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The Games I Play - What I'm Playing Now

gamer girl icon photo: Gamer Icon GamerIcon.jpgI’ve come around to enjoying video games almost as slowly as I came around to using a computer to write – and I am now every bit as hooked on playing games as I am on writing on my computer.  I was playing D&D back when you got a box with three magazine sized “books” and one set of dice. Due to necessity I became a game master, due to the love of it, I stayed one for many years. However, I hesitate to call myself a gamer. It seems to me that most “gamers” are those who play MMORPG or games with a ton of fighting and a bit of strategy.  I am less about fighting and more about beautiful graphics, strategy, and simple relaxation.  Plus I love animals, so I tend towards a lot of Sim games that involve some sort of animal theme, raising them, breeding, etc.  So with that said, here is my list of games I am currently playing.  If you play any of them feel free to friend me or whatever if that is a thing. If you have suggestions of others I might like, I’m good with that!

Games I play online

Aywas ( – although I play it much less now than I once did, I dip in now and then and read the news, admire new and custom pets, and adventure for a bit.  I fell in love with the game originally because of the fighting system in the adventures – very much like the fighting system of old fashioned D&D.  Paced reasonably for us oldsters who don’t have the reaction time or desire to simply pound the keyboard a million times a second. Aywas also has a great variety of pets, which is always increasing, and the opportunity to design and color your own custom pets or have them done for you.  There is also a breeding system.  However, it is all very large, complex, and ever growing and I admit to a certain amount of overwhelm.  I feel like you could devote your whole life, all your waking hours, to learning the ins and outs of all the game features – only I have a real world life that demands my attention. Another thing I like about it is that it does not require you to have a top of the line gaming computer in order to run, or to pick up a daily bonus or send gifts, etc. 

Speaking of which – Fishworld on Facebook. Another game I used to play for hours on end, that I now only drop in on once every few days.  They kept “improving” it and eventually it became impossible to get it to open and play on my old computer.  It would open on the new computer but only sometimes play due to our slow Internet.  Now that we have been able to improve our internet, it does open and play – but I’ve had something like two years away from daily play.  There is some lingering resentment in my heart for the developers having improved the game until, well, poor people can’t play for fun. On top of having found other games to occupy the limited time block I allow for playing around.  

An oldie but goody on Facebook, Fantasy Kingdoms, is stirring around a bit and acting like they might come back.  If they do, then I’ll be there!

Games I play on the desktop computer

Recently, I downloaded Shadowverse.  I’m not very good at it yet, but I do enjoy it.  It has had the side effect of being a bit similar to Evilibrium, which I used to play on the Kindle and I’ve also started playing Evilibrium again! It is a card game/fight game/adventure role playing game that actually sort of reminds me of Magic the Gathering in building decks, or having them auto built, or bought prebuilt. And yes, the graphics are gorgeous.  It runs on Steam, which I downloaded to run:

Glass Masquerade. This game is a hedonistic feast for the artist in me.  Pretty music.  Pretty (and pretty difficult) puzzles.  Pretty graphics altogether with a sort of steampunk like flair to my eye.  But, yes, basically, it is jigsaw puzzles with a little story wrapped around them.  I actually was nearly finished and stopped playing because…I didn’t want to be finished.  But I’m going to go back, there’s no doubt.

Speaking of Steam, I’ve been eyeballing several of the mmorpg available.  Keeping in mind I’m a newbie and beautiful graphics is a requirement – any suggestions where to start?

Horse Planet is a beloved oldie which I’ve played almost all the way through and yes, stopped because I didn’t want to be done.  However, I’m actually trying to finish up a few games because I have this habit of stopping a level or two before the end and I feel like I really ought to overcome it. In Horse Planet you chose your horse, have a bit of customization you can do, and then compete in jumping, cross country and trail riding through increasingly difficult courses.  Beautiful graphics and they really endeared themselves to me by basing the American part of the competitions in the desert Southwest so it’s almost like riding around here at home. I like the way the horse handles – I’ve quit many “riding” games because moving the horse is incredibly awkward and difficult.  The horses colorations and movements are realistic, and I appreciate the pintos and app color patterns. I've quit many a horse game because the movement or conformation was so deformed it gave me the shudders - no such problem on this game.

Bejeweled is a long standing favorite that is one of the first things I put on a new device of any sort, if it is available.  I’ve been known to play Bejeweled while talking on the phone, or anything else that doesn’t quite take my entire brain. It’s mindless, and pretty.  My kind of game. I can play for hours if I don’t get interrupted by some dumb thing like eating or going to the bathroom.

On the Kindle

Okay, brace yourself…I do most of my gaming on the Kindle Fire.

Hungry Shark Evolution is one of my all time favorite games.  In fact, I’m in the top 1% of players worldwide.  Shocking, isn’t it?  Amazing how relaxing it is to swim around eating people, crushing subs and boats, chomping helicopters and planes while sitting around in a doctor’s waiting room.  Evil grin. The graphics are pretty.  And they donate to Oceana, an organization that is involved in saving sharks and other denizens of the oceans.

I have downloaded it’s sister game, Hungry Shark World, however I find the new way of moving the sharks there difficult, and it pretty near crashes my Kindle and takes up so much memory that I had to remove several games and books to get it on there.  And then didn’t like it.  Well, the graphics are cool but I don’t like to PLAY so… I’m considering that it might be better on a different device when it becomes available.

Horse Haven is another old favorite that I’ve quit and come back to a couple of times as they went through changes that were not compatible with the devices I was on.  Still, I keep coming back – even though I have to start over every time.  I was actually up to over 250 days without a miss before our modem was stolen. My barns are all at the ultimate size, same for storerooms, and I’m working on having one of each and everyone one of the 55 horse breeds available on the game.  It is basically a sim/breeding game that includes a bit of “steeplechasing” competition as well. Again, the horse movements and colors are mostly pretty realistic although the breeding system is a bit bizarre.  The horses move and look good, except for the thoroughbred, which they made taller by simply adding some length to the upper part of the leg - causing the movement to give me that ick factor.  I try not to look. It's one of 55, and the drafts and ponies look great!

DragonSoul was a great favorite until the modem was stolen, and the game was sold to another company.  It seems now like the fun and laughter is slowly being drained out of it. The graphics are good and the fighting is actually funny, as are all the little quotes. The designers used to have a blast poking fun at all the game and fantasy tropes, but the new group doesn’t seem to get it.  I’ve gone from an all time high of five accounts on five servers, down to two that I barely manage to keep going.  I am really only staying because I have people I like in my guilds and I’d feel bad if I left. 

Eternium: Mage and Minions has made a big comeback with me.  I loved it and played every day, bought monthly gem packages and all that – and then an update came…(isn’t that always the way?)  The monsters were pumped up – the heros were not.  My formerly heroic fighter was suddenly being trampled by bosses she had already beaten three times or more.  Doesn’t help that she was one level away from having finished the game.  I wrote the admins, and quit playing. 

A few months after that, it became available to put on the computer, and the hubby downloaded it for me.  Because my first love of the game was – of course – the beautiful and detailed graphics.  It looks awesome on the big screen, I must say.  And the update has been updated.  The heros are heroic again!  They also added two entire new layers of levels.  Yesterday my heroic fighter finished the last stage of what is now only the “normal” game.  Now she’s got two more times to go through on Heroic and Legendary!  It is easier for me to play on the Kindle – so I’m back to a daily visit on the Kindle – and occasional visits on the computer just to drool at the pretty graphics. 

One thing I particularly appreciate about Mage and Minions, and Hungry Shark Evolution is that these games will play even without an internet connection.  This is a plus if you carry your Kindle everywhere like I do.

I recently added Bubble Witch Saga3 which I used to play on Facebook. For me, it hits that sweet spot of being something simple I can play to kill a few minutes, without trying to get the daily bonus or share gifts or any other sort of obligation to be there every day. A characteristic it shares with another Kindle favorite, Fishdom. While Bubble Witch is the typical bubble popping game, Fishdom is the typical match 3 game.  I’m very fond of both game types but these two are my current favorites.

Another game type that I am very fond of is Mahjongg – which is pretty obvious when you check out the many Mahjongg games on any device that I own.  But the king is Mahjong Journey which has kept me playing daily for over a year.  I may cuss some of the variations, but even then I keep playing knowing that I’ll like the next set of tiles better.  Right?

I mentioned Evilibrium, which I doubt I am any where near mastering but I do enjoy piddling around with it now and then.

I recently started playing Cat Story again.  It’s one of those sims where you build a village and then industries and blah blah blah.  I’m very near the end of it, so I’ve returned as part of that – I’m going to actually finish some games – thing.

I love hidden object games.  Hubby and I like to play them together, and they have made many a wait in an ER or clinic easier to bear.  Normally I shy away from those that require you to be online to play, but I did recently start playing Midnight Castle.  Yes, the graphics got to me.  Pretty.

PetWorld FREE isn’t really all that free.  It is if you only want the small animals that come with the first level of the game – you have to buy each animal on your way up, like dogs and cats.  That said, it isn’t expensive – a buck or two – and it isn’t like you can’t enjoy the game even if you don’t buy them.  Being the animal lover that I am, I get a warm fuzzy feeling feeding, watering, cleaning up, and adopting out pets.  What can I say?  I love the little noises the hamsters and guinea pigs make.  It’s sort of endless, mindless, and slow.  You’ve got to be someone who actually likes pets and sim games to get anything out of it. 

A new addition is Jewel Star, which is the closest I’ve found so far to Bejeweled for the Kindle.  I haven’t played it a lot yet, but it is proving itself as another one that is perfect for killing a few minutes waiting, when his name might be called any second so that I have to slam the Kindle shut and go be whatever and not get back for an hour or two. provided a few new (old) games that hubby installed on the computer for me, but I haven’t had time to get into them yet.  I’ll let you know if any of them become a favorite, and if I ever actually finish Cat Story, Horse Planet, and Mage and Minions, among others.  If you have a favorite game you think I would like – do please share!


Summer Foovay

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