Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kill Me Now - and one more Free Kindle Book

Something they never tell you when you read and hear about self-publishing on Kindle, is how suicidal you are likely to feel while you are struggling to get Amazon to accept your manuscript, your cover, your picture for the cover, and so on.  I've spent the last two hours trying to publish The Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis.  With any luck, if I don't give up and hang myself from the big lovely tree outside, it will be out in a day or two, and free a day or two after that.

Meanwhile, I have added one last novel to my freebies for January.  Bloodline is the first novel in an envisioned series about serial killers - a whole multi-generational family of them.  I really worked hard on this novel for several months and in the end all I got were complaints.  It was too complex.  Had too many characters.  The protagonist was stupid.  And I spelled blonde - well, like that - which was acceptable according to my dictionary, but not according to others.  I was so crushed, I haven't publicly been back to the series since.  I took it down and went over it, thinking of a rewrite, taking out characters, simplifying.  Then I read a few books by other authors with even more characters that had me lost in a few pages let alone a chapter or two, and many other books with protagonists so stupid you wanted to smack them with a brick - and those books had lots of gushy reviews and awards.  And I can't really bring myself to rewrite this monster.

Should I go back to it?  Rewrite?  Say, damn the critics and carry on with the series? I do have at least one fan who wants me to do that - she's dying to find out what happens with Jay and Lily.  She's been waiting for about five years to find out.  Sorry.

It isn't like I don't have ten more WIP I could be concentrating on.

And it's taking FOREVER to coax Amazon into printing one little 33 page non-fiction booklet...

Blessedbe and thank you for your time

Summer Foovay

Bloodline - US
Bloodline - UK
Bloodline - Canada
Bloodline - Australia

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