Saturday, April 8, 2017

I have a dream

 Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, their caretakers, family, friends and medical professionalsFrom the moment I decided to write my little book on Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, their caretakers, friends, family and medical professionals I've had one desire for it.  That it be available as widely as possible, as cheaply as possible so that people who want and need this information and advice can easily find it and buy it.

I spent days writing, rewriting, researching, fact checking, editing and formatting.  And while this means I spent them right here at home at my own computer with my own dear husband (and dialysis patient) almost within reach - my time and work has value.  There was always a hope in the back of my mind that this book would be a great little seller and increase my income at least a little bit.

But in order to make anything on it self publishing at Amazon, I've had to set the price much higher than I would like.  After all, I am well aware of how much income most of us dialysis patients, caretakers, and families are trying to scrape by on.  And as much market penetration as Amazon has - who doesn't shop at Amazon? - I'd really like to see this little book as something that sits on the table in the nephrologists waiting room, and in a stack in the dialysis clinic.  I'd like every RN on every floor in the hospital to have a copy handy, along with the X-ray techs and MRI techs and CAT scan techs.  Maybe I could save someone a "OMG it's a tumor" scare when it's only fluid from peritoneal dialysis. I'd like for peritoneal dialysis patients to have a couple copies they can pass on to their family and friends.

In other words, I'd like Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, their caretakers, friends, family and medical professional to be free, or damn near free and widely available.  That's my dream for it.

What I'd like - what I think would accomplish this - is some company that does the publishing of medical pamphlets and posters and those free things you find at the doctors office - like the little one page pamphlet the nephrologist handed us when we had to chose a dialysis modality - I want the company who makes and distributes those to come along and make me an offer.  Buy the manuscript altogether with rights.  Or pass me a little royalty - at the very least their costs will be a lot lower to print in massive quantities and it's not like I'm James Patterson or J.K. Rowling or anything.  (A little Robin Cook maybe? Just kidding)

Today I spent some time trying to find out who those companies are and no doubt as time goes on and life brings the hubby and I to one doctors office after another I can pick up those freebies and research the publishers.  I emailed a few possibilities today.

It's only a little dream.  A little hope that maybe this information gets out to somebody who needs it when they need it and it helps.  And I am not adverse to a bit of cash in my pocket either.  Probably less than I was paid to clean houses or shovel dog shit but every penny helps!

If you should happen to have any connections or ideas that would help my dream come true, feel free to share!  Thank you in advance!


Summer Foovay

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