Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Finally artists get paid

If you know me personally, or read this blog often, you've heard me rant over and over about how this current world, this system, does not respect creators, does not pay creators.  All the money you spend on buying a CD sinks into the infrastructure and the musician, singer, and songwriter get pennies, the same for a ticket to a concert, a video game CD, and don't get me started on visual arts and stealing or expecting to use art commercially for free.

I know, right?

But tonight I watched this incredibly inspirational talk - and I finally believe that this is all about to change... and you can be part of it.  We can every one of us, be part of it.  How cool is that? 
Now all I got to do is figure out how to get some of that for me...


Summer Foovay

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