Monday, January 9, 2017

Thank You Dear Reader

Thank you so much dear readers.  I've been watching as the free books go zooming out to your Kindles, and are followed by purchases.  Thank you so much for your faith and I hope you are finding something to learn, enjoy, or make use of in my books.

Last week was the first of the month - payday for us - and so I haven't accomplished much in the online world as the real world has taken up my time and attention.  I am really proud - and substantially more secure - because we purchased a small freezer that fits in the Firefly.  We then purchased a months worth of food to put in it.  Now I can take a deep breath and relax.  Far too many months in the last year I have reached the end of the month worrying about how I am going to feed the husband that high protein diet tomorrow, or the next day.  Too many months that by the end of the month I am living on two eggs a day (you can do that, by the way) or nibbling on his leftovers.  In addition, I've been able to afford to buy ingredients - you know, the extras you need to take that 12 oz of raw chicken and make it into something wonderful

My husband excels at that.  He loves to cook - and I love seeing him WANTING to cook and WANTING to eat again.  This week he made a delicious red enchilada soup, and tacos!  Yum!

Today the landlord is out front putting in our new gate.  Soon we will have a real fence all the way around the lot.  I'm looking at plants for ground cover and picking out a full sun spot for the vegetable garden.  The Oleanders that came with the place are perking up with a bit of water and love.  I can't wait to see them this summer. I bought some solar powered twinkling lights to outline my "landing pad" so I can back the Firefly in after dark and not hit the tree - again.  (blush)

We made it all through last week without a hitch at the hemodialysis clinic.  Cross your fingers that these good, efficient and effective treatments continue.

So at last it looks as if life will enter a nice, happy routine again.  With the help of my dear readers, I hope to increase our income so that we can eventually do a little more than barely survive.

Life is good.  Thank you for your time and attention.


Summer Foovay

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