Monday, January 2, 2017

Peritoneal Dialysis Information for Patients, their families, caretakers, relatives, and friends

Yes, at last, it is up and ready to purchase - A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis is now available on the Kindle.  If you wait until tomorrow, it will even be free.

During the many months that my husband has spent in the hospital in 2016 (may that year rest in peace) it came to my attention that only 7% of dialysis patients in the United States are on peritoneal dialysis.  Nurses, CNAs, medical technicians of all stripes, and even some Doctors have no clue what is involved in peritoneal dialysis.  This leads to considerable problems of all kinds from not being able to schedule dialysis treatments properly, not getting the supplies on time, to misdiagnoses by medical technicians unfamiliar with peritoneal dialysis.  (Let me refer you to the great Liver Cancer scare of 2016 - where an ultrasound tech - AND AN ONCOLOGIST misread an ultrasound scan as LUMPS ON HIS LIVER when it was simply leftover fluid (dialysate) from peritoneal dialysis.

Long before 2016 I found myself explaining over and over many of the details of peritoneal dialysis to friends, family, and even casual acquaintances who were not familiar with the treatment and who either did not understand our occasional need to not open the front door or that the supplies couldn't just be piled out in a shed in the back yard.  The event that really stands out is having the police threatening to knock the door down because they could see us inside, but we wouldn't open the door because he was in the process of hooking up to the cycler, All the more annoying because the police were coming to let us know they had checked out our complaint about the neighbors - yoo hoo, guess who it was who called the cops on you? This is a close second to the DOCTOR I had to body block from walking into the hospital room, in spite of the great big sign on the door saying "do not open - dialysis in progress".

So - to say the least - I saw a real need for a simple, quick and easy to read overview of peritoneal dialysis.  Less than the several week long course we took to learn to do the procedure, but enough so that friends, neighbors, and medical personnel who may come into contact with someone on peritoneal dialysis will be able to make intelligent decisions, and understand the needs involved.

Unfortunately the book was not long enough to be published in paperback according to Amazon standards.  I'm not sure it's worth adding three blank pages and having another fight with their cover creator (which consistently creates a cover that does not come up to their standards!!).  But I did want it available in hard copy for those who might not own a Kindle.

I will do my best to keep A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis free as much as I can, and down to 99 cents the rest of the time.  It is also published on Wattpad if you find it cheaper or more convenient to share or read online.

Peritoneal dialysis is more common in almost every other country in the world but I will go ahead and give the links for the countries that most commonly purchase my books as well as the U.S. link.

A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - US
A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - UK
\A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - Canada
A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - Australia

One last note - if you have any suggestions or questions about this particular booklet, please do contact me with them.  I will happily go back and revise this one to add anything you think it needs, or correct any factual errors I may have made.  I tried to make sure it was correct and complete, but I'm one little Indie author without a real medical background (vet tech but I hear that counts).

Thanks and Blessedbe

Summer Foovay

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