Sunday, February 26, 2017

Peaceful Sunday

Sunday is slowly becoming the day I work out in the yard.  Right now I'm mostly pulling weeds and soaking the grass hoping it will fill in and green up.  I personally would not plant grass in the desert area of New Mexico, particularly over the caliche in the yard here, but it is here and you've got to give it credit for hanging in there.  I've been watering the oleanders and they are responding by growing taller and more full.  I can't wait to see them bloom this year.

My sunflowers are coming up!  And a couple of Morning Glories.  Every day I find more little two and four leaf plants sprouting where I put one of those wildflower mixes in the big bare area under the big tree.  I guess the doves didn't eat all of them!  So that's pretty exciting!

Hubby did his assigned research for me, and discovered that he can easily build a raised bed frame for less than the spekky raised bed kit would cost.  I'm not super ambitious this year.  A four foot by four foot frame for some zuchinni, squash, peppers, and tomatoes will be plenty.  I don't want to invest more than the fresh food is going to save us in grocery bills. We'll see how it goes.

The solar eclipse of the new moon seemed to be causing a mild case of chaos the last week.  Nothing horrible, but numerous and constant petty issues especially with electronics.  Then in one day our heater died, and the water hose carrying water to the house burst. Add to that, pretty much all week hubby was not feeling good.  Nothing insurmountable, but not exactly happy either!

Super tinker hubby got the broken pressure regulator working again and back on the hose.  We got a cheap hose to get through the rest of the month (we don't use the water to cook or drink anyway) and for now we're just turning on a burner on the gas stove at night for warmth.  I am very disappointed in the heater though - it didn't even last one entire winter.  Less than four months, in fact. Next year I will look for a different brand.

Well, next year we will probably be in a little trailer house. We've measured and thought and concluded there is simply no way to do the home hemo in the Firefly. Given hubby's new health status we aren't planning on moving away from his good doctors any time soon, and travel is out for the next year or so at least, and then dependent on his health. Right now, I get pretty excited if we go 30 days without a hospital stay.  (Not to jinx us, but so far we are at 36 days out of the hospital...but he has been sick and we do have doctors appointments coming up)

We love this little lot and wanted to stay here anyway, may as well find a mobile home with two bedrooms that will accommodate the home hemo.  As long as we leave the hitch and wheels on, no reason we can't move it later when we buy our little piece of land, so we're hoping to find a small home we can buy one way or another.

According to my tarot, my horoscope, and his dialysis nurses we have a few months to relax and take baby steps towards the home hemo transition.  I've been warned that we will be overwhelmed for the first several months while we make that change in his care which currently is scheduled for June.

Hopefully, I can make use of this time to get a few more WIP polished up and out in the world for my ever so patient and long-suffering readers.  It would be nice if my book income was high enough that I wouldn't have to be worried about money while making the transition to home hemo.  Things always do come up!

The other side of the eclipse was supposed to be a great time for new beginnings, but for now it seems to be a peaceful, lazy feeling.  I'm going to go enjoy it.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.  Blessedbe

Summer Foovay

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