Friday, December 16, 2016

Reading About Writing

I'm a pantser, I admit it.  Things float to the top of the flotsam and jetsam in my mind and I write them down.  Sometimes they eventually link up and turn into something worth creating in a real novel or story form, other times it's just as well I lose lots of those bits of paper and files in my computer.

That said, for the last few years I've really been wanting to step up my game as a writer.  Both for financial reasons, and personal ones.  Like feeling like I really accomplished something or adding something to the world that might be of benefit tp somebody someday.

So I've been reading lots of books and blogs and articles and watching videos about writing.  I've tried different methods and software.  I believe my writing is getting better, and I'm certainly coming to some ways to be more productive.  Maybe someday I'll have something to publish and brag on (soon).

I haven't really shared all this process with you, dear readers, because I don't figure you really care about that part of a writer's life.  If I were a stablehand, would you really want to hear about the nuts and bolts of cleaning shit out of horse stalls?  (And yet shoveling shit is a very important and worthy job - one I have often had and loved).

But I read a blog post today that had me laughing my ass off, really, right here in the dailysis center waiting room.  If I didn't know they already think I am one crazy woman I'd be worried about their impressio nof me cackling away while looking at the computer.  I think anyone who READS knows where this blogger (and author) Kristen Lamb, is coming from.  I know I do and I've deleted many a book from my Kindle for these exact reasons.  Checking and rechecking my own work for these flaws is part of the long delay between publications you've grown used to.

Why The Reader Put That Book Down is a blog post you have to read, whether you are a writer or a reader.  At the least it will amuse you mightily, and at best perhaps it will make a few of us who write stop and think before we put our fantasies out there in front of an audience.

Thanks, Kristen Lamb, I needed a good laugh today!


Summer Foovay

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