm going to need eggs and vegetables this week.

Right now, all writing work has to be suspended until I earn some cash.

This is why I set up my Patreon account. Something that might seem so small to many people - $5 or $10 - can buy the little bit of groceries we need for the next week or so. Then I would be free to continue struggling with the video and editing new books for publication. A lot of patrons would allow me to purchase a good computer that would reduce the video struggle to a simple walk in the park completed in the half hour or so it would take to get a take I like where I don't say "um" too much. LOL.

The more books I get out there in the world, the more promotion I can do, the more I will earn from writing. And the less time I spend struggling with half assed technology and making pennies at the Turk.

I've already met my first goal - my first Patron! I'm still really excited about that. My next goal is 33 patrons - which I figure will allow me to let the Turk go and concentrate on writing and all the little promotion and other jobs wrapped around being a truly independent one person show.

Monday the dialysis clinic tried to kill my husband again, and we made the decision to switch to home hemodialysis. So some time after the first of the year, much of my time will be devoted to training to do his dialysis at home. This will also require us to rent a building in which to do his dialysis - because the Firefly simply is not large enough. I'm sure there will be all sorts of expenses as we get that set up. It would be totally awesome for us if I could have a few more books out there earning money, and perhaps some Patrons helping me out so that we are not locked in a financial struggle deciding if we buy the expensive diet he has to have to live, or the medications he also has to have. Not to mention allowing me to use what spare time I do have to write, rather than earning pennies at the Turk.

Books on the Kindle do something really cool for me. They may only earn pennies, but they do it every month whether I am actively doing something with them or not. Some months, I really do need to devote almost every minute to my husbands health, and it's nice to know my books are still out there - hopefully helping or entertaining someone else - and making the little bit of money that is a huge help to us. And maybe between more books out, and the help of my Patrons, I can spend my spare time writing instead of working at MTurk.

Don't get me wrong - you cannot imagine how very grateful I am for the Mechanical Turk. The opportunity to earn up to $20 on a good week without leaving home and using the time that I do have free from other important tasks has been so very good for us. It has truthfully saved our ass more than once!

In fact, I need to get going here if I'm going to get an hour in working at the Turk today before we head out for his dialysis treatment.


Summer Fey Foovay

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Finally - My Patreon Intro Video

I am an introvert. Doing videos SOUNDS great but in practice... Add to that numerous technical difficulties. I mean, I actually made this on my KINDLE and then had to wrestle it onto my desktop and... nevermind. One of the things that really bugs me is I have always, all my life, photographed as much older than I really look and am - and videos are no exception to that rule. And now that I am 58 - well I look to be about 100. We will not even discuss missing teeth. Thus, I coerced Krazy Kat into being my representative. So there, I did it. Patreon highly encourages an intro video - so now I have an intro video.

It was painful. It still is painful. After all this pain, surely someone will sign up to be my newest patron... here, click here. Please. LOL.

Summer Fey Foovay

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Method to my Madness

There is method to my madness.

File:ReeferMadness 04.JPGYes, I am publishing articles from my old website I am Pagan on Wattpad. I am also doing a rewrite and edit on Serendipity, a mystery originally published on Wattpad, in preparation for publication as a Kindle book. And I have opened a Patreon account.

Plans are generally only a map to disaster in my personal experience. I'm having more luck these days with themes. Theme One - some people don't own a Kindle or don't have money for books, or simply like to read on their computer or mobile or whatever on the Internet. They will read my work on Wattpad, and if they can afford it, they will hopefully become Patrons.

Theme Two - Some of us (I'm one) don't really like to read on the PC. Instead we like to read on the Kindle - and those readers will buy my books on Kindle. May I also mention that if you become a Blessed Light patron at Patreon, you'll get a free advance copy of all books that are uploaded to Kindle, plus you will get to read a lot of the background work, short works, research and so on that no one else will see.

In November I hope to do Nanowrimo, and at the same time continue the other two themes. So I will have a book in editing for Kindle, a book serializing on Wattpad (more or less a 2nd draft in most cases), and a new book in first draft being worked on. I'm hoping this will keep me perking along with plenty of work, get some of those old WIPs edited and out, and give me a decent income while I'm at it.

Try not to laugh. Better yet, you could join me on Patreon or on Wattpad and be a part of this grand experiment. You can always buy the end product at Amazon for the Kindle, of course. And now that I have actually survived converting the Peritoneal Dialysis book to paperback, I may be brave enough to try it with new works as they come out.

By the way, did you know the owners never got around to copyrighting Reefer Madness?


Summer Foovay

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tachnology is so great - NOT

2016 was not a good year for us. Hubby was in and out of the hospital all year, and since that wasn't enough for the Universe, it seems like every single thing we owned broke or wore out from the car to the microwave (neither of which we have been able to replace - yet)

That includes my desktop computer, the external hard drive, two get the picture. Bless them, the in-laws gifted me a used computer. BUT -  I had a ton of writing on those computers and the hard drive and all of that is now gone - inaccessible. I don't even have a copy of most of my own kindle books! But worse is losing the WIP, many with a ton of research behind them.

Technology - wonderful - when it works.

So I have been threatening to go back to pen and paper. That's mostly a joking threat, because the arthritis in my hands won't allow me to write for long. I prefer to "save" my hands for drawing and origami.

A couple of days ago, I brought up with my husband the idea of buying a manual typewriter. Something simple that doesn't need electricity and that makes little marks on paper that can then be safely stored somewhere.

Now, this is the man who dragged me kicking and screaming into the computer age in 1999 - when he flat refused to pay $50 to fix my IBM Selectric because we had a perfectly good laptop and printer. I expected considerable resistance.

To my surprise, he agreed that it might be a good idea, and even went Internet surfing to find me a manual typewriter. It looks like about $50 will be enough for a decent manual typewriter. First drafts, at least, will be typed hard copy and then I will transcribe it into the computer - and put the hard copy safely away somewhere. So if the electronics croak - I'll still have a hard copy.

$50 is a lot of money for us, but depending on some other medical costs coming up, we might be able to manage it in October.

Although if I sign up a few more Patrons by then...hint, hint, hint.

In great news I ran onto an old flash drive and it seems to have a number of manuscripts saved on it for editing. I think - I THINK - it has the full first draft of A Tanuki, A Kitsune, and a Coyote Walk into a bar. At the very least I won't have to start over. *doing another little happy dance*

Progress is being made...


Summer Foovay

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Please be patronizing

Normally it infuriates me to be treated in a patronizing manner. But I'll make an exception if by patronizing me it means you've signed up at Patreon to support my writing efforts.

Become a Patron!

I hope to really make a go of this for two reasons. One, of course, is that a nice steady income would free up more of my time for actual writing. Two is actually just as important to me.  I hope to develop a community of people who read my work and enjoy it, who can be a sounding board for me.  Advising me on the next writing project to pursue, helping out with names, and in general helping me to get to know my readers.

Recently I realized that this "branding" thing isn't going to work for me at all. I simply can not fit myself into any restrictive sort of little box, for any reason, and retain my sanity. What I did manage to do was fit myself into my first and Goddess help me, I hope my last ever writers block. I'm coming out of it and one of the first things I'll be doing is UNdoing the "branding".  So while all you see published on my Amazon profile page right now is the kids books and the peritoneal dialysis book, the other books that were taken down are going to be republished.  If possible.

I have a little problem in that one computer full of work died and took all of my works with it.  Then I stored things safely on an external drive.  That died and took all my work, published and unpublished with it. Apparently there may be some hope that some how it can be dredged off of it, but it will cost money I don't have. So there's that.  So what I have is bits and pieces and maybe some in progress saves on a cloud or a flash drive. And then there's the work that was gulped down and disappeared when I dropped my Shakespheare subscription.

Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me to start fresh.

I've been threatening to go back to pen and notebook, or typewriter.  The old fashioned clunky type that makes marks on old fashioned paper.

Now if you would like some input on where I go from here...come join the gang! Please!


Summer Foovay

Monday, September 4, 2017

It's raining MONEY

Back when I was a talented, sexy exotic dancer I had a certain move I made where I did a back bend, lowered myself to the stage and then sat up on my knees.  I often danced with my eyes closed, especially if it was a song I loved on a stage I was familiar with.

In a crowded, beautiful gentleman's club I was dancing to Turn The Page by Bob Seger. The stage was huge and featured a staircase at one end down to a smaller stage.  I had oozed my way down to the small stage and was dancing with my eyes closed,and as I sat up I opened my eyes - to see a literal, actual shower of dollar bills falling from the sky over me.

It was an unforgettable moment.  Even people in the crowd were oohing and ahhing as dollar bills floated down.  When I was totally upright I saw one of our regular customers with a big grin on his face. I know I looked completely dazzled - because I was. His eyes twinkled, and then he retreated to his usual spot by the bar.

Because there was other money on the stage as I finished my set and collected all of the bills, I don't really know how much cash he gathered into his hands and threw in the air over my head but it was quite a bit. When I was ready I went back out into the crowd and found him.  I had to say thank you for that marvelous display!  It was especially surprising because, although he had always been kind to me, and a regular tipper of small amounts, he never said or did anything to make me think he had any special appreciation towards me.

When I tracked him down, he was still smiling - and so was I.  Turned out he had won a substantial amount of money that day - and had always wanted to do that to me someday.  IN his very low key way, he had always appreciated that I had a particular love and talent for dancing and had wanted to show me that he liked my style - and the opportunity came.

So many meditations say imagine being in a shower of money, or money just pouring out of the sky onto you.  I have the great good fortune to actually know exactly what that feels and looks like, and I always look back on the moment with the same sense of wonder.

I felt drawn to share that today.

Thank you, Goddess.  Blessedbe.



And when I wish you peace, I wish that you find peace within yourself.  Then create peace around yourself.  Others who desire peace will find you and surround you. They will share peace with those around them, and spread peace. Only peace can create peace.  War cannot create peace. Peace is spread person to person – like a virus. Infect those you love with your peace!

There will never be world peace.  There will always be people who have incarnated into this reality to experience strife, war, starvation, and suffering. If they are ready for peace, they will find it – perhaps through you. But you cannot force it upon anyone – they have to be ready to accept peace. And then you can help them find it within themselves. 

Summer Fey Foovay

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