Thursday, August 10, 2017

Checking in with Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends

I finally gave in and married Butterflytchi off to (I think) Yumepapatchi.  He reminded me of Harry Potter, and he kept showing up at the Music Cafe for lunch.  I couldn't resist.

The resulting child was a female, 13th generation.  As a child and teen we only went to Beautician class - and the resulting adult is Himespetchi, who loves robots.  She has a symbol next to her name that looks like a baseball bat to me, but I guess it is actually a screwdriver to work on your robots with. I've had her before, but I like her, so that's okay.

By the way, her favorite treat is the choco heart.  If you feed it to her she'll do a happy dance.

No new jewelry sprang out at me at her birth. (Sigh) And I just checked the Tamamori Shop and there's nothing new for sale. I've settled for knowing there are some things I will never open because they require X number of friends and love bumps and since I seem to own the only Tamagotchi Dream Town Friend in all of Las Cruces, NM (as far as I know) there's no way I can overcome that.

In Dream Town Himesptchi has a big crush on Mametchi, and to tell the truth I'm pretty fond of him myself.  If I can arrange a marriage for them by this weekend, I'll do it.

So the skill thing seems pretty weird.  Beautician class gives you a robot engineer? Performer class gets you a pet groomer? I guess the next child will be going to Musician class - if I can manage to get any kind of score on it.  Anyone else have anything to add?

Have fun!

I downloaded a couple new games yesterday, and I'm probably past due so I'll try and get some "what I'm playing now", what I'm reading now, etc. posts up this week.


Summer Foovay

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