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A Buffet of Nine Free Kindle Books

How are you doing this fine last day of 2016?  I'm working on finishing up a few things I intended to get done this year.  In my defense, all of my plans for this year have gone sideways due to the husbands unexpected health issues.  If I have one takeaway from 2016 it is that I will never make any kind of long term plan again.  All that business about affirming you will do this or that at a certain time has never worked for me, and yet I fall for it on a pretty regular basis.

At this point in my life I am affirming that my husband will be well today - and perhaps tomorrow.  That today I will make an effort to do something to increase my fitness level.  And that today I will do something to try and increase my trickle of writing income to a flood.

It is entirely possible you read this blog and have never picked up one of my books.  I limit myself somewhat by publishing only for the Kindle, but it is easier for me with my limited resources and time.  In hopes that you will give one of my books a try, and hoping - I admit - to catch the attention of those who might have gotten a Kindle for Christmas, I am offering a buffet of my books free for the next few days.  They run the gamut from oldest to, well, somewhat newer given I haven't published anything this year.  From hard core sex stories to children's fantasy.  Like with any buffet, grab yourself a Kindle and browse the table, taking a bit from this book or that one and maybe coming back for seconds.

1 - In A Heartbeat, a short story Although this was published some years ago, it is indicative of one line of writing I wish to pursue.  The thriller.  If you only have a few minutes to spare, this will take less than an hour of your time.  If I'm doing my job right this one hour will take you from a relaxing walk wondering at the beauty of nature, to adrenaline drenched fear.  Maybe you will be impressed enough to risk investing a bit more time in a novel by me.

In A Heartbeat - US 
In A Heartbeat - UK
In A Heartbeat - Canada
In A Heartbeat - Australia

2 - Moving On  Is the first novel I completed, published, and later published on the Kindle.  It is also a Nanowrimo novel - again, the first time I finished that goal as well.  Like many first novels, it is somewhat autobiographical - although I also borrow elements from other peoples stories that I have been told over the years.  So it is, but it isn't. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the quiet trip down the river, and if you are a kayaker and camper you will enjoy those aspects as well.  But I also got up on my soapbox and got in a few rants about things that bother me in this world; homelessness, our societies attitude towards the sex trade, among other things.  In a way, this book comes closest to a style of writing I admire - Dean Koontz.  In the midst of the most harrowing terror tale, he will sit down for a few paragraphs and talk sense about something that is nonsensical in our society.  And then get on with the fear.  I've always considered those little deviations the best part of his books.

That said, I haven't written anything remotely like it since - except perhaps One Woman, One Kayak, Bliss which is a series of short essays about my kayaking experiences.

Moving On - US
Moving On - UK
Moving On - Canada
Moving On - Australia

3 - Blue Dragonfly is the first in a planned series of children's science fantasy books.  That's me, breaking the genre barrier.  You see, it is powered by a fantastical character, Mr. Odon Ata, who is a very special kind of shape-shifter.  He has been almost any animal you can name and lived an entire life.  He has some marvelous (and otherwise scientifically accurate) stories to tell about animals.  The protagonist is a 10 year old boy named Tom who is being raised by a single mother.  The first book is about - you guessed it - dragonflies.

The idea for this was suggested to me by a wonderful old french fairy tale about a boy who hides in a cave and discovers it's magical powers by accident.  In the fairy tale the boy only turns into the cool animals - like bears - and the whole experience is summed up as "he was the mightiest bear in the forest" until he goes back into the cave, goes to sleep and wakes up as something else.  I really love old fairy tales, so expect more and more of them to be retold or used in bits here and there.

I am really proud of Blue Dragonfly because it has three five star reviews.  I do know one of the reviewers, but the other two are complete strangers.  No idea how they found my book or who they are.  But they felt it worthy of five stars.  Book Two is out (The Weaver) and Book Three is in process and has been all year.  I finally figured out what is wrong with it.  Only I could take three intriguing characters and write a boring story.  I believe I've got a fix for it - and it is tops on my list of things to do in 2017.

Blue Dragonfly - US
Blue Dragonfly - UK
Blue Dragonfly - Canada
Blue Dragonfly - Australia

4 - Cutting Away The Pain is a sex story.  A reader once told me it was a romance, and it is, but probably not the kind you are used to thinking of as a romance.  For one thing - I don't prissy boots around about sex.  I don't like euphemisms.  I think this book is by far and away the best sex story I've ever written.  It was inspired by a friend who asked me (I am well known as a dom) if there was ever a time I could have been a submissive instead.  After a few days of rolling that around in my head I knew there was one point in time, a turning point, when if one particular sort of person had stepped into my life everything would have been very different.  This little novella is not for the faint of heart but it is a story of hope and love.

Cutting Away The Pain - US
Cutting Away the Pain - UK
Cutting Away the Pain - Canada
Cutting Away the Pain - Australia

You will notice that my sex story pen name, Petit Morte, is on Cutting Away the Pain, as well as my real name.  If you want to find all of my sex stories, look at the Petit Morte author page.  And there is one other pen name you might be interested in.

5 - Trade is one of four gay m/m erotic short stories I have published on Kindle.  I was making quite a living for a little while writing short gay erotic short stories for actual m/m porn sites.  The Kindle books are under the pen name of Randall "Silver" Fox.  They were written for men who love men - before the universe knew about women who love men who love men, thus I am not too sure of their reception by that particular audience.  As always in my sex stories, less gushy romance, more hard sex with no bullshit.

Trade - US
Trade - UK
Trade - Canada
Trade - Australia

For the last few years I haven't written any sex stories and pretty much thought I was out of it.  But those little books just sell and sell and sell and sell.  And I do have the occasional idea float through my head.  Who knows?  Some of my best sellers are little "how to" sex books, and I could certainly easily write more of those.

So that said, I selected a few representatives of that body of work to put up for free for the next few days.  Feel free to sample. All these are U.S. links.

Naughty Wife at the Formal Dinner
How to give your Lover A Sexy Lap Dance
My First Time With A Woman
Fairy Wings

Now tomorrow, I will have one more freebie to share.

Meanwhile, go forth have a wonderful New Years celebration.  May many blessings be yours in 2017.

I'm staying up until midnight because I want to watch this fucking year die.  Die.  DIE.

2017 is going to be so much better - and more productive!


Summer Foovay

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