Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sick Day For A Writer

I am officially sick.  I mean, I slept for 12 hours straight and got up feeling worse than when I laid down.  I have a crummy cold.  So I declared today an official sick day for me.  Meaning I'm not going to do anything but lay in bed, whine, drink OJ, and play my games.

Which would be why I've done my outdoor chores, my indoor chores, worked at MTurk for an hour or two, and written this article.

Well, I keep telling myself, it isn't as if any of this takes a lot of energy or requires me to be outside in the cold rain for any period of time. My initial plan for today was to get up early (way earlier than the 1 pm I actually got up at) and walk the half mile to the laundromat and back carrying four or five loads of clothes to wash.  (I've got this cool laundry basket with a shoulder strap).  Normally I would enjoy spending a cold, rainy day in the nice, warm laundromat.  But today I finally crawled out of bed, made coffee and flopped back down at the table.  Meaning to play my games and drink OJ and eat hubby's homemade chicken soup.  But before he could make chicken soup I had to do dishes.  And then I was up so I might as well see what's at the Turk I could do.  Then I thought, I can write.  I'm not that sick. So I wrote an article.

Yeah, now I'm dragging my sick behind back to the table to play games while the hubby cooks.

Thanks for your time


Summer Foovay

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