Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Everything happens for a reason. I do believe that. Sometimes it is quite some time before we learn what the reason was, sometimes we never do because it simply isn’t important for our own lives.

Poor dear hubby was back in the hospital this weekend. The good thing is we got a diagnoses of the back pain – acute pancreatic. The bad news is the allopathic treatment consists of fluids – which he cannot have because he is a dialysis patient – and pain killers which they don’t give poor people on general principles. I do not know how people manage to get addicted to pain killers, or even get pain killers at all, since the many doctors who have cared for my husband refuse to give him any pain killers for the several chronic sources of constant pain that he clearly suffers from. But that’s another rant.

They bailed us out on Saturday since they weren’t going to do anything for him anyway – and the pain had gone away by then. We gathered up our stuff and left, but when we got home we discovered we had left the Mifi behind in the room.

Never ceases to amaze me that when a patient is waiting in ER for a room it takes all night long, over 8 hours, to clean a room. When a patient leaves a room during the day and leaves anything behind, be it a library book or a wireless modem, it’s gone in 30 minutes.

Of course, that mifi IS our Internet. So here we are with no Internet. I cannot work, and the hubby is deprived of most of the forms of entertainment that keep him occupied and happy. Pooey.

As soon as we could we found a nearby dab of public Internet (thank you so much Mountain View Co-op) and he emailed the provider to cut the modem off and report it stolen. I was a little worried that someone finding a working wifi modem would be busily uploading or downloading all sorts of stuff he’d rather not have show up on his home system. My dear husband and Internet expert type person then set to getting information on another source of Internet, although we knew that it would be the first of the month before we could afford to pay for anything.

We had discussed satellite. Now that we have a nice, fenced lot I am thinking we could plant a satellite dish and get better Internet without the fact that we move the RV being a problem as it was for the cable Internet provider. So the hubby was looking into that, but discovered we had to have the provider call us back on a phone. He set up the phone call and then made one last check of his email before we headed back to the RV to get the call.

Which was when he discovered the Mifi provider had emailed to offer us a one-time free replacement of the modem, as we are long term customers of theirs! Naturally, we said yes. We haven’t heard anything back from them, but expect it to take a few days at least for the modem to be shipped. Still! YAY!

We skipped happily home, thinking we would just tell the satellite provider thanks but no thanks when they called. But we got home, and they called, and they had a couple of really sweet deals. For the last year we have been limping along with Internet that often is not on at all, or is intermittent, or is slower than dial-up, which makes it very difficult for me to work at the Turk, let alone upload a new book or download information. Never mind what it does to the hubby’s games and streaming movies. The result is that we are now going to have actual good, speedy Internet at the lot when we are home starting the end of the month, plus we are still going to have our Mifi whenever it gets back. The overall cost won’t be too bad, given the overall gain. I will be glad when it warms up and the electric bill goes down some.

One week or so – we can do this. He gets limited wifi at the clinic, and we can both walk up to the Co-op when the weather isn’t too bad. In fact, I’ll be posting this from there. At least the absolute necessities will be doable, and in the end we will have much better Internet access.

I hope to have two or three little books to upload and publish by then! Most definitely Ms. Eatsalot – the third book of the Blue Dragonfly series – will be ready. I am thinking about changing the name of the series, though. There is a publisher of children’s books named Blue Dragonfly and I don’t want to create confusion. Maybe redo covers, too, with the new series name. Make them easier to find. Getting ready to do a very little bit of advertising – all I can afford – since there will finally be three in the series. Far as I am concerned, this series can go on forever, but three is a nice number. While you’re reading those three, I can write one or two more.

I am reading old fairy tales and loving them. I so much want to create illustrated versions on the Kindle for children of all ages. The old fairy tales don’t pull all their punches like the Disney-esque ones we are familiar with now. I sat and laughed my head off this morning when I read that the King Lion, if the offender was young and plump and likely to continue to do bad things, simply ate him for lunch or dinner. Problem solved. Disney would die. Oh wait – no one dies in Disneyland.

Hope all is well in your world. Thank you for spending a few minutes in mine.


Summer Foovay

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