Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Thank You Note To A Theif

Burglar clip art Not often one says thank you to a thief.  But I want to thank the person who stole our little Mifi from my husbands hospital room a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah, we had to go a couple of weeks without Internet.  It wasn't pleasant or pretty.  My husband is retired and still recovering from serious illness and pretty much spends most of his day watching TV, movies, playing games, and all of that on the Internet.  Because I don't like to leave him alone for any period of time, or not be at his beck and call if he needs me, I work from home - on the Internet.  I both do little jobs at the Mechanical Turk, and I write and publish and therefore have to promote constantly my little books because I don't have an advertising budget yet.  So you put a hitch in our getalong, that's for sure.

We have had worse weeks in the last year or so. I read some real live hard copy books I had picked up free or cheap, did some writing and editing on my computer, and we both watched DVDs and played games that don't require Internet. I also walked up to this place or that and used a little public wifi to work at the Turk and do a minimum of business and keeping in touch.

The first day I did that, hubby walked up with me and contacted the Internet provider to report the theft and have the service shut down.  Mainly I wanted to make sure if you were frantically uploading or downloading child porn or something that we ruined your fun, and made it clear it was not us doing it.

And then he went off researching some way that we could get a better internet connection.  I know I wrote earlier, kind of laughingly but it's true, about how I needed a car to get good Internet.  The problem is our house is on wheels and we do move it every other day to take him to dialysis and doctors and hospital and so on. We had pretty much given up on finding a solution until you stole our modem out of my husband's hospital room. My dear brilliant husband started with our idea that maybe a satellite provider could put the dish in the yard - not on the RV - and thus conquer the moving vehicle issue.  He did, in fact, find a provider who had a solution.

Forgive me for not going into detail, but as you can see, we have had quite a time here in Las Cruces, with people stealing anything that isn't nailed down.  And if they can pry it up, it ain't nailed down. I don't want to invite anyone over to steal my new Internet, eh?

It is more expensive, but I am hoping that the upside will be I will have a more dependable and faster connection and thus I will be able to do a lot more work and earn enough to make up the difference.  We had to wait a couple weeks for installation.  We survived.

Then - as if that wasn't great enough - our former wifi providers contacted us and asked if, as long time customers, we would like a one time free replacement of the portable wifi modem!  Yes, yes we would.

So, you see, we now have better, faster, more dependable Internet when we are home - enabling me to do more work and earn a bit more money.  And we are going to soon have our portable wifi back as well - enabling my husband to have wifi when he is in the dialysis clinic, or at a doctors, or in the hospital (although we will be a lot more careful about letting people know about how we do it.  Too bad, my husband is always ready to tell people how we have nice, inexpensive, go anywhere wifi and help them to get it for themselves.  He didn't actually mean for you to help yourself to OUR modem).  I'll also be able to go back to working on that wifi while he is in dialysis.

Thank you, thief.  You got a day or so of free Internet before my husband was well enough to get to a public wifi hotspot.   And now we have much better Internet.  Thank you!

By the way - that wifi you stole costs about $10 to $15 a month, and you can buy a modem for under $100 on eBay.  I mean, you work in a hospital, so if you need Internet that desperately, I am thinking you could probably afford to have your very own wifi, too. We manage it on disability which is probably less than half of what you earn.

Or, keep stealing from the patients and their families.  In the long run, that will probably end up costing you more.  I doubt you believe it now - but you will eventually.

Karma works,


Summer Foovay

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