Thursday, February 23, 2017

Big Endings, Big Beginnings - I Am Pagan

My next book, I Am Pagan, is very nearly done.  I think.  I hope to finish it up in time for Friday's solar eclipse - a time for big endings and big beginnings. Ending the writing and grooming, beginning the sales part of the cycle.  Hoping readers will find something of value in my words. The bulk of I am Pagan is made up of articles I created for my website of the same name, that was online in the early part of this century. That was fun to say! And true, too.  The essays were basically answers to questions I was asked over and over by people interested in the fact that I was Pagan.  The section on holidays was for general information for other Pagans, since at that time there actually wasn't as much on the web as there is today.  That gradually grew into a place to plug my ecards and later physical greeting cards for pagan holidays.  But I'm not doing that anymore.  Again, there are now far more resources and talented people working in that field.

One of the hardest things in the world for me is focusing my pinball brain, but I have finally (temporarily) convinced myself to concentrate on my writing.  When I can finally afford a new graphics program and the computer to run it, I will return to digital art and probably use it largely to illustrate books and create covers.

Because most of the material in I Am Pagan was written a decade ago, I've also updated, rewritten, and added a number of new articles and essays.  It is still largely a memoir of my own journey to Paganism, with hopefully some good information thrown in for my fellow Pagans or those interested in their own explorations.

I am going to also add some invocations and blessings that I created myself that I use on almost a daily basis. Maybe they will work for and suit someone else as well. I'm not much of a poet, but I may also include a couple of pagan oriented poems I've written - just to make you glad I don't pretend I'm much of a poet!

In other big achievements - today I submitted my 10,000th hit on Amazon's Mechanical Turk.  I'm not entirely sure if that means I'm a good worker, or I'm a total idiot with more time than brains. The MTurk is not for everybody, but it works well for me.  I can sit down and work on hits when and if I have the time.  They generally pay in a timely manner.  True, I earn about one dollar an hour if I am lucky, but I am able to work sitting here at my desk at home with one eye on the husband.  I can do a few hits while the laundry soaks or dinner cooks or while I am waiting for something else. If James is not well or I have other obligations, no one penalizes me for not working for a few days or weeks. There's none of this work your ass off and you'll make millions off ads bullshit that so far in my experience has translated into work your ass off and make a few pennies before the company you are working for figures out how to screw you out of everything you have done completely. The freelance work I've done, writing and art, has been fun but simply not dependable enough and, like everything else, I have had to turn down jobs when James was sick that were then gone forever, client and all.  So, it works for me and that couple of bucks here and there has more than once bought a prescription or a meal or some other necessity that came up at the end of the month.

In beginnings - in a few days my first advertising campaign on Amazon will begin for A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis.   It's just a few bucks for just a few days, but maybe it will give me an idea of how that will go.  So far I've been disappointed in how many copies of that have sold. When the campaign is over, the book will probably be down for a day or two as I add a few pages to qualify it to be printed as a paperback. After which I'm afraid I'm simply going to have to raise the price to pay for the advertising to get it the distribution I want it to have.  I have some other ideas about promoting it, but I have to get over my mental hurdles first!

Bits and bobs of the next Mr. Odon Ata book are written, and it will probably be my next task.  I hope to do some advertising for that series next month.

Baby steps to home hemodialysis are going forward.  Still largely in the decision making and planning stages.  Hubby has not felt very good this week, so we haven't been getting out and about.  We have three months to get ready to start training, so there's no need to rush.

You know it is a week for endings when the heater we bought only four months ago - or less - dies overnight, the water hose that brings water into the RV explodes, and the hubby gets on a physical low all in the same day. I think we're going to lay low until the eclipse is through - and then stride out into our new beginnings with the confidence of The Fool...


Summer Foovay

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