Thursday, March 9, 2017

World Kidney Day

Today is World Kidney Day!  The theme this year is prevention of kidney disease through prevention of obesity. People who are obese are at 83% increased risk of kidney disease.

My husband has kidney disease caused by congenital factors - nothing he could have controlled.  Only 9% of kidney patients have this condition.

Most of the rest of the patients on dialysis may have been able to prevent their condition from advancing to ESRD.  Kidney disease is preventable, but it is not curable.  

The message is - monitor your diet and get out and move!  Take a walk, hike, ride a bike, swim, participate in a sport you like, do yoga, but whatever you do - get out and move!

You don't want to end up here, where literally everything in our life revolves around dialysis and getting adequate care for my husband.

Especially since our government here in the U.S. is attempting to make all forms of health care out of reach of 98% of the population.

And besides, it really does feel good to be healthy and active and eat well.  It might be an adjustment, but you will be glad that you made it.

How much can watching your diet help?  My husband was told he would be on dialysis by age 22.  We went vegetarian and watched his diet closely - and he was not on dialysis until he was 50.  It can make that much of a difference even for someone whose kidney damage was permanent and irreversible.

Go forth and be well!  Take a walk for me today, okay?

You can learn more about risk factors, prevention, and also some advocacy things you can do to try and help to spread the availability of treatment for CKD and ESRD here and here.


Summer Foovay

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