Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My New Facebook Memes

Anyone who follows me on Facebook may have noticed yesterday and today a couple of bright shiny new memes on my timeline - like this one. Please, do share them all you like.  I will be putting up an album of them so they are there for you.

Image may contain: text, outdoor and waterI used to go to Facebook to be cheered up by the humourous memes, funny and inspirational videos and on and on. Most of the time now, I'm on Facebook four hours three times a week. That's right, if he is on dialysis I am on Facebook, and that's because we chat on Facebook messenger.  He is not allowed to have a phone or a family member or any contact with the outside world while he is in the dialysis chair.  It's like prison only worse because he is actually confined to a single chair and unable to move one arm without getting permission from a nurse or tech who are dashing madly around trying to take care of too many patients at once. So we chat on messenger and then he can reach me if the doctor visits and he needs to pass on information and get any questions from me, or if he is not feeling good, or if he needs something I can bring from the Firefly. About once a week he assures me the ambulance that just pulled up to the clinic sirens screaming is not for him.

Other than that, I don't generally spend a lot of time at Facebook any more.  This is because since Trump got in office, my timeline is a never ending litany of depression and misery and fear as he shreds everything I ever cared about or loved about this country. When Bush won his second term, I was actually barred from watching or reading news by my husband. Not that we generally do that sort of thing - but he couldn't stand seeing me so upset all the time.  Trump is worse than Bush and hubby is borderline ready to bar me from news again.  For my own emotional health. The problem is of course, barring me from Facebook is not actually possible or even reasonable.

So instead, for my own sake but also for all my very dear friends on Facebook, I have determined to do what I can do to lighten the atmosphere there. It's mostly pointless to share the "what did that fuck do today" memes since I've pretty well eliminated everyone who hated Obama, or who thinks Trump is ordained by God to lead us from my friends list for my own mental health.  So I'm preaching to the choir and if they want to know what he's done today, someone is bound to tell them.

So what I am going to do is post a daily meme that is pretty with a happy quote or an inspirational or uplifting affirmation or message.  Something positive.

Now I won't lie - I'm sure I'll still also share information about the extermination of the wild horses, because I think there are many people totally unaware of that going on. I'll probably post news items from my Native American news because those stories often are not covered by mass media. I feel like if I can bring that bit of news to 647 people, give or take, who might read and think and share again, well that's a public service of sorts. Hubby and I share stuff back and forth, needless to say. I'll always share things like when my books are free or I publish something new or blog posts, stuff like that.

But, yeah, this one little thing I will do.  It would be awesome if I could make a few hundred people have a happy thought or a smile once a day - wouldn't it?

Pass it on...

If it happens that somehow you aren't a friend of mine already on Facebook, here I am.


Summer Foovay

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