Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Everything happens for a reason. I do believe that. Sometimes it is quite some time before we learn what the reason was, sometimes we never do because it simply isn’t important for our own lives.

Poor dear hubby was back in the hospital this weekend. The good thing is we got a diagnoses of the back pain – acute pancreatic. The bad news is the allopathic treatment consists of fluids – which he cannot have because he is a dialysis patient – and pain killers which they don’t give poor people on general principles. I do not know how people manage to get addicted to pain killers, or even get pain killers at all, since the many doctors who have cared for my husband refuse to give him any pain killers for the several chronic sources of constant pain that he clearly suffers from. But that’s another rant.

They bailed us out on Saturday since they weren’t going to do anything for him anyway – and the pain had gone away by then. We gathered up our stuff and left, but when we got home we discovered we had left the Mifi behind in the room.

Never ceases to amaze me that when a patient is waiting in ER for a room it takes all night long, over 8 hours, to clean a room. When a patient leaves a room during the day and leaves anything behind, be it a library book or a wireless modem, it’s gone in 30 minutes.

Of course, that mifi IS our Internet. So here we are with no Internet. I cannot work, and the hubby is deprived of most of the forms of entertainment that keep him occupied and happy. Pooey.

As soon as we could we found a nearby dab of public Internet (thank you so much Mountain View Co-op) and he emailed the provider to cut the modem off and report it stolen. I was a little worried that someone finding a working wifi modem would be busily uploading or downloading all sorts of stuff he’d rather not have show up on his home system. My dear husband and Internet expert type person then set to getting information on another source of Internet, although we knew that it would be the first of the month before we could afford to pay for anything.

We had discussed satellite. Now that we have a nice, fenced lot I am thinking we could plant a satellite dish and get better Internet without the fact that we move the RV being a problem as it was for the cable Internet provider. So the hubby was looking into that, but discovered we had to have the provider call us back on a phone. He set up the phone call and then made one last check of his email before we headed back to the RV to get the call.

Which was when he discovered the Mifi provider had emailed to offer us a one-time free replacement of the modem, as we are long term customers of theirs! Naturally, we said yes. We haven’t heard anything back from them, but expect it to take a few days at least for the modem to be shipped. Still! YAY!

We skipped happily home, thinking we would just tell the satellite provider thanks but no thanks when they called. But we got home, and they called, and they had a couple of really sweet deals. For the last year we have been limping along with Internet that often is not on at all, or is intermittent, or is slower than dial-up, which makes it very difficult for me to work at the Turk, let alone upload a new book or download information. Never mind what it does to the hubby’s games and streaming movies. The result is that we are now going to have actual good, speedy Internet at the lot when we are home starting the end of the month, plus we are still going to have our Mifi whenever it gets back. The overall cost won’t be too bad, given the overall gain. I will be glad when it warms up and the electric bill goes down some.

One week or so – we can do this. He gets limited wifi at the clinic, and we can both walk up to the Co-op when the weather isn’t too bad. In fact, I’ll be posting this from there. At least the absolute necessities will be doable, and in the end we will have much better Internet access.

I hope to have two or three little books to upload and publish by then! Most definitely Ms. Eatsalot – the third book of the Blue Dragonfly series – will be ready. I am thinking about changing the name of the series, though. There is a publisher of children’s books named Blue Dragonfly and I don’t want to create confusion. Maybe redo covers, too, with the new series name. Make them easier to find. Getting ready to do a very little bit of advertising – all I can afford – since there will finally be three in the series. Far as I am concerned, this series can go on forever, but three is a nice number. While you’re reading those three, I can write one or two more.

I am reading old fairy tales and loving them. I so much want to create illustrated versions on the Kindle for children of all ages. The old fairy tales don’t pull all their punches like the Disney-esque ones we are familiar with now. I sat and laughed my head off this morning when I read that the King Lion, if the offender was young and plump and likely to continue to do bad things, simply ate him for lunch or dinner. Problem solved. Disney would die. Oh wait – no one dies in Disneyland.

Hope all is well in your world. Thank you for spending a few minutes in mine.


Summer Foovay

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Hubby has been back in the hospital. Acute Peritonitus. Treatment is fluids which he can't have because of dialysis and pain killers which are not allowed for poor people with physical pain only rich self indulgent junkies. Meanwhile our mifi was stolen at the hospital so we no longer have internet. We will try and get something by next month. Until then, think of all the writing I'll get done.

Every time I think things are getting better...

Blessed be

Summer Foovay

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On the Death Penalty

The New Mexico legislature is considering reinstating the death penalty for cop killers, kid killers, and corrections officer’s killers.

I happen to personally feel like anyone who molests a child, kills a child, or even promotes or consumes child porn deserves to die.  That’s me, and that’s a result both of my own experiences, and my research.  Most child molesters do not believe they are doing anything wrong.  They’ve convinced themselves that the children enjoy it as much as they do and that our country has an arbitrary age of majority that is higher than in many other countries.  Thus, they are never going to reform, and why should you and I pay for them to live in more security and luxury than we do with opportunity for a free education and even actual freedom someday?  Just My Humble Opinion.

But there is a problem with that, and with the death penalty in general.  And that is that in this society, in this country, at this time, it is applied disproportionately to poor, non-white, and often mentally disadvantaged people.  No one who seriously reads the news or follows any sort of crime related media could avoid the conclusion that white males get away with things that black males would be executed for.  And the richer you are – the lighter your penalty will be, if you are found guilty at all.  It is also true that the media is often responsible for whipping the public into a frenzy over a crime that has any sort of emotional hook (and cop killers and kid killers certainly qualify) forcing a judge and jury towards the most severe penalty possible. 

It is better than a lot of judicial systems in the world, but our judicial system is not infallible.  There are innocent people sitting on death row right now, and over the years many have been exonerated and released after spending years with the Grim Reaper hanging over their shoulder.  One innocent person put to death by the State is too many. 

I would really like to say that if there were indisputable facts in evidence, such as DNA or a body cam video of the accused shooting the officer, then the death penalty should be considered.  But there is a true slippery slope.  What I consider indisputable might be disputable.  Especially if you had a good lawyer.  And a bad, lazy, or simply overwhelmed public defender might not have the access to the expert witnesses or even the time to fight that evidence.  Again – the death penalty is going to fall disproportionately on the poor, the underprivileged, and those who for some reason hit the self-righteous trigger on some people. 

Hey, we all have triggers.  Ask me about child molesters some time.  Or try to tell me all mothers love their children, only some of the poor mommies have problems. (Yes, starting with psychopathy and running straight towards the inability to love anyone but herself)

A dear friend of mine was murdered many years ago.  At the end of the trail, a news reporter asked her mother if she felt the killer should have gotten the death penalty (he did not).  That mother was a very special woman.  She told them he was somebody’s son, and brother, and she would not want to be responsible for asking for his death in spite of what he had done to her family.  In private, she made a shorter statement to me – she didn’t want the karma.

Me neither.

And if the State executes someone – doesn’t that mean we all get the karma?

We are only human.  We are not the one to make a life or death judgment on anyone.  Isn’t that the point when we penalize a person for killing another?  That we do not have the right to make that decision for another person?

Yes, some killings are more heinous than others.  It is pretty hard to come up with a situation in which killing a cop, or a kid, is in any way justified.  (At the risk of setting off a screaming match – I’ve met a few cops that I think could be the sort of person you might have to kill in self-defense – but that’s another subject).  But speaking for me personally at least, a lifetime spent in solitary with only an hour outdoors each day and no hope of a return to freedom would be worse than death.  So give that a minutes thought.  Being in jail is not fun – not for most people. 

I admit, a few days ago on one of my blogs I said I take survey and study results with a grain of salt.  But studies have shown that the death penalty is not a deterrent.  I can see that.  If I am holding a gun on a cop, I am probably not doing any deep thinking about what sort of penalty I will be facing if I kill him.  I’m probably hoping I can shoot faster than he can.  When it comes to kid killers, well let’s admit it.  Most kid killers are child molesters who have been caught and served time, and don’t want to do that again.  So if they kill the kid, who’s to testify against them?  So while it is more premeditated than the other scenario, the deterrent – jail time – actually makes the more severe crime more attractive.  Yeah, suck on that for a moment.  So I do believe that the death penalty has no value as a deterrent for the crimes indicated. 

Corrections officers, although I see why they are lumped in here, are a bit of a different situation.  At least, I would think they would only be killed in certain specific situations, such as in the process of an escape attempt – and yes, maybe even in self-defense.  Much as we hate to admit it, cops and corrections officers are human beings and thus able to make mistakes and bad decisions. But because of the likelihood of a surrounding situation that results in additional charges, I think having them included in the possible death penalty will only result in prisoners who have half a dozen death penalties or several life sentences to serve.

There was a time in my life when I supported the death sentence.  Then I learned more about it, and thought more about it, and at this point I cannot support the death sentence for any crime. It serves no positive purpose, and there is too great a possibility that an innocent could be executed. 

Just My Own Humble Opinion.  What do you think?


Summer Foovay

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sick Day For A Writer

I am officially sick.  I mean, I slept for 12 hours straight and got up feeling worse than when I laid down.  I have a crummy cold.  So I declared today an official sick day for me.  Meaning I'm not going to do anything but lay in bed, whine, drink OJ, and play my games.

Which would be why I've done my outdoor chores, my indoor chores, worked at MTurk for an hour or two, and written this article.

Well, I keep telling myself, it isn't as if any of this takes a lot of energy or requires me to be outside in the cold rain for any period of time. My initial plan for today was to get up early (way earlier than the 1 pm I actually got up at) and walk the half mile to the laundromat and back carrying four or five loads of clothes to wash.  (I've got this cool laundry basket with a shoulder strap).  Normally I would enjoy spending a cold, rainy day in the nice, warm laundromat.  But today I finally crawled out of bed, made coffee and flopped back down at the table.  Meaning to play my games and drink OJ and eat hubby's homemade chicken soup.  But before he could make chicken soup I had to do dishes.  And then I was up so I might as well see what's at the Turk I could do.  Then I thought, I can write.  I'm not that sick. So I wrote an article.

Yeah, now I'm dragging my sick behind back to the table to play games while the hubby cooks.

Thanks for your time


Summer Foovay

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Serendipity - Kinda Cozy, Very New Mexico, Has Dog Story

Hairy German Shepard
Serendipity  is my version of a light hearted, breezy, almost a cozy mystery set in a small town in the borderlands of New Mexico.  It features a long haired German Shepard dog named Hero, who is a retired police dog. He is taken in by the towns Animal Control Officer and her husband, Kathy and Craig Tyler who are semi-retired RVers who have settled temporary forever maybe.

Of course, this is me, so there are dead bodies and a few opinionated paragraphs about animal issues, and immigration issues, but I think I've successfully avoided being preachy.

The whole story is about 30,000 words long, so it won't take you long to read and if you read it now you won't be bothered by those pesky cliff hanger chapters that I didn't get back to the next chapter for a few weeks.  You can gulp it all down in a few days.

I wrote this for fun and as sort of an exercise.  Could I write a light hearted cozy sort of mystery? And do I dare pantser a mystery? For me, I think this is pretty light hearted and almost cozy.  You know me, I can't make it too sweet and happy or I don't believe myself.

The long haired German Shepard dog, Hero, was my favorite character.  I really enjoyed imagining him.  Long haired German Shepard dogs have a special place in my heart since I saw my first one as a child.  Besides the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous, I love dogs that are extremely intelligent and sensitive and this breed certainly is.  It was also interesting to me to research more in depth the training of police dogs, and the laws regarding dog bites in New Mexico - which are different from  the laws in other states and municipalities.

The couple in the book, Kathy and Craig Tyler, have a lot of similarities to the husband and I.  They were one of us nomads, living in the RV and enjoying the parks of New Mexico but unlike us, they fell in love with Columbus, New Mexico.  That's not strictly true - we loved Columbus during the time we spent there but we were not ready to settle down at that time.  Tempting as it was when we found that cute little yellow house, and they actually were advertising for an Animal Control/Code Enforcement Officer.  So there is a bit of "what if" in this story, too.  What if we had rented that little house and I had applied for and gotten that job...

But it is a work of fiction.  The people of the town, the businesses, and so on - all figments of my fertile imagination.

I think Serendipity it is a bit too short to publish on Kindle, even as a 99 center and I really wrote it for fun.  I rather like the setting and the characters, so it's entirely likely I'll be back to write more.  Someday eventually there may be enough to put together a Kindle book.  Meanwhile, enjoy it for free and if you like it, maybe you'll enjoy some of my other books.

Speaking of which - starting tomorrow I'll be hitting the rewrite for the third book in the Blue Dragonfly series. Now that I have a handle on what was going wrong, I hope it will be done very soon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What the heck is a Zibaldone?

What is a zibaldone book?

Have you ever heard of a zibaldone?  Me neither, but it turns out I've been keeping them for most of my life.

A zibaldone, also sometimes called a commons book, is a notebook where you note down this or that happening of the day, thoughts, ideas, things you need to remember - or want to remember.  You might tuck or even glue or tape pictures, receipts, articles into it.  If you are inclined to sketching, you might use it to make a quick sketch.  Zibaldones were quite common 600 years or so ago.  Everyone from H.P. Lovecraft to Thomas Jefferson kept one. Including me - although I didn't know it until a few days ago.

I learned to read before I entered school. I think I got my love of reading the newspaper sitting at my stepfathers feet while he tossed each section down to me when he was done.

My life was pretty bleak at the time.  I was a sex toy dolly for my step-father from the time I was two years old.  He hurt me, but also handed out a weird sort of affection.  The person I was really scared of was my mother, who actively aided and abetted his abuse - having basically traded me for the lifestyle in which she felt she ought to be kept. She was a sociopath, and a pretty horrible, scary human being. I was actively looking for a way to kill myself when I was preschool. What held me up was being afraid of failing, and ending up disabled and under their power for life. At least I had some hope that someday I'd get away.

So anyway, don't ask me why, don't ask me how I got the idea because I don't know - but I started keeping notebooks - my favorite were the big fat five subject spiral notebooks.  I filled them with cartoons clipped out of the newspaper. Articles, jokes, anything that was funny and made me smile.  Photos of horses clipped out of magazines filled another enormous loose-leaf notebook, neatly organized into sections for breeds and events and articles about Arabian bloodlines and so on.  I remember well one of the notebooks that had a three page list in the back of all the things I wanted to do some day.  Decades before anyone ever heard of a bucket list.

I also wrote down bird sightings, or anything that happened that made me happy or intrigued or that I wanted to research later.  Yeah, I'm a nerd! Once in a while I wrote down a rant about something that upset me or made me angry or outraged my sense of justice.  And once in a great while I wrote out something personal - although in time I learned better than that.

I was keeping a zibaldone even though I had never heard of one.  I'm glad I have a word for them, now.  I've called them diaries, which isn't strictly true, or journals, again, not quite right but closer, scrapbooks - not right either.  So, now I have a word for them.

At one point in time I had a big box with every one of those big fat spiral notebooks I had ever filled. Literally twenty years worth of zibaldones.

Early on my mother had learned of them and started reading them.  She had no compunction about tearing my room apart while I was at school to find my current notebook, read it, and then launch into me when I got home about every single thing in it, what a liar I was, how stupid, ugly, ridiculous, and how I'd never have anything, or be anything, or be anyone, that kind of stuff.

So I started writing backwards with my left hand when I was recording anything from my real life or ranting about the latest abusive episode.  When I added turning the book from top to bottom every other page and my own numbering system (based on how many years, months and days until I turned 18 and escaped) as well as my penchant then and now for pens of colored inks such as pink or purple or neon green she finally gave up reading them. I was already writing fiction by then (making up stories she called it) and so she told me it didn't matter anyway because no one would ever believe anything I said since she had made sure everyone knew what a liar I was.  (Being told I'm lying is still a massive trigger for me - don't do it.  But then again, I'm also scrupulously honest).

When I got married and moved out I continued keeping my journals, and went back to writing normally.  My husband occasionally found them and read them, but he didn't hunt them down so outside of some teasing they were pretty safe most of the time.  Good thing, since I ranted about his abuse until someone finally made me realize it was abuse, not my failure to be perfect for him. I do remember one big fight about something he found in them, which caused me to have a little bonfire in the kitchen with the most recent notebook, but I tore out and saved many pages full of the happy, fun things and only disposed of what I thought he could use against me.

That big box full of notebooks followed me when I left that asshole and I literally sat down and read them through, first to last, during the first few months of my freedom.  I remembered who I was, and who I wanted to be, and couldn't believe who I had become instead.  I set about making that right.

I was also introduced at the time to astrology.  I took Linda Goodmans' Sun Signs and went through twenty years of journals, describing in one word or a short phrase my approximate mood or what was going on for all the dates I had entries for.  I then sat down with an ephemeris and the astrology books and compared what they said I would be experiencing while the moon was in that sign and what I was feeling when the moon was in that sign.  And was won over by astrology through sheer accuracy.  That's why there is always a calendar of the moon's signs handy and I do live by it, set appointments and make plans by it.  It works for me.

Those books were still around when I met my second husband, the amazing man I am with now.  Because he's a good man, he's never had a peek, never wanted one.  But shortly after we married a traveling mishap caused me to lose them all.  We did a lot of traveling, and I had become wary of writing down a personal journal, although I still had notebooks of "cool stuff" - entire boxes full of stuff, I dragged along for years. I still have some, but a number of them succumbed to a damp basement in Nebraska.

And then I was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age.  My hard drives - especially things like the documents and pictures folders, are a nightmare of saved articles, jokes, story ideas, and pretty pictures.  And there are still spiral notebooks floating around, too.  Now they are full of ideas, budgets, bills paid, notes, grocery lists, to do lists and in the last couple of years, in spite of arthritis in my hands, I've started doing more of my writing in plain old fashioned cheap spiral notebooks again.  I learned my lesson about keeping diaries, but I still write down special events and things that happen - usually in a word document.  I filled two spiral notebooks while James was in the hospital last year with pages of his vitals, every doctors opinion, drugs, dosages, effects, and all the other details.  The malpractice lawyers told me they were useless, as did the patient advocates and Medicare investigators but I still have them anyway.  Someday I'll either burn them or go through and make a story out of it. Probably not any time soon. I have some sketch books that I've hauled around for years, too, and they have as many bird field notes and events, dates, and ideas as they do sketches.

So now I have a word for it.  And it's such a good word, I think I am actually going to change the name of this blog from Eclectic Accumulations, to Foovay's Zibaldone because - well, I think it will suit better.  Seldom do I write enough on one subject in the blog for a collection, after all.

Speaking of blogs, I got a notice the other day that my WordPress blog, Foovay's Cauldron,, is five years old.  Not that I've used it much.  The last five years have been a time of a lot of fits and starts and changes of direction.  But I do think I'll start giving it a nice entry now and then, if only because I have some WordPress blogs I follow and sometimes comment on - and WordPress pretty much forces me to sign in with their system.  If those folks try to follow back and read my blog - well, there should be a blog there.  And I've just started blogging on nimue.com.  I like their format, and I think it will be a good place where I can share a photo, an essay, a bird or wildlife sighting, without trying to keep a blog going on each specialized subject like I used to do.

I don't have just one zibaldone book, I have a dozen - here at home in spiral notebooks and sketchbooks and files on the computer, and online in this blog, that blog,and the other site.  What can I tell ya - that's just the way I am.

Pinball machine for a brain.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Thank You Dear Reader

Thank you so much dear readers.  I've been watching as the free books go zooming out to your Kindles, and are followed by purchases.  Thank you so much for your faith and I hope you are finding something to learn, enjoy, or make use of in my books.

Last week was the first of the month - payday for us - and so I haven't accomplished much in the online world as the real world has taken up my time and attention.  I am really proud - and substantially more secure - because we purchased a small freezer that fits in the Firefly.  We then purchased a months worth of food to put in it.  Now I can take a deep breath and relax.  Far too many months in the last year I have reached the end of the month worrying about how I am going to feed the husband that high protein diet tomorrow, or the next day.  Too many months that by the end of the month I am living on two eggs a day (you can do that, by the way) or nibbling on his leftovers.  In addition, I've been able to afford to buy ingredients - you know, the extras you need to take that 12 oz of raw chicken and make it into something wonderful

My husband excels at that.  He loves to cook - and I love seeing him WANTING to cook and WANTING to eat again.  This week he made a delicious red enchilada soup, and tacos!  Yum!

Today the landlord is out front putting in our new gate.  Soon we will have a real fence all the way around the lot.  I'm looking at plants for ground cover and picking out a full sun spot for the vegetable garden.  The Oleanders that came with the place are perking up with a bit of water and love.  I can't wait to see them this summer. I bought some solar powered twinkling lights to outline my "landing pad" so I can back the Firefly in after dark and not hit the tree - again.  (blush)

We made it all through last week without a hitch at the hemodialysis clinic.  Cross your fingers that these good, efficient and effective treatments continue.

So at last it looks as if life will enter a nice, happy routine again.  With the help of my dear readers, I hope to increase our income so that we can eventually do a little more than barely survive.

Life is good.  Thank you for your time and attention.


Summer Foovay

Monday, January 2, 2017

Peritoneal Dialysis Information for Patients, their families, caretakers, relatives, and friends

Yes, at last, it is up and ready to purchase - A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis is now available on the Kindle.  If you wait until tomorrow, it will even be free.

During the many months that my husband has spent in the hospital in 2016 (may that year rest in peace) it came to my attention that only 7% of dialysis patients in the United States are on peritoneal dialysis.  Nurses, CNAs, medical technicians of all stripes, and even some Doctors have no clue what is involved in peritoneal dialysis.  This leads to considerable problems of all kinds from not being able to schedule dialysis treatments properly, not getting the supplies on time, to misdiagnoses by medical technicians unfamiliar with peritoneal dialysis.  (Let me refer you to the great Liver Cancer scare of 2016 - where an ultrasound tech - AND AN ONCOLOGIST misread an ultrasound scan as LUMPS ON HIS LIVER when it was simply leftover fluid (dialysate) from peritoneal dialysis.

Long before 2016 I found myself explaining over and over many of the details of peritoneal dialysis to friends, family, and even casual acquaintances who were not familiar with the treatment and who either did not understand our occasional need to not open the front door or that the supplies couldn't just be piled out in a shed in the back yard.  The event that really stands out is having the police threatening to knock the door down because they could see us inside, but we wouldn't open the door because he was in the process of hooking up to the cycler, All the more annoying because the police were coming to let us know they had checked out our complaint about the neighbors - yoo hoo, guess who it was who called the cops on you? This is a close second to the DOCTOR I had to body block from walking into the hospital room, in spite of the great big sign on the door saying "do not open - dialysis in progress".

So - to say the least - I saw a real need for a simple, quick and easy to read overview of peritoneal dialysis.  Less than the several week long course we took to learn to do the procedure, but enough so that friends, neighbors, and medical personnel who may come into contact with someone on peritoneal dialysis will be able to make intelligent decisions, and understand the needs involved.

Unfortunately the book was not long enough to be published in paperback according to Amazon standards.  I'm not sure it's worth adding three blank pages and having another fight with their cover creator (which consistently creates a cover that does not come up to their standards!!).  But I did want it available in hard copy for those who might not own a Kindle.

I will do my best to keep A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis free as much as I can, and down to 99 cents the rest of the time.  It is also published on Wattpad if you find it cheaper or more convenient to share or read online.

Peritoneal dialysis is more common in almost every other country in the world but I will go ahead and give the links for the countries that most commonly purchase my books as well as the U.S. link.

A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - US
A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - UK
\A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - Canada
A Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis - Australia

One last note - if you have any suggestions or questions about this particular booklet, please do contact me with them.  I will happily go back and revise this one to add anything you think it needs, or correct any factual errors I may have made.  I tried to make sure it was correct and complete, but I'm one little Indie author without a real medical background (vet tech but I hear that counts).

Thanks and Blessedbe

Summer Foovay

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kill Me Now - and one more Free Kindle Book

Something they never tell you when you read and hear about self-publishing on Kindle, is how suicidal you are likely to feel while you are struggling to get Amazon to accept your manuscript, your cover, your picture for the cover, and so on.  I've spent the last two hours trying to publish The Layman's Guide to Peritoneal Dialysis.  With any luck, if I don't give up and hang myself from the big lovely tree outside, it will be out in a day or two, and free a day or two after that.

Meanwhile, I have added one last novel to my freebies for January.  Bloodline is the first novel in an envisioned series about serial killers - a whole multi-generational family of them.  I really worked hard on this novel for several months and in the end all I got were complaints.  It was too complex.  Had too many characters.  The protagonist was stupid.  And I spelled blonde - well, like that - which was acceptable according to my dictionary, but not according to others.  I was so crushed, I haven't publicly been back to the series since.  I took it down and went over it, thinking of a rewrite, taking out characters, simplifying.  Then I read a few books by other authors with even more characters that had me lost in a few pages let alone a chapter or two, and many other books with protagonists so stupid you wanted to smack them with a brick - and those books had lots of gushy reviews and awards.  And I can't really bring myself to rewrite this monster.

Should I go back to it?  Rewrite?  Say, damn the critics and carry on with the series? I do have at least one fan who wants me to do that - she's dying to find out what happens with Jay and Lily.  She's been waiting for about five years to find out.  Sorry.

It isn't like I don't have ten more WIP I could be concentrating on.

And it's taking FOREVER to coax Amazon into printing one little 33 page non-fiction booklet...

Blessedbe and thank you for your time

Summer Foovay

Bloodline - US
Bloodline - UK
Bloodline - Canada
Bloodline - Australia

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