Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Peritoneal Dialysis for patients and caretakers is now available in print!

I am proud to announce that today Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends, family and medical professionals  is now officially available in print!

If you prefer to read on the Kindle, Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends, family and medical professionals is still available in digital form as well. I gave the digital copy a pretty new cover because I also tweaked the title a little bit.

I am not very happy with the price I had to put on the print version in order to make anything at all in royalties on it.  I wish I could simply put a stack of these in every nephrologists' and dialysis clinic waiting room, free for the taking.  But my work does have value, and I have a kidney patient of my own who has medical needs that cost money and keep me from working an outside job.  In an ideal world, some medical publishing company would be on the phone to me right now offering to either purchase the rights to the little book or pay me royalties and sell it for next to nothing to doctors and clinics because they can print in bulk.

Maybe someday I will win the lottery and be able to print a few million and hand them out like I would like!

Meanwhile, I'm doing the best I can with what I've got!

For some reason Amazon has not linked the print and digital versions, but I've emailed them about it and hopefully they'll get that corrected soon.  I also just noticed that it does not seem to be available for Canada, Australia, or India for some reason.

Its funny how, even though it is self published and print on demand, I got that little thrill when I got the email last night that the print version was available and then saw the page on Amazon.  Isn't that kind of silly?

So yay for me, this is one of those little works in progress that has been on my list for some time and now it is done.  All over with but the shouting, bragging, and whatever else I can think of to publicize it.

Now to pick the next project to finish.  Maybe I'll conquer the last few levels on Horse Planet!


Summer Foovay

Links to Peritoneal Dialysis book print version:

Peritoneal Dialysis: for patients, caretakers, friends, family, and medical professionals - U.S.A.

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