Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today A Heartfelt Thank You

Chronic Kidney Disease, which usually progresses eventually to End Stage Renal Disease, has a number of symptoms and effects that are not generally known or discussed - even by your medical professionals.
The body's largest excretory organ is the skin.  When your kidneys are not working well, your body will attempt to remove some of the toxins by pushing them out through your skin.  All of us who have ever been teenagers are well aware of what that will cause - acne - as well as other skin lesions.  Because of the action of removing toxins, even a minor skin "boo-boo" as we call them, can turn into a major mess.  
Almost all ESRD patients are forced onto Medicare.  This is because the cost of dialysis in the U.S.A. is so high that no matter what insurance you have, you will likely hit the payment ceiling in a matter of months.  At least here in New Mexico, NO dermatologist that I can locate accepts Medicare.  This means no medical care for your skin problems.
In spite of all this, my husband has remarkably nice skin for a kidney patient.  There are a number of reasons for this, some of which you might be willing to do, some of which might be too difficult or not worth it to you.
Which brings us in a roundabout way (but the explanation was necessary) to my thank you today.
For many years now we have been using a product from Nelsons, called Bach's Rescue Remedy Creme.  It is a homeopathic cream for the treatment of minor sores and skin irritations.  And it works.  It can close up a paper cut in a day.  (Don't you hate those?  Pain so out of proportion to the injury - and then every time you wash your hands, or do the dishes, or shower - ow ow ow!) Put on a zit and it makes it either head up and go away, or simply go away - again in only a day or two.  Same for most other sores, boo-boos, owies, and minor skin eruptions.  
But it is hard to find.  Don't ask me why.  Check your local health food outlets.  Ask them for it.  They can usually order it.  You can order it from Amazon, but the last time I did they they sent Rescue Remedy GEL.  Which is all well and good but that is for muscle aches and pains.  Not what I needed for the hubby.  All the health food stores here are out of Rescue Remedy Creme, and their distributors are out of it, and they MIGHT get some in January.  Possibly.  A few tubes.  
So in desperation, I wrote the parent company to ask if there was any way I could order directly.  I would happily buy a case or two if need be.  We'll use it.  Customer service emailed me back and told me to look all the places I had already told them I had already looked.  So, I admit, I wrote a pretty snarky email back asking if they had even read my first email - where I stated I had already checked all the local outlets.
A very nice lady wrote me back with sympathy.  She explained that even their warehouses are out right now.  But she had gone through the office and found several samples she was willing to mail to me if I would send my physical address.  Which I did.  The Rescue Remedy Creme arrived yesterday and the hubby and I both did a happy dance.  And then immediately dabbed some on the immediately accessible boo-boos.  (We were on our way to his dialysis appointment)
She also tucked in a bottle of their Rescue Remedy tincture - for the stressed out caretaker! 
Nelsons deserves a very big thank you. A thank you for being a kind and compassionate company that provides a good and important product that WORKS and for being willing to provide real customer service and even some kindness to a rather desperate customer - as well as understanding for my snarkiness.  You can find their website here: and their products, well, if you are lucky!  
If you happen to be a kidney patient, or be caring for one, or know one - here's our full routine.  It works for us - but be aware that my husband has a somewhat different cause of his kidney disease (it is congenital) so if you choose to use all or any of it, be aware of your own particular needs and problems.  As always, I am not any kind of a medical professional and this should not replace actual advice from your doctor, etc.  
On a nightly basis before bed I use a fairly stiff vegetable brush.  I go over him from head to toe, following that with a rather rough washcloth to brush off the dead skin removed by the brush.  I put Bag Balm (in the big square metal can) on the lumps and scars.  It takes time, but it has actually made many of them go away completely.  Rescue Remedy Creme for active boo-boos, that is anything with a scab or that is open.  Heals them fast.  Then from head to toe again, a good moisturizer.  For those of us on low incomes, this is what I actually use.  The cheap Cocoa Butter moisturizer from Walmart (it's about $2 for a big bottle) mixed in my hand with a shot of Vitamin E oil (also about $2 at Walmart for a small bottle).  Massaging in the moisturizer also helps with blood circulation, keeping the edema (if there is any) from pooling in his ankles, and all the usual benefits of massage.  
The same routine wouldn't hurt any of us ;) but it is especially good for him. Maybe this will help someone and again - my gratitude to Nelson's for their kindness and caring.  And great products.
(No affiliation, no payment or commission - just unsolicited truth)


  1. Just. Wow. You are a saint. I can feel the love you give your husband during your nightly ritual.

    I don't have anything that needs the Bach's Rescue Remedy Creme, but I am going to try to find some in my big city for just-in-case!

    1. Aww - thank you. I dunno about sainthood - I think there are some people that would argue that one with you ;) but do try the Creme - any skin boo-boo. Great stuff.


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