Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Free Dragonflies!

For the next five days you can get the first of the Mr. Odon Ata series for children ages 9 and up for free!

A little bit mystical, a little bit natural sciences.  After all, who could better tell you about the life of a dragonfly, than a shape shifter who has been a dragonfly? This series follows Tom during his summer vacation as he meets some rather unusual neighbors and learns about animals and about life. He may dread summer vacation when it begins, but by the time it's over with he won't want to go back to school!

There are now three books in the series, with more to come!

Here are the links to the first book in the series, now free on Kindle:

Blue Dragonfly and Mr. Odon Ata - U.S.
Blue Dragonfly and Mr. Odon Ata - U.K.
Blue Dragonfly and Mr. Odon Ata - Canada
Blue Dragonfly and Mr. Odon Ata - Australia

The next book in the series, Mr. Weaver and Mr.Odon Ata showcases the life of a spider, while the newest addition, Ms. Eatsalot and Mr. Odon Ata goes into the life of frogs and toads and introduces Ms. Brown - a rather well traveled neighbor.

If you could talk to Mr. Odon Ata - what animal life would you want him to tell you about? Let me know in the comments - I'm open to suggestions! That is... I'll ask Mr. Ata for you.


Summer Foovay

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