Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What I'm Watching Now

For someone who didn’t even own a TV for a good many years, I’ve gotten hooked on a good many shows in my old age.  I blame it on the hubby, who was a TV baby and could watch 24-7 if he didn’t have to sleep now and then. 

I blame Crunchyroll for introducing me to K(orean) Drama and J(apanese) Drama.  Oh yeah, Crunchyroll.  Well, I started for the nice free streaming legal anime, became a premium member and the rest is history.  I try really hard to blame that on some friends and family who introduced me to anime, but since it was literally years before it took root and became a big part of my life I don’t think I can really point at them and say “they did it”.  But maybe I will anyway.

So right now what I’m watching is:

American TV: I love crime shows, and the hubby is adept at finding them for me.  We keep up regularly with NCIS, NCIS:New Orleans, Bones, Castle, and Sherlock Holmes. He loves fantasy and action, so he’s drawn me into The Magicians and we recently finished The Dollhouse on Netflix because, hey, anything associated with Joss Whedon. Speaking of Netflix, I have to admit to being a huge fan of Orange is the new Black, and Sens8. 

I really loved Sens8 and can’t wait to see where they are going with this.  I’ve even considered fanfic, but I want to wait until we know more about the world and why Whispers is chasing them.  Is it just hatred of the different?

Now and then I dip into the various reality/contest show things - like Shark Tank.  I like Shark Tank.  I love seeing people making their dreams come true. And the brilliant ideas! The business talk is interesting.  Makes me wish I had a brilliant product idea.  

I also like The Voice, The X Factor, America's Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars.  But since hubby doesn't like to watch them and I don't watch much by myself I generally get my fix by watching the "best of" on YouTube once a month or so. So many amazing, talented people in the world.  Hubby drags me off for a little bit of professional wrestling (I like Asuka), and Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch. 

Sports for me is motor sports.  Since they ruined NASCAR (What was wrong with my Daddy's NASCAR anyway?) I've become a big rally fan.  World Championship Rally.  Now those guys (and a few women, too) still have balls.  And they cuss in a multitude of languages.  HHHH

K-Drama, J-Drama, and even a Chinese cop show.  The Chinese cop show is When A Snail Falls in Love.  It is the story of a tiny and creepy smart female profiler who is put into a very physical major crimes team.  The Captain is determined to get her off the team, and has a ready made excuse since she did not pass the physical qualification test.  It was interesting to see the differences, the country was pretty, I got a kick out of the English spoken when more than one Asian country is represented (it’s like Common in D&D – everyone speaks it, sort of).  The story is an interesting twist as well.  The profiler is good, but not infallible, and is viewed in differing ways by the different team members from amazing to “the weakest link”. Here in the U.S., although the profiler is often seen as a bit crazy (and this poor girl in Snail is called “a monster” several times), they also get universal adulation and are never wrong.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope there is a second season.

J-Drama – The one I am watching most right now I chose almost at random.  It’s a cop show – Scientific Task Force.  I’m three episodes in and still a bit indecisive about it.  I started in order to have something to test my Japanese language skills.  They test it all right – they speak so fast I’m hopelessly lost most of the time.  The premise is a forensic team of four, all of whom are more than a little odd, and one conventional Captain who has to keep them together and working and prove they have value or the Chief is going to disband them.  I’m not entirely sure if this is a cop show, a drama, or a comedy at this point, the team members are so far out there.  But it’s kind of like a train wreck, I can’t stop watching it.

K-Drama – Hubby watched Goblin, the Lonely and Great God, with me.  Coffee Prince was the first K-drama I ever watched and I fell in love with everything about it.  The leading man in Coffee Prince is also the leading man in Goblin, so I was willing to give it a chance just for that.  It is what hubby and I call “potato chip” – you can’t stop watching.  We even fell in love with the theme music.  We finished it up a few days ago.  I’m ready to watch it again. The fantasy themes of goblin, God, and Grim Reaper interaction was intriguing and amusing.  The actors and actresses were all excellent in their roles.  And the FEELS!  Go watch it.

If you like the action and cliff hangers of K-drama, you have got to check out Voice.  I’m not sure how much I can tell you without getting into spoilers.  There is a cop who has lost his wife and nearly thrown his life away for it.  A voice profiler (that’s a new one on me) who has studied in The States and specializes in getting cops to the scene of the crime in the Golden Time – the period of time from the first contact at 911 and when a victim is actually killed – by getting clues from sounds she can hear on the call.  It’s different.  It’s intriguing.  The only thing you might not like is it assumes you have a 90 minute attention span, and THEN it leaves you on a cliffhanger so you end up watching the next one, and the next one… Aw, I don’t need sleep, do I?

No affiliation, but I do recommend DramaFever.com – it’s where I get my fix.

Anime – oh anime.  I started this season trying to watch too many simulcasts and lost my mind.  I’m now down to only March Comes In Like A Lion, Blue Exorcist, and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.  And I wasn’t even going to watch that last one! A good many are marked for marathons later. 

+Then I watched the Crunchyroll Academy episode about Mecha and realized I might actually LIKE Mecha.  They mentioned Gargantua of the Verduous Planet and I loved that show.  So I figured, what the hell, and started marathoning GUNDAM: Iron Blooded Orphans.  Surprise, yes I do like it.  Okay, there’s lots of robots fighting – but by the time the robots fight I actually care about who wins.  In between there is a lot of interesting character development, and plots.  And plots and plots.  And even some larger themes about business and politics and oppression. 

March Comes In Like A Lion is probably categorized as a sports anime, but it seems to me more like a Slice of Life in that the protagonist is really learning about life and questioning how he got to this point.  Rei Kiriyama lost his father as a young boy.  Before he died, shogi (a board game similar to chess) was the only thing the two of them did together – so Rei learned to be very good at it. After his father’s death he was taken in by a “shogi family” who traditionally played the game at professional level.  Rei was able to become a pro while he was still in middle school and used that as a way to create an independent life.  At first, it seems like it was simply that he didn’t want to be a burden, an orphan on charity, but as the series goes on it appears it’s something much more complex than that.  Rei is realizing he never actually enjoyed shogi, at least not in the way some of his impassioned fellow players do, but now he is stuck in this competitive sport and there seems to be no way to go but forward.  He is deeply lonely, deeply sad, and doesn’t even realize it when there are people reaching out to him who do care.  It’s very interesting on several levels.  I hope we can look forward to several seasons of it.

Blue Exorcist is more of a fun thing.  Fighting, demons, the son of the devil – but it has it’s own depths as well.  Two brothers who need to work out their own relationship – especially when one was raised from birth to be an exorcist, and the other is the son of the devil.  (So adopted, yes) The son of the devil who has been raised with humans and trained with exorcists needs to (I can’t help it) tame his demons.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid snuck up on me in the middle of the night when I was looking for something short, sweet, entertaining, that might make me laugh.  Before that I was looking at it, rolling my eyes, and going – ugh, Moe.  Dragon Maids.  Ow.  Please. 

Well, I was wrong.  Sure, there’s plenty of silliness and bouncing boobies, but there’s actually a story here.  A rather sweet, mysterious, intriguing story that has sucked me in.

So there you go – that’s most of what I am watching right at this moment. Subject to change by whim in any other moment.  

I'm open to suggestions, too.


Summer Foovay


  1. Dexter, Criminal Minds, Walking Dead. I am a huge fan of cop/crime/law shows and cannot get enough of them. In another time and place a lawyer is what I wanted to be. Now I just get to enjoy watching people playing lawyers on television. Oh, House of Cards and Scandal are both good shows too.

  2. You know, I watched Dexter with the hubby for a while and he really liked it and I didn't. Enough so that I quit watching. I lost the suspension of disbelief in there somewhere. Haven't tried Criminal Minds, House of Cards, or Scandal, will have to check those out. Hubby watches Walking Dead but zombies are too squicky for me LOL.


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