Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kindle Countdown Deal On Peritoneal Dialysis ebook

Peritoneal Dialysis : for patients, caretakers, family, friends, and medical professionals by [Foovay, Summer] From the 24th of September through September 29th of this year (2017) the Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends and family will be on a Kindle Countdown Deal. So if you've been waiting for one of these specials - now is the  time to grab it! Here's the link:

Peritoneal Dialysis for Patients, Caretakers, Friends and Family

I haven't gotten much editing or writing done this week. It's the old end of the month blues and I had to get to Mechanical Turk and earn some ready cash. They did have some great little jobs available though and I earned about $5 for food for next week. One of the local grocery stores is having a great sale, so I'm hoping to add some more to that and maybe get to stock up a little bit on some 2/$1 items we use a lot of. Get the freezer stocked up again!

If you would rather have me editing and writing (so would I!) you are more than welcome to come join me at Patreon. One of the bennies is getting to read my current WIPs and help me pick what to work on next.

Thanks for your time!

Summer Foovay

Thursday, September 21, 2017

peritoneal dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends, family, and medic...

Yes, I finally managed to get everything to work properly and not to say "uh" too many times. Please grant me five minutes of your time to watch this little video about my Peritoneal Dialysis book, and if you can please share, share, share, share share.  Because while I do make a little money on the book, the important thing is to get this information out there to people who need it.

Thank you!

Summer Foovay

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

And this is why...

I have spent most of the last three days trying to create a video for my book Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, friends, family, caretakers and medical professionals. The good news is that I have refined everything I want to say into about five minutes of speech. The bad news is I do not have a completed video to upload. Yet.

But I have to set it aside.

Related imageBecause while struggling to get one of my half ass working devices to make a video, and save it somewhere that I can access it to upload it I have been unable to work on other things. Like putting I Am Pagan up on Wattpad, editing Serendipity for Kindle, or earning the small change I use to buy food and minor needs during the month at Mechanical Turk. I now have less than $1 in my bank account, and I'm going to need eggs and vegetables this week.

Right now, all writing work has to be suspended until I earn some cash.

This is why I set up my Patreon account. Something that might seem so small to many people - $5 or $10 - can buy the little bit of groceries we need for the next week or so. Then I would be free to continue struggling with the video and editing new books for publication. A lot of patrons would allow me to purchase a good computer that would reduce the video struggle to a simple walk in the park completed in the half hour or so it would take to get a take I like where I don't say "um" too much. LOL.

The more books I get out there in the world, the more promotion I can do, the more I will earn from writing. And the less time I spend struggling with half assed technology and making pennies at the Turk.

I've already met my first goal - my first Patron! I'm still really excited about that. My next goal is 33 patrons - which I figure will allow me to let the Turk go and concentrate on writing and all the little promotion and other jobs wrapped around being a truly independent one person show.

Monday the dialysis clinic tried to kill my husband again, and we made the decision to switch to home hemodialysis. So some time after the first of the year, much of my time will be devoted to training to do his dialysis at home. This will also require us to rent a building in which to do his dialysis - because the Firefly simply is not large enough. I'm sure there will be all sorts of expenses as we get that set up. It would be totally awesome for us if I could have a few more books out there earning money, and perhaps some Patrons helping me out so that we are not locked in a financial struggle deciding if we buy the expensive diet he has to have to live, or the medications he also has to have. Not to mention allowing me to use what spare time I do have to write, rather than earning pennies at the Turk.

Books on the Kindle do something really cool for me. They may only earn pennies, but they do it every month whether I am actively doing something with them or not. Some months, I really do need to devote almost every minute to my husbands health, and it's nice to know my books are still out there - hopefully helping or entertaining someone else - and making the little bit of money that is a huge help to us. And maybe between more books out, and the help of my Patrons, I can spend my spare time writing instead of working at MTurk.

Don't get me wrong - you cannot imagine how very grateful I am for the Mechanical Turk. The opportunity to earn up to $20 on a good week without leaving home and using the time that I do have free from other important tasks has been so very good for us. It has truthfully saved our ass more than once!

In fact, I need to get going here if I'm going to get an hour in working at the Turk today before we head out for his dialysis treatment.


Summer Fey Foovay

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Finally - My Patreon Intro Video

I am an introvert. Doing videos SOUNDS great but in practice... Add to that numerous technical difficulties. I mean, I actually made this on my KINDLE and then had to wrestle it onto my desktop and... nevermind. One of the things that really bugs me is I have always, all my life, photographed as much older than I really look and am - and videos are no exception to that rule. And now that I am 58 - well I look to be about 100. We will not even discuss missing teeth. Thus, I coerced Krazy Kat into being my representative. So there, I did it. Patreon highly encourages an intro video - so now I have an intro video.

It was painful. It still is painful. After all this pain, surely someone will sign up to be my newest patron... here, click here. Please. LOL.

Summer Fey Foovay

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Method to my Madness

There is method to my madness.

File:ReeferMadness 04.JPGYes, I am publishing articles from my old website I am Pagan on Wattpad. I am also doing a rewrite and edit on Serendipity, a mystery originally published on Wattpad, in preparation for publication as a Kindle book. And I have opened a Patreon account.

Plans are generally only a map to disaster in my personal experience. I'm having more luck these days with themes. Theme One - some people don't own a Kindle or don't have money for books, or simply like to read on their computer or mobile or whatever on the Internet. They will read my work on Wattpad, and if they can afford it, they will hopefully become Patrons.

Theme Two - Some of us (I'm one) don't really like to read on the PC. Instead we like to read on the Kindle - and those readers will buy my books on Kindle. May I also mention that if you become a Blessed Light patron at Patreon, you'll get a free advance copy of all books that are uploaded to Kindle, plus you will get to read a lot of the background work, short works, research and so on that no one else will see.

In November I hope to do Nanowrimo, and at the same time continue the other two themes. So I will have a book in editing for Kindle, a book serializing on Wattpad (more or less a 2nd draft in most cases), and a new book in first draft being worked on. I'm hoping this will keep me perking along with plenty of work, get some of those old WIPs edited and out, and give me a decent income while I'm at it.

Try not to laugh. Better yet, you could join me on Patreon or on Wattpad and be a part of this grand experiment. You can always buy the end product at Amazon for the Kindle, of course. And now that I have actually survived converting the Peritoneal Dialysis book to paperback, I may be brave enough to try it with new works as they come out.

By the way, did you know the owners never got around to copyrighting Reefer Madness?


Summer Foovay

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tachnology is so great - NOT

2016 was not a good year for us. Hubby was in and out of the hospital all year, and since that wasn't enough for the Universe, it seems like every single thing we owned broke or wore out from the car to the microwave (neither of which we have been able to replace - yet)

That includes my desktop computer, the external hard drive, two get the picture. Bless them, the in-laws gifted me a used computer. BUT -  I had a ton of writing on those computers and the hard drive and all of that is now gone - inaccessible. I don't even have a copy of most of my own kindle books! But worse is losing the WIP, many with a ton of research behind them.

Technology - wonderful - when it works.

So I have been threatening to go back to pen and paper. That's mostly a joking threat, because the arthritis in my hands won't allow me to write for long. I prefer to "save" my hands for drawing and origami.

A couple of days ago, I brought up with my husband the idea of buying a manual typewriter. Something simple that doesn't need electricity and that makes little marks on paper that can then be safely stored somewhere.

Now, this is the man who dragged me kicking and screaming into the computer age in 1999 - when he flat refused to pay $50 to fix my IBM Selectric because we had a perfectly good laptop and printer. I expected considerable resistance.

To my surprise, he agreed that it might be a good idea, and even went Internet surfing to find me a manual typewriter. It looks like about $50 will be enough for a decent manual typewriter. First drafts, at least, will be typed hard copy and then I will transcribe it into the computer - and put the hard copy safely away somewhere. So if the electronics croak - I'll still have a hard copy.

$50 is a lot of money for us, but depending on some other medical costs coming up, we might be able to manage it in October.

Although if I sign up a few more Patrons by then...hint, hint, hint.

In great news I ran onto an old flash drive and it seems to have a number of manuscripts saved on it for editing. I think - I THINK - it has the full first draft of A Tanuki, A Kitsune, and a Coyote Walk into a bar. At the very least I won't have to start over. *doing another little happy dance*

Progress is being made...


Summer Foovay

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Please be patronizing

Normally it infuriates me to be treated in a patronizing manner. But I'll make an exception if by patronizing me it means you've signed up at Patreon to support my writing efforts.

Become a Patron!

I hope to really make a go of this for two reasons. One, of course, is that a nice steady income would free up more of my time for actual writing. Two is actually just as important to me.  I hope to develop a community of people who read my work and enjoy it, who can be a sounding board for me.  Advising me on the next writing project to pursue, helping out with names, and in general helping me to get to know my readers.

Recently I realized that this "branding" thing isn't going to work for me at all. I simply can not fit myself into any restrictive sort of little box, for any reason, and retain my sanity. What I did manage to do was fit myself into my first and Goddess help me, I hope my last ever writers block. I'm coming out of it and one of the first things I'll be doing is UNdoing the "branding".  So while all you see published on my Amazon profile page right now is the kids books and the peritoneal dialysis book, the other books that were taken down are going to be republished.  If possible.

I have a little problem in that one computer full of work died and took all of my works with it.  Then I stored things safely on an external drive.  That died and took all my work, published and unpublished with it. Apparently there may be some hope that some how it can be dredged off of it, but it will cost money I don't have. So there's that.  So what I have is bits and pieces and maybe some in progress saves on a cloud or a flash drive. And then there's the work that was gulped down and disappeared when I dropped my Shakespheare subscription.

Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me to start fresh.

I've been threatening to go back to pen and notebook, or typewriter.  The old fashioned clunky type that makes marks on old fashioned paper.

Now if you would like some input on where I go from here...come join the gang! Please!


Summer Foovay

Monday, September 4, 2017

It's raining MONEY

Back when I was a talented, sexy exotic dancer I had a certain move I made where I did a back bend, lowered myself to the stage and then sat up on my knees.  I often danced with my eyes closed, especially if it was a song I loved on a stage I was familiar with.

In a crowded, beautiful gentleman's club I was dancing to Turn The Page by Bob Seger. The stage was huge and featured a staircase at one end down to a smaller stage.  I had oozed my way down to the small stage and was dancing with my eyes closed,and as I sat up I opened my eyes - to see a literal, actual shower of dollar bills falling from the sky over me.

It was an unforgettable moment.  Even people in the crowd were oohing and ahhing as dollar bills floated down.  When I was totally upright I saw one of our regular customers with a big grin on his face. I know I looked completely dazzled - because I was. His eyes twinkled, and then he retreated to his usual spot by the bar.

Because there was other money on the stage as I finished my set and collected all of the bills, I don't really know how much cash he gathered into his hands and threw in the air over my head but it was quite a bit. When I was ready I went back out into the crowd and found him.  I had to say thank you for that marvelous display!  It was especially surprising because, although he had always been kind to me, and a regular tipper of small amounts, he never said or did anything to make me think he had any special appreciation towards me.

When I tracked him down, he was still smiling - and so was I.  Turned out he had won a substantial amount of money that day - and had always wanted to do that to me someday.  IN his very low key way, he had always appreciated that I had a particular love and talent for dancing and had wanted to show me that he liked my style - and the opportunity came.

So many meditations say imagine being in a shower of money, or money just pouring out of the sky onto you.  I have the great good fortune to actually know exactly what that feels and looks like, and I always look back on the moment with the same sense of wonder.

I felt drawn to share that today.

Thank you, Goddess.  Blessedbe.



And when I wish you peace, I wish that you find peace within yourself.  Then create peace around yourself.  Others who desire peace will find you and surround you. They will share peace with those around them, and spread peace. Only peace can create peace.  War cannot create peace. Peace is spread person to person – like a virus. Infect those you love with your peace!

There will never be world peace.  There will always be people who have incarnated into this reality to experience strife, war, starvation, and suffering. If they are ready for peace, they will find it – perhaps through you. But you cannot force it upon anyone – they have to be ready to accept peace. And then you can help them find it within themselves. 

Summer Fey Foovay

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends Update + What I'm playing now

Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends Update:

Got a male baby from Himespetchi and seriously, not sure who that was. Played the Beautician class in Dream School during childhood and teen years and ended up with:

Mamechi! He is 14th generation and has the screwdriver symbol for robots. His favorite food is Chicken Pie if you want to see his cute little happy dance.  I really love Mamechi but I have spent all week teaching myself to play the Musician class game so, sigh, I'll marry him off today and see who is next!

What I'm playing now:

Online: Nothing, really.  Checking in on Aywas on rare occassions. Fishworld has started emailing me guilt messages that my fish miss me. Fantasy Kingdoms, despite the occasional blip in the Facebook group, still clearly has no support and no updates and I pretty much have everything there that I wanted. However, sent me an email with some very interesting looking games.  Does Steam count as online?

Games I Play on the Desktop Computer: Not much right now.  I've been working a lot during my time with the desktop.  If you didn't know - I live in an RV.  The "desk" is also the table is also the bed. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday my hubby has dialysis and I lose almost the entire day with the desktop since we also drive this RV as our only form of motorized transportation.  (I ride the bike or we walk to do most of our shopping but dialysis clinic is too far to walk and he's often in no shape for it afterwards). I had the good fortune this month to be asked to illustrate a children's book so when I do have the desktop I've been drawing.

That said, I still work in a quick game of Mahjongg now and then and now that the book illustrations are done I'll probably get back to Horse Planet.  I've discovered to my everlasting joy that even when I "finish" the game on this player, it will allow me to put in a new player and start over.  Wheee! I still have a wee bit to finish on Glass Masquerade.  I've been procrastinating because I don't want it to be over! And Bejeweled...always a few minutes to kill now and then with Bejeweled.  I'm infamous for playing Bejeweled while on hold on the phone. I did quit Shadowverse because I plateaued and because one of the character's voices was driving me insane. I still plan to get back to Mage and Minions when I have more time.

Games I play on the Kindle Fire: 

Well, let's just roll down what comes up when I open "Games".  Hungry Shark Evolution is still on top - no big surprise there - and I have also finally spent some time with Hungry Shark World.  My DH figured out how to get it to work on tilt, which is what I'm used to, and now I like it better! I think we can rest assured these two games are a permanent part of my life!

A new addiction is Neko Atsume. Not least because it's easy to switch back and forth between Japanese and English.  So my excuse is it is helping with my Japanese.  Sure.  It's being a crazy old cat lady with a TNR community in your yard - guilt and expense free! Yes, it's a hoot.  If you like cute kitties. And it fits my schedule well.  I can drop by once a day or every hour if I want to, to see what kitties are there, who visited, maybe shop for a new cat toy.  The economy suits me, too.  Which is to say I can put in one dollar real money now and then and have a blast, but I don't have to.

Speaking of a good economy - I've finally gotten Starlight to download and play on my Kindle.  For some reason it took several tries. Starlight is a sim game where you raise moths in the rainforest. Very pretty graphics. I've been playing for close to a month.  It could get boring without the special events.  The economy is good, again, in that I can spend a dollar now and then - but the events make it almost inevitable that you WILL spend a dollar or ten here and there.  I guess that isn't such a bad thing unless your budget is as tight as ours is right now.

I am still playing Horse Haven. There was a moment last week when I thought it was finally going to fail me. The horses began moving oddly, jerky, slow. Then I opened the game and the graphics went completely weird, tiled, pixelated, and I thought - that's it.  The developers have abandoned us for good.  A few hours later, tried again, and everything was perfect - including the horses movement.  So the developers ARE still out there somewhere.  We're never going to get anything new but at least we aren't alone in the world.  The one big complaint I have to say with Horse Haven is the economics.  I recently had a Mythic level Breton hit level 15 (the highest level).  This is a horse you cannot buy, cannot breed unless you achieved the breeders certificate (back when they had those events) and she is worth...69 diamonds.  The least horse in the sale barn is 1000 diamonds. So you can see there is a disparity here. If you are a horse crazy kid who says "Mom, Mom, I need $20 for my game" and Mom gives it to you - you probably don't care or even notice.  If you a po' adult who has to balance the fact that I can buy a weeks worth of groceries with $20 OR ONE HORSE in a GAME...

Ahem.  Sorry.

MiniPets is a game I recently downloaded and then discovered it was one I used to play.  A long time ago.  I'm not sure but I think the device I was playing on stopped working. So I was rather delighted when my old petting zoo was still there and simply jumped right back in.  Again, it is a game I like because I can spend a dollar now and then and go crazy.  Or not and still have fun. It also works for me because I can drop in once or twice a day and make progress.  It is a sim game where you have what I think of as sort of a petting zoo.  Everything from pandas to puppies.  Unlike some sims of that type, you aren't terribly worried about how many people you get to visit your zoo.  Each shop and each animal makes a set amount of money in a set amount of time, so it is more up to you what you want and like.  I kind of like this, to tell you the truth. You can visit neighbors and add friends, or not.  And I like that, too.

A game I deeply regret paying $10 for is Horse Quest Online. The major problem is that I literally end up holding a stylus in each hand in order to move the horse through the game.  There is not much to do, and what instructions there are are very vague.  Seems like the main reason for the game is to get online with your pals, run around as a horse and gossip about each other in chat. And be rude to people you don't know. Bleh.

PetWorld3D made it back onto my radar this month.  I like it because it reminds me a lot of when I used to work with animals for my job.  You go into work in the morning, clean cages, scoop litter boxes, feed, water, and match people up with appropriate pets to adopt.  It is a huge time suck, but you can also ignore it for weeks on end and still come back without losing anything. It would be an ideal sitting in the waiting room game except that it will only play if you are online. I sit and chuckle because I love the noises the guinea pigs make.  Yeah, it's like that. It isn't as free as they tell you it is.  But it can be.  Basically you have to buy every animal up from about the bunny level so if you WANT to have pigs, or horses, you will pay a few bucks.  That said, it's pretty cheap and then you do have pigs forever. So compared to some other games, not really expensive or anything.

Zombies and Trains is another old favorite making a comeback.  I've had some time to kill this month - LOL.  It's one of those games where you have quite a nice variety of ways to smash zombies with trains.  Doesn't take a lot of brains or strategy or skill.  Fast fingers, mostly. Guarenteed to make you laugh, especially if you are waiting for some dumbass clerk to finally pay attention to you and address your issue...

Good grief, I just checked and it has literally been six months since I last wrote one of these.  Well, I'm not a gaming blogger but then maybe that gives you some insight from the more normal human person (and old person) end of the scale.

I am looking into learning game development.  At the moment, because of some other work that came my way, that consists of oogling cool game sprites, installing Unity, and downloading lots of tutorials I then have no time to go through. Hopefully, I'll have something to share with you on that front in less than another six months.


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Finally artists get paid

If you know me personally, or read this blog often, you've heard me rant over and over about how this current world, this system, does not respect creators, does not pay creators.  All the money you spend on buying a CD sinks into the infrastructure and the musician, singer, and songwriter get pennies, the same for a ticket to a concert, a video game CD, and don't get me started on visual arts and stealing or expecting to use art commercially for free.

I know, right?

But tonight I watched this incredibly inspirational talk - and I finally believe that this is all about to change... and you can be part of it.  We can every one of us, be part of it.  How cool is that? 
Now all I got to do is figure out how to get some of that for me...


Summer Foovay

Saturday, August 12, 2017

From Swingers to Polyamorous - How to sex and relationship advice from someone with real life experience

So - He Wants To Swing: How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing by [Morte, Petit]
So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing.

I have never really understood why this little how to sex and relationship book has not taken off. I expected it to at least putter along with a regular amount of sales, like How To Eat Pussy has for a number of years.

Speaking from my own experience, I would really have liked to have this reference back when my first husband told me he wanted to swing, or to have an "open marriage".

Maybe the big problem is that we don't call people who have sex outside of marriage, or their main relationship, swingers any more, do we? Mostly I see them called "polyamorous". But in my humble opinion, that isn't strictly accurate. Polyamorous, at least to my mind implies more of a relationship status - that is, having two or more lovers with whom you have a real relationship as opposed to people you basically only meet up with for sex and little else.

Now that I've said that, looking back the majority of people I have had a swing or polyamorous relationship with have been people I had more in common with than sex.  Sometimes we did meet originally for sex, but developed a relationship over time that was much more of a friendship with benefits.

I have been bisexual and poly as far back as I can remember.  I kid you not, I had two crushes in sixth grade - one on a boy, one on a girl.  Then they became a couple.  I had some rather sexually sophisticated fantasies by the age of 11. Evil grin. Anyway, I've always been attracted more to a personality I like than to any physical characteristic, including sex organs or visible gender. So I suppose I am most likely to fuck my friends.  (A dear friend, and sex partner, many years ago came back with "Of course you fuck your friends.  You wouldn't want to fuck your enemies.")

That doesn't mean I haven't had my share of one night stands, both when I was and was not married or in a committed relationship.  After I divorced the first husband, every one who became involved with me got "the lecture".

I have all the morals of an alley cat.  I will not even attempt to be faithful sexually, although I am very loyal emotionally. Those standards will apply to you as well.  I don't care who you fuck, as long as you know who you love. The one thing I demand is honesty.  There is no need to fuck around behind my back because I don't care if you fuck someone else.  I do care if you lie to me. So just don't lie about it.  Better yet, bring them home and share!

There, I just gave away the most important point in the little book - HONESTY.  It is the one essential thing that makes an open relationship work.

And since I have now been married for 27 years to the same awesome guy, and most of those years our marriage was open (we closed it for a few years by mutual agreement - and then made it open again later) I think I can claim I know how to have a successful, long term, open (or polyamorous if you prefer) relationship.

For the next five days or so, So He Wants to Swing - how to answer your partner when he wants you to swing will be free on the Amazon Kindle.  It actually has a decent ranking on several lists but maybe it will garner an actual review, or wiggle up far enough to be noticed and sell a few copies for the next few months. I may also raise the price.  It is quite understandable, given the quality of many of the 99 cent Kindle books, that no one will buy it at that price because they assume it is barely readable, written by a total illiterate.  I think maybe a lot of people assume any one who was an exotic dancer is by definition an illiterate.

I was an exotic dancer for 15 years - what do you think?  Can I read and write? Actually you would be surprised.  Okay, you can be a total idiot and be a dancer, but you can make a lot more money, and do more with that money, if you have a brain and use it. You might also be surprised to learn that a lot of exotic dancers have advanced degrees.  More than one woman has started dancing to pay for college, gotten her degree, and then found out she makes 3 to 10 times more money dancing part time as she can kissing ass and struggling at a full time job using her degree. Having a brain - she chooses to continue dancing.

Yeah, I know, I should write about all that someday.  I will.  So many creations trying to get out of my brain, only so many hours in the day.

Below are the links to the little sex how to book about polyamory, or swinging, or open marriage, whatever you want to call it for most of the countries who buy my books.


Summer Foovay

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - U.S.A.

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - U.K.

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - Canada

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - Australia

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Checking in with Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends

I finally gave in and married Butterflytchi off to (I think) Yumepapatchi.  He reminded me of Harry Potter, and he kept showing up at the Music Cafe for lunch.  I couldn't resist.

The resulting child was a female, 13th generation.  As a child and teen we only went to Beautician class - and the resulting adult is Himespetchi, who loves robots.  She has a symbol next to her name that looks like a baseball bat to me, but I guess it is actually a screwdriver to work on your robots with. I've had her before, but I like her, so that's okay.

By the way, her favorite treat is the choco heart.  If you feed it to her she'll do a happy dance.

No new jewelry sprang out at me at her birth. (Sigh) And I just checked the Tamamori Shop and there's nothing new for sale. I've settled for knowing there are some things I will never open because they require X number of friends and love bumps and since I seem to own the only Tamagotchi Dream Town Friend in all of Las Cruces, NM (as far as I know) there's no way I can overcome that.

In Dream Town Himesptchi has a big crush on Mametchi, and to tell the truth I'm pretty fond of him myself.  If I can arrange a marriage for them by this weekend, I'll do it.

So the skill thing seems pretty weird.  Beautician class gives you a robot engineer? Performer class gets you a pet groomer? I guess the next child will be going to Musician class - if I can manage to get any kind of score on it.  Anyone else have anything to add?

Have fun!

I downloaded a couple new games yesterday, and I'm probably past due so I'll try and get some "what I'm playing now", what I'm reading now, etc. posts up this week.


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My New Facebook Memes

Anyone who follows me on Facebook may have noticed yesterday and today a couple of bright shiny new memes on my timeline - like this one. Please, do share them all you like.  I will be putting up an album of them so they are there for you.

Image may contain: text, outdoor and waterI used to go to Facebook to be cheered up by the humourous memes, funny and inspirational videos and on and on. Most of the time now, I'm on Facebook four hours three times a week. That's right, if he is on dialysis I am on Facebook, and that's because we chat on Facebook messenger.  He is not allowed to have a phone or a family member or any contact with the outside world while he is in the dialysis chair.  It's like prison only worse because he is actually confined to a single chair and unable to move one arm without getting permission from a nurse or tech who are dashing madly around trying to take care of too many patients at once. So we chat on messenger and then he can reach me if the doctor visits and he needs to pass on information and get any questions from me, or if he is not feeling good, or if he needs something I can bring from the Firefly. About once a week he assures me the ambulance that just pulled up to the clinic sirens screaming is not for him.

Other than that, I don't generally spend a lot of time at Facebook any more.  This is because since Trump got in office, my timeline is a never ending litany of depression and misery and fear as he shreds everything I ever cared about or loved about this country. When Bush won his second term, I was actually barred from watching or reading news by my husband. Not that we generally do that sort of thing - but he couldn't stand seeing me so upset all the time.  Trump is worse than Bush and hubby is borderline ready to bar me from news again.  For my own emotional health. The problem is of course, barring me from Facebook is not actually possible or even reasonable.

So instead, for my own sake but also for all my very dear friends on Facebook, I have determined to do what I can do to lighten the atmosphere there. It's mostly pointless to share the "what did that fuck do today" memes since I've pretty well eliminated everyone who hated Obama, or who thinks Trump is ordained by God to lead us from my friends list for my own mental health.  So I'm preaching to the choir and if they want to know what he's done today, someone is bound to tell them.

So what I am going to do is post a daily meme that is pretty with a happy quote or an inspirational or uplifting affirmation or message.  Something positive.

Now I won't lie - I'm sure I'll still also share information about the extermination of the wild horses, because I think there are many people totally unaware of that going on. I'll probably post news items from my Native American news because those stories often are not covered by mass media. I feel like if I can bring that bit of news to 647 people, give or take, who might read and think and share again, well that's a public service of sorts. Hubby and I share stuff back and forth, needless to say. I'll always share things like when my books are free or I publish something new or blog posts, stuff like that.

But, yeah, this one little thing I will do.  It would be awesome if I could make a few hundred people have a happy thought or a smile once a day - wouldn't it?

Pass it on...

If it happens that somehow you aren't a friend of mine already on Facebook, here I am.


Summer Foovay

Monday, July 31, 2017

Thank you

Thank you to every single one of you who reads a blog post, or buys or borrows a book on the Kindle. You help us more than you will ever know.  That money rolled on in today - and we are on our way to the grocery store.  I only hope that something I have written or created makes as great a contribution to your life as you have made to mine.


Summer Foovay

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends Update

Girl. 12th generation. Performer classes only as a child and teen and I got Butterflytchi.  Like Monakatchi, she has the scissors symbol by her name and both of them are listed as pet groomers on the poster, so I'm going to take a wild guess that the scissors means their skill is pet grooming.

Next week I'll try Beautician class and see who shows up.  If I can bear to let go of Butterflytchi who I find adorable!

Bad Reviews

Ever since I first started posting reviews, on my blog, on any social networks, on Amazon, I've rarely posted a bad review.  If I really dislike a book, I generally set it aside, delete from my Kindle and cloud and figure, it's just not to my taste.  Maybe someone else will like it better. After all, I am an author and I know how much a bad review can hurt your heart, let alone your pocketbook.

Of course, now we have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of talented new authors bravely throwing their work out there on the Kindle self publishing platform.  So many new books I could never hope to sort through and read them all. So I've subscribed to a few of those book newsletters that send you lists of books that are free or discounted with a blurb about how wonderful they are and I've been picking up some books on the Kindle guided by those blurbs and the glowing Amazon reviews that go with them.

Boy, have I been disappointed!  I thought that Amazon had tamed the purchased five star review market and it was now safe to skim some reviews and make a book purchase.  Instead it seems as if the more glowing and hyperbolic the review, the worse the book.  This isn't something I've noticed on one occasion.  I'd ignore it.  No, this is over and over and over again, I buy a book with glowing reviews and a chapter or two into it I am thinking... did this person not even run spell check on the rough draft before they published it?

Actually, I'd ignore some misspelled words or bad grammar.  It's story inconsistencies I can't stand.  Bad writing. Or what I consider bad writing, anyway.

This isn't one novel out of five, again, something I'd ignore. In fact, I'd be inclined to ignore two of five, or three of five, but five of five?

And all of them with glowing reviews, comparing them to work by the finest writers of the past and present.

It got so bad, I've deleted so many books in the last month, for such egregious bad writing, that I really felt like there should be a warning light in the darkness. That someone in those pink clouds and rainbows, ought to turn on the lights and say - this book sucks because...

It finally outweighed my personal (strong) morals against giving bad reviews.

So I posted three bad reviews of the worst offenders I've read in the last month or so.

Today I got a reply from one of the authors.  He attacked me personally in the review, saying I go around trying to write mean reviews and it's obviously my thing from looking at my reviews, because my review is the only bad review and many other people wrote great reviews. (And I think - yeah, I wonder how you guys manage that - tame reviewers, paid reviewers, maybe just reviewers with lower standards...I'll say that many of them repeat the same key phrases over and over...)

Which tells me he only went back three reviews, because prior to that, of course, I gave only good reviews.

I stand by my review.  The book, in my humble opinion - and I have a right to one, is awful. But at the same time - this started my day off on the wrong foot.  I mean, I'm sorry.  I'm an author.  I know it hurts like hell to get a review like that. On the other hand, I am a reader.  I am sick to death of buying books that have glowing reviews and then finding out they are awful. There goes an hour or two of my life I'll never get back. I could have been doing the laundry or something useful. If I had skimmed the reviews and seen there were a number of one stars, I would have read a couple of them and concluded this person isn't the next master of thrillers. And saved my money and time. And considered the reviewers who gave the one stars good people - thanks for saving me from a bad book.

While I was answering the authors reply, my husband and I were talking about some political things that are going on. Pretty negative stuff in our opinion. It seems as though almost everything online and in the news is really negative lately.

Our life, on the other hand, is actually finally going well.  Life is good. The fact my husband is alive is good - but beyond that he is getting better every day.  He's even gaining some weight back.  I'm on kind of a roll in my personal life, too. Doing a lot of origami and artwork, gaming, learning game development (!) and in general enjoying a good life. After the last couple of years of insane drama, it's very nice and quiet.

So this whole business of bad kindle books with glowing reviews, giving a bad review because a book is really so awful I feel readers should be warned, and being reminded how painful that is for a writer who, no doubt, poured their soul into this book, the whole situation....I don't need it. It's all negative. Yes, I love to read and it honestly makes me upset to start reading a book I was looking forward to because of the reviews, and find it terrible.

It doesn't help any of these dear indie writers that I also hit a great hard copy book sale a few weeks ago and I now have a shelf full of REAL John Grisham, Marcia Mueller, J.D. Robb, and my favorite Dean Koontz to read. The contrast is not very flattering to the indie writers.

I hearby excuse myself.  I'm cancelling my subscriptions to the book newsletters. I'm deleting pretty much everything I've bought in the last six months. There's been a couple of real finds - I reviewed them - that were outstanding and I will probably concentrate my limited budget on buying up the rest by those authors.  Maybe I'll do a blog post on each of those authors, as penance! They deserve whatever kudos I can throw their way both to encourage them and to remind us readers that there are some good ones to be found.

Someone else with a stronger heart, or a greater tolerance for negativity and bad writing can be the lighthouse who posts honest reviews in a pile of promotional bullshit. I've got better things to do.

Too bad though.  This stuff is burying and destroying what I dreamed the self publishing market could have been for good, indie authors. Just like the political negativity is burying the cute kitten videos and positive, supportive community I dreamed social media could be.

Maybe human beings simply aren't the shining lights of spirit I dreamed they are.  Maybe we simply cannot bear the sunshine and would prefer to bury ourselves in dung.

Now I'm really depressed.  I'm going to go fold some pretty flowers.


Summer Foovay

Link to all of my reviews, if you're interested. I just counted, three recent one star reviews, and the rest on this page are four or five stars except for one mediocre 3 star and a game that I gave a one star to. Even the freaking product reviews are good.  LOL.

Monday, July 17, 2017


All In Red (Mistress Beka Sex Stories Book 3) by [Morte, Petit]That ought to get me a click or two.  Chuckle. For the next few days one of my sex stories, All in Red, written under my pen name of Petit Morte, will be free. I have a lingering fondness for the stories involving Mistress Beka and Litha, a dom/sub relationship between two women.  The truth is - they are love stories. With a little twist, it's true.  But it is Litha's pleasure to be a servant to Mistress Beka, and the Mistress's pleasure to have such a servant to love and spoil - and to give exquisite pain to. 

I'm a pervert.  Sue me.

And as stuck up and perfect and straight and vanilla as you may pretend to be, my sex books sell best, sell with no advertising, no reviews, and sell and sell and sell and sell.  So I'm thinking someone else out there likes these stories, too.

I know I don't appeal to the silly sex starved housewife market - but people who have actually had sex once or twice in their life with the lights on enjoy my books.



Summer Foovay

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Quick Update on the Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends

Seemed like ten seconds after I made the last post the Tamagotchi announced he was growing into adulthood.

Boy.  Performer classes only as a teen (can't recall what classes I did when he was a child - wasn't paying attention then) turned into Monakatchi and I got a "Ring of Nature"! So I'm not sure if this is because he is Generation 11 or what. His parents were Kuchipatchi and Coffretchi, in case that has any bearing.

Comments welcome!

It's a beautiful rainy day here in New Mexico.  Chihuahua desert monsoon season. I plan to be lazy and play all day. Maybe a post later on "what I'm playing now".


Summer Foovay

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend Notes

Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town Package
Oh yes, I dropped everything and snatched one of these up the second they came out.  I dearly loved my old Tamagotchis and played with them until my boy genius husband could no longer get them to work.

Currently, my Tamagotchi (mint leopard pattern) is on a generation 11 teen (Cosmotchi).  The last adult I had was a repeat of Coffretchi, who is probably my least favorite adult. The adult before her was also a repeat. So in 10 generations I had two adults repeated, which made me wonder if the other adults have to be unlocked somehow. A little research and I learned that this incarnation of the Tamagotchi has "skills".  Which adult you get is determined by what classes you attend most as a child and teen at the Dream School.

So, not knowing that and liking variety - I have been attending ALL seven classes on a daily basis.  This apparently gets me a random adult. Again with - but two of the SAME random adults? Hmmm.  But with that said, I am now sufficiently curious to work my way through each class on a focused basis and see which adults go with which classes.  I'll post the results here and probably on the Tamagotchi Wiki for other addicted players.

A brief update on what I am up to right now might be in order. I am taking a break from writing except for when some brilliant idea has me leaping out of bed at 4 am and running to find paper and pen.  In other words, more or less back to normal there except I'm making no effort to do anything beyond slap down the words in my head and go back to sleep.  I am folding some origami (tosses bright colorful paper animals and flowers into the air for anyone who wants them). And as luck would have it, the incredibly talented McCullonough Ceili wrote and asked me to illustrate and make puzzles for some more of her delightful childrens stories, so I'm working on that as best I can.  It's slow because the gifted computer I am so grateful for is a Windows 10 machine, my tablet is compatible only up to Windows Vista, and my drawing program is equally out of date so everything is a bit glitchy and bitchy and doesn't always do quite what I tell it to do.  It would take about $300 minimum to really put me back into the digital art business. We have more important needs.

On the dialysis front - we have remembered that our house is on wheels. We are currently researching and seeking a dialysis clinic that is better rated by Medicare/Medicaid.

Yeah yeah yeah everyone told us they are all the same - except that the one he is at has a "less than expected" survival rate, and there are many with "as expected" or even "better than expected" survival rates. I can't help but think there has to be a difference. So I think maybe this is like the "everywhere in the world sucks, just like this place, so why move" philosophy so common in the U.S. Which our experiences have proven to be so very wrong.

You can find sucky things about any place.  You can find great things about any place. And most of all, you might think one place sucks that I find a great place, and someplace I think is great, you might think sucks. All depends on what makes your life great or sucky.

Yes, we are two of the best people on earth at making the best of whatever life hands us.  But we also have no inhibitions about picking up and going someplace we think we might like better when the time comes.  

And I think the time as come. I feel we have more than given this clinic a chance to prove they are not incompetent, lazy liars who blame everything on the patient or lie straight to your face. When any one says "oh, your clinic will do that for you" or "your clinic has to arrange that for you" it makes me cringe and feel like crying because if there is one thing this clinic won't do, it's lift a finger or a phone receiver and make a phone call.  And if they do, they'll give us the wrong appointment time, wrong doctors office, or wrong directions to the office. And then say the mistake is our fault. So yeah, I am sure there are better places to be.
Anyway.  End Rant.  The trip and/or move will not be happening real soon.  Unlike the "old days" we can't just toss the basics in the back of the car and head west. We are still recovering financially from the last two years of chaos.

But that's where I'm at right now.  Drawing.  Folding. Reading. Playing games. Working on getting and keeping the husband's health stable.  Keeping myself fit and losing a couple kilos. Improving my income. The themes of 2017.  And how the hell did this year get more than half way over already?

For some reason I have people writing me asking for reviews lately.  I don't really like doing reviews on that basis for starters. It makes me uncomfortable when I hate the book. I'm a writer, too, and I never want to post a bad review so I'm really stuck when I'm trying to tactfully say, wow, that sucked. And some of those who write seem to be reading my blog (miracles never cease) so let me point out what most people already know about me - I hate romance.  Please don't ask me to read and review romance.  Too many other things to do in my life.  And you couldn't pay me enough. If you did, you wouldn't like what I had to say ;)

Don't let the name fool you.  I'm a man.


Summer Foovay

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I have successfully convinced myself I will never publish again

I really screwed up this time.  I thought I was doing what was right, but as usual, it was the worst thing I could ever have done.

Once upon a time I was happily writing away with tons of ideas and scenes and characters I couldn't wait to visit.  I had good reviews, ugly reviews, and on a good month I sold three whole books!!!!!  Golly.  A person could make money at this - and enjoy it!

And that is when I fucked up royally.  I started reading all about how to promote my books, sell books, and from there into how to write books that would sell, then how to write books.  How to mash whatever story was in your crazed imagination into a genre that readers would recognize and buy, buy, buy.  How to force your free form story into a rigid structure that would sell, sell, sell because readers are clearly so stupid they have to be spoon fed carefully in a certain order exactly what they expect.  What, are you all autistic or something? 

I read all about how to write a blog and post comments and mention articles about the subject you write about if you write non-fiction.  Since my only non-fiction is about dialysis, and I read more of the latest up-to-date information on dialysis than any nephrologist or dialysis nurse I've ever met, I figured I could do that. I am forever telling them about new research or a new drug that they never heard of and don't give a shit about because it isn't on their companies syllabary anyway. Why not inflict that on all three of my blog readers, too? Yeah! Maybe I could do something good in the world. (And then I learned that peritoneal dialysis likely was the base cause of hubby almost dying last year. They could have stepped in earlier and prevented it getting that far - but where's the profit in that? So I've lost the faith, so to speak, in that methodology and am now questioning if I want to promote it.)

But sadly, the world of the Internet has changed and since I am not writing at the Huffington Post or The Info Wars, who gives a fuck? You couldn't find a blog post of mine if you searched with the post title, the blog title, and my exact name.  We are all freaked out that the corporations are going to take away the Internet freedom?  Wake up people, it's a done deal.

Oh yeah, I forget.  I should have a mailing list of millions so I can beat the hell out of their inbox every single fucking day with inane shit and buy, buy, buy my book and thanks if you did, forward this to your friends and give me their email, too, so I can beat on them until they buy.

I read extensively.  Fiction, non-fiction, everything I can get my hands on. I've read so many "Indie" Kindle books that are backed by some "let us publish and promote your book" company who probably charged the author thousands while propping up their ego and not mentioning that the book was AWFUL. Barely literate.  Read like they were written by a four year old. Whose first language was not English. But I guess they did follow the plot structure laid out by blahblahblah in their book madomadmado.

But they had 1000 5 star reviews, were featured in every single newsletter and on Facebook, and on Twitter, and every place else they could shove it up your nose. Gushy reviews from paid reviewers on book websites. While Amazon is removing reviews a real indie author without a big budget might have gotten by giving a copy of their book away. (By the way, I never got any of those anyway - I could never figure out how to give a book away unless I bought a copy and I cannot afford it)

The days of simply writing a good book and hoping someone reads it are gone.  I figured out the other day that my chances of one of my good novels being discovered is approximately the same as purchasing a lottery ticket and winning the MegaMillions.  Actually, I may have a better chance at the MegaMillions jackpot.  Especially since I took down all my really good novels, because none of them fit the mold and I had to choose a BRAND and then I could only write one kind of book for that BRAND and would have to create an entire extra persona for each type of book I might write because apparently readers are too stupid to deal with the idea that someone might write a mystery AND a literary novel  AND sex AND childrens books AND Non-fiction. Because you know, writers are too stupid to have knowledge of more than one subject and more than one step by step book formula.

And it would be just as random as winning the lottery. I mean, some of the GARBAGE I've read that had a bazillion stars and gushy reviews.  Well, I take that back, I don't really read past the first few pages anymore. So many books, so little time. And I still want to read through all of Dean Koontz back catalogue.  Now that man can WRITE.

Anyway, it's very clear to me that quality of writing, a good story, has little or nothing whatsoever to do with landing on the best seller lists, or recommended titles, or whatever. I used to think that in the end the readership would thin out the herd of wannabe Indie writers. But I've come to see that "readers" like "voters" are sheeple led by the corporate overlords, without ever seeing the puppet strings that lead to their facebook page or inbox and what ads they see or do not see. So rather than the good writers eventually rising to the top, the flood has only elevated the flotsam and jetsam of the debris to the surface while threatening to drown the reader with sheer volume. No wonder people just read whatever Amazon is advertising that day.

Every single person who is teaching you how to write says you have to write every single day. Two hundred words, one thousand words, an hour, eight hours, and you have to crank out book after book in boilerplate style, each one exactly like the others with only the character names changed because otherwise you confuse your readers.  Because readers are so stupid, I guess. And because the way to get rich is to have a huge back list of identical books to read.  Preferably in a series.

Now I've never written every day.  I'm more of a binge writer.  I get a great idea and I cannot let it go until it is all down on the page.  I can write 10,000 words in a day and not write for a month, then write 10 or 20 or 30K more.

But conventional wisdom is every single day.  Two hundred a day. Like a hammer pounding a nail into my coffin. For the first time in my life, I had writers block.  In 55 years I have never not had a million ideas swirling around struggling to pour out of my head. But now they all stand back, no one willing to jump off that cliff and bounce all the way down the jagged rocks of self-criticism and doubt, so they can land at the correct slot at the bottom or be twisted and turned and mauled until they fit.

I literally rolled a dice to pick a WIP - one of many.  Then I sat down and did background, world building, character sheets, and even a pantser friendly plot.  I've written 3000 words of the most boring, depressing, uninteresting crap I have ever written in my life. It's horrible.  I hate it.  I cannot face trying to fix it or go on with it.  This was a story that was once over 30K only halfway done that I loved and couldn't get enough of.  If it was on paper I'd burn it now.

If I could bring myself to publish it, I guess it would sell?

I have successfully learned to be so severely self critical I can no longer write at all. I am miserable. I am slipping rapidly into depression and PTSD flashbacks about how worthless I am.  How weird I am.  How different I am.  How much everyone in the world detests and hates me because I am different. Given our current political climate where different means you should be beaten to death by the police as the crowd cheers - well, it doesn't help any. And I seem to have moved to a place where most of the people around me think I am SO WEIRD and worse, a mean, horrible interfering bitch who actually expects people to DO THEIR FUCKING JOB CORRECTLY - which apparently is not politically correct nowadays.

No, I am not suicidal.  Please don't write me about how BAD I made YOU FEEL because you couldn't HELP me by calling the authorities and turning me in as suicidal! How dare I post something that made you think I was so miserable.  Oh, yeah, and you who sent me that message.  Go fuck yourself. I never once mentioned suicide. What, people cannot be unhappy in your sparkly little world?  After all, there's a pill for that! So sorry!

So.  I'm done. No more self promotion.  No more sharing hopeful and true stories about dialysis since the establishment wants you to think it is a life of misery and wallowing in self pity, until the miracle kidney transplant turns the world into rainbows and unicorns. I will not follow that party line - because is it a dead ass lie and like many lies in the medical world, meant only to enrich doctors, hospitals, and drug companies while causing more misery and suffering than they alleviate.

And I can't write fiction.  At least not right now. And if I did write anything, I sure as fuck would not publish it.  Under any name.  Because it won't follow the party line on fiction and genre either, and I can't pay a shit load of money to someone to "help" me promote it, only to still make the same pennies a month.  I really cannot waste any money at this point in my life on dead end, pointless shit. And I really don't know if I want to waste any time on anything that isn't ever going to make me any money that is so much effort for no return.

I can't even write porn.  I've read that "erotic romance" stuff and it turns my stomach.  It is so badly written that even the sex scenes are painful for someone who has actually HAD sex a few times - with other people even. And the reviews of my work is *gasp* it's Yes, dear, a dick, is a cock, is a penis - not his staff of light or his magic wand and your's is a vagina, pussy, or cunt, but certainly not your "lady parts" going all "tingly" at the sight of his six pack abs. (Turns and vomits into a pan) And my characters actually LIKE sex, so they don't have to pretend they fell madly in love and knew he was their one and only the moment they laid eyes on him so that it is okay to actually have sex an hour later because they are soul mates. Or because the oogabooga magic forced them to. My characters go, hey, sexy, wanna fuck? And the other one says, sounds like fun.  And then they fuck.  And it's fun.  And they part and go on with their lives.  Unless it was so much fun they want to do it again some time.

2 of the 3 blog readers I might have just fainted. And called me a promiscuous whore when they woke up. Yes, I am different.  Weird.  And everyone hates me for it.  My cruel, abusive, psychopathic mother was right after all. (Cue more flashbacks)

So I'm going to go fold some origami.  I'm thinking about picking up the supplies to make cute little bead animals again. I'll leave them here and there where someone can find them and maybe pick them up with a smile (since they don't realize the weird awful person they stare at every other day made it).  I'll feel like, hey, I brought a little beauty and maybe a little smile into the world.

Because I can't write any more.  There is no joy left here.


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Too much power in too few hands - in dialysis clinics as well as our government.

Much of what is wrong with this country right now is due to too much power being in the hands of too few people - or companies.  Companies are free to be more merciless than actual people because, of course, there is no one person (with a conscience we hope) to place responsibility on. So if you complain, or sue, it's "policy" set by the "shareholders" or some "committee" and there is no recourse.  

Corporations wield a disproportionate amount of power in our government.  Their money, one way or another, purchases the representation they want.

Two corporations, DaVita and Fresenius, between them, provide 70% of the dialysis in the United States. 

Back in the 70s a group of physicians, tired of watching their kidney failure patients die for lack of money for dialysis, went to Congress.  Medicaid was expanded to cover dialysis 100%.  I think this needs to be done for every chronic disease, from cancer to fibromyalgia, but please do not hate people with ESRD simply because they do have the near universal medical coverage every single American ought to have. Because there's a dark side to it that I'm about to tell you about.

So - dialysis is big business.  We (via our government) pay about three times as much per treatment in the United States as in any other developed country. The same treatment, with the same machine, the same supplies, as they get in the other countries - generally even from the same two corporations; DaVita and Fresenius.

The care we receive for that big payment is dismal. I am thoroughly disliked at my husband's dialysis clinic, because we monitor every treatment, every change, every prescription.  We ask questions, and we do not hesitate to call the ESRD Network with complaints.  And, of course, you can see there are many blog posts here about the poor care he receives. When I spoke to other medical professionals, other patients and their caretakers, I am told that pretty much all dialysis clinics are the same - or worse.

Part of the reason for that dismal care is that dialysis patients are being treated by people with a high school diploma and a few weeks in clinic training.  They are getting a little bit over minimum wage. They have (maybe) one RN on duty and that one highly trained person is responsible for watching over, well, I don't know how many - 20 or more patients at a time I suspect.  (Yes, it's true that some of the technicians have far more than that basic training, or have come to dialysis from other specialties.  Some of them care deeply about doing their job with respect, compassion and kindness.  Some of them are there for a paycheck.)

Those dialysis technicians work ridiculous shifts.  Most recently, I was given to understand that our techs were scheduled for three 17 hour shifts in a row so that the company would not have to pay them any overtime.  Over the Memorial Day weekend. So we are talking about people who haven't seen their family for three days, who have eaten their meals at the break room table, who have clearly had less than eight hours of sleep - watching over a machine that sucks the blood out of someone and puts it back in - watching over half a dozen or more patients at a time. Sure, they got several days off afterwards - after all, they can't make any overtime! This holiday weekend aside, many times I've been told technicians are work 12 hours or more in a single shift.  They work until 10 pm and then are expected back at 4 am to open for a new day, a new 12 hour shift. In six months, we have seen an incredible turnover rate.  The best techs give out and quit first. This is not a quality lifestyle for anyone!

Not surprisingly, during this holiday weekend, a mistake was made in my husbands treatment.  I complained.  It was corrected at the next treatment.  How many other mistakes were made?  For people whose families don't monitor their treatments as closely?  These mistakes take days off that patients life expectancy.  They cause untold misery.

California has a state bill in process to address some of these concerns.  It would force the clinics to be reasonable about the hours their employees work.  To improve the patient: technician ratio so patients get more of the attention they need. And for more frequent inspections of the dialysis clinics.  Right now, dialysis clinics are inspected less often than nursing homes.

Fresenius and DaVita claim this bill endangers patient care.  How, pray tell, can a more alert, well trained, less stressed out medical technician taking care of fewer patients at one time going to endanger anyone?  Far the opposite I would think.

I tell you what it does endanger.  It endangers the enormous profits these companies are making.  Take a look at their financial reports.  Glance at any stock market website and see what a great investment dialysis companies are.

DaVita has FIRED four employees for speaking out in favor of this bill.  Oh, they claim that these four employees - one of them considered a model employee of 16 years - all suddenly, on the same day, committed something so egregious they had to be fired immediately.  They sure did - they spoke out about what goes on in those clinics.

The patients are afraid to speak out.  They are afraid of in-clinic retaliation.  I can tell you I, personally, have been retaliated against for my constant complaints. My husband lives in fear that the people who stab him with two large needles every other day, who suck all the blood out of his body and put it back - might retaliate against him.

And now the employees themselves will be afraid to speak out.  They see what's going to happen if they do.  They will be fired. Like all of us - they need that job.  Some of them, the best of them, have a great deal of time put into specialized training for their job.  And if they get fired from a DaVita clinic for speaking out, do you think a Fresenius clinic will hire them? Do you think any dialysis clinic will hire them again? So what do they do with all that education - go to work at McDonalds and hope that will cover their bills? No doubt they have a family to support, too.

This is because there is too much power, in too few hands. And the motivation is not care, compassion, or improving lives.  The motivation is the highest profit possible from people's suffering and desperate need.

Speaking as a family member of someone on dialysis - if California passes that bill, we may move to California.

But, really, that bill needs to be in Congress.  That law needs to be a national law.

Adequate medical care is not too much to ask for in this most rich and developed nation.

Nuff said.


Summer Foovay

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump decides to kill the last of our wild horses - and I'm glad

The Washington Post reports that Trump's budget cuts the money for wild horses and changes the law to allow them to be euthanized or sold at auction. Click here to see the video and story.

When I first saw this I was freaked out, angry, depressed, and nearly in tears.

And then I thought about it for a bit.

And now I am glad.


Maybe you know the story of how the buffalo was saved.  It was not saved by the U.S. government.  It was saved by a handful of ranchers, who saw that the wild buffalo herds were almost gone.  They bought, caught, and gathered all they could and preserved them on their own land.  That's right.  American people saved the buffalo.

It was a good many years later before the zoos, researchers, and government people went "Oh damn, the buffalo are gone! We should SAVE them!" and then those ranchers said, "'Bout damn time.  Here, have a few of mine."

So this bill will allow the unrestricted sale of captured wild horses at auction.  No more adoption papers, inspection, one horse at a time, only once every two years.  All that bereaucratic crap did not keep Mustangs from going to slaughter.  It meant they went to warehousing ranches who got paid to keep them (money), it meant that oddly enough certain people seemed to be allowed to adopt tens or hundreds of horses at once, without inspection, and were unable to prove where those horses were two years later (money). It meant that horses were rounded upon State land, or Forest land, or tribal land, and because it wasn't BLM land those horses could be auctioned off at the public (slaughter) auction to raise money for the tribe or government.

I hope this goes through.  And I hope the horse rescuers, the horse rescue associations, the ranchers and American people who care about wild horses will fundraise and gather up their pennies and get themselves to those auctions.  They only have to bid against the meat man for these untamed animals - so say $1 a pound or less for smallish horses.

And WE will save those wild horses and give them homes where they can live out their lives in freedom or the next closest thing we can provide. 

In fact, my biggest worry is that we can get this done ASAP. 

Because I bet you money that the next step is shooting them from airplanes. Why round them up when you can slaughter them on sight?

Please, please prove worthy of my hopes.

Summer Foovay

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In clinic Hemodialysis ABUSE - Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief.[1][2]

Or as I call it - telling lies on me.  This is a form of abuse that can be used by a narcisstic individual - or by a company or organization.

In this case, Fresenius Medical Clinic #4670 in Las Cruces, NM has now done this to us twice.

They changed his appointment time.  They did not inform us of that change.  Because we are consistently EARLY for his appointments - we are actually "on time" for the "new time" which is moved up by twenty minutes or so. Thus it is weeks before we discover we are "always late" - by then they can say "oh, you are ALWAYS LATE." and it is OUR fault (according to them).

Then one day we come "on time" (we think) and are told we are LATE.  This is the first time we are ever informed that our appointment time has been changed.  We are told we are 'ALWAYS LATE' when in fact, our appointment time was moved forward by twenty or thirty minutes - and apparently because we are actually always early, we are not informed for several weeks.

In fact, we still were not informed except that I ask for the print out from the dialysis machine - and it was noted in his records that he was LATE and thus the treatment time was "adjusted" (CUT down from his prescribed time). We were not told this information at any time. We would have never known he was "always late" if we did not get the print out and read the technicians notes.

When I called today and asked for his actual appointment time, I got an argument, and then they finally checked the "master list" and gave me the new time. They insisted this was his "usual time" - so at some point in time in the last two months his appointment was moved up from 3:20 pm to 2:50 pm AND WE WERE NEVER INFORMED OF THIS CHANGE.

This is the second time this clinic has moved our appointment time, and not informed us of it.  Then blamed us for being "late".

The first time they moved our appointment for dialysis forward by twenty minutes, and did not tell us - when we were finally "late" a tech stepped out and yelled at me in front of a room full of people about how I "always bring him late" and it is all my fault his treatment is cut short because we are "always late".

If you change the appointment time, and do not tell either the patient or the caretaker for WEEKS then, big surprise, they are liable to be late for the appointment time they are NOT AWARE OF. 

And then the clinic shrugs, says, patients are always late or skipping treatment and that's why they are sick.  It is the patients fault or the caretakers fault they are late all the time.  It certainly could not be the clinics fault for changing appointment times without telling the patient or their caretakers the new appointment time. I guess we are supposed to somehow have ESP and know they have changed the time.

We are not alone.  I see this constantly.  People waiting for hours - because they arrived for what they thought was their appointment time - then were told it was two hours later, or two hours earlier, and they are late, or early.  Whatever.  It is always the patient's fault.  And then the patient is labeled uncooperative.  See the previous blog post for what happens after you are labeled.

When I complained to the ESRD Network, I did get a very quiet and private apology from the clinic manager for "forgetting" to tell us, for several weeks, that our appointment time had been moved up.  I never received any acknowledgement or apology for the very public screaming at me for "always bringing him late" and the clinic manager expressed amazement that I wanted such.  I was screamed at and humiliated in public, and apologized to very quietly in private.  But I am in the wrong to want a public apology.

This is simply part of this hemodialysis clinic culture that it is ALWAYS the patients fault, or ALWAYS the caretakers fault.  NEVER the clinic's fault.

If the clinic changes his appointment time, but does not inform us of the change - how are we supposed to know?  Are we supposed to have ESP?  Are we supposed to call on a daily basis, to be updated on his appointment time?  (Please note I called today to check on his appointment time and was told "the usual, we'll let you know if we change it".  When I insisted, they checked, and indeed, the appointment time had been moved. I had to INSIST to be told the correct time for the appointment and then they were rude about it.)

If we are not informed of appointment time changes by the clinic - how can they blame us for being early or late for an appointment?

Yet, they do.

Is there any other business on earth that runs like this?

In clinic Hemodialysis ABUSE - Banning and Uncooperative labeling

This is not the first occasion on which my husband, and I, have been abused by a hemodialysis clinic - and it will not be the last.

There is a vast secret in the in-clinic hemodialysis community about the abuse perpetuated by the clinics on their patients and their caretakers.

This is because if you dare to complain to the higher authorities, you can be punished in the clinic.  These people stick two large needles in your veins every other day.  These people monitor your treatment, and can shorten it or otherwise cause it to be inadequate and make you ill as a result. If that should happen, they will claim it is the PATIENTS FAULT they are ill, and they will get away with it, since they have been for the last 30 years or more.

If you complain you will be labeled UNCOOPERATIVE.  If you refuse unnecessary treatments or drugs you will be labeled UNCOOPERATIVE.

This label, UNCOOPERATIVE, is also used on patients who are not mentally competent, who can become violent and threatening.  SAME LABEL.  So when you try to move to a new clinic - suddenly they have no openings.  They don't want an UNCOOPERATIVE patient who will make trouble.

Hemodialysis clinics have the power to BAN 'UNCOOPERATIVE' patients, their caretakers, and family. This is a good thing when it is used to protect the clinic personnel from violent, threatening people.  It is a bad thing when it is also used as a threat to keep people from complaining about improper treatment.

Because if you are BANNED by one clinic for being UNCOOPERATIVE, then other clinics will not treat you either.

If you do not receive your hemodialysis treatment, YOU WILL DIE.

How potent a threat is that?

So patients, caretakers, and families, keep quiet when the patient, or family and caretakers are abused. For fear of in clinic retaliation.  For fear of being left to die.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Morning Sunflowers

With all the fear and suffering the U.S. is enduring now as our government openly plans to let those of us who are ill die slowly without treatment to save money so Trump can go to Mar El Lago for the golf, and kill other people around the world more quickly - this greeted me when I looked out my window this morning.

At least we can still enjoy sunshine and sunflowers.


Summer Foovay

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Chronic Fluid Overload Can Shorten Life for Hemodialysis Patients

Kidney patients on hemodialysis are constantly nagged to watch their fluids. We are fortunate in that my hubby has some residual function left in his kidneys, and he still urinates.  This allows him to have more fluid than some patients - who no longer urinate at all.  He also stays as physically active as possible, taking a daily walk, and this seems to also help substantially with keeping excess fluids off.

Another problem that we had, especially when we first switched back to hemodialysis, was getting the dialysis clinic to take him all the way down to his dry weight. This is one reason you should monitor closely what your clinic is doing as far as your treatments.  Don't blindly trust them to do the treatment correctly. We have time after time had to point out to the clinic personnel mistakes made in my husband's treatment, from cutting his time short, to leaving far too much fluid on him. 

If you are a hemodialysis patient, you probably already know too well the miseries of having a fluid overload.  But now there is a new study that makes it clear that a fluid overload is not simply miserable - if it is chronic it can literally shorten your life. They concluded persistent fluid overload raised your risk of early death roughly as much as having coronary artery disease or being twelve years older.  You can read more about the study by clicking here. 

So, I know you get nagged about this all the time - but really, it is so important to keep your fluid overload at a minimum. There are a lot of people who love you and want you to feel well and to hang around with them for many more years of love and happiness.

I am still a big advocate for peritoneal dialysis.  More frequent dialysis, and more control over your own treatment can be a big help in avoiding fluid overload. It isn't perfect for everyone - but it is a viable alternative to in-clinic hemodialysis or home hemodialysis. And, yes, I did write a book about our experience with home peritoneal dialysis that you can purchase by clicking here. 


Summer Foovay