Thursday, November 17, 2016

Turn the Page

Bob Seger's Turn The Page is one of my all time favorite songs.  I've done a bit of traveling and working myself and I am familiar with that sense of being alone in a crowd.  
That said, I also believe that there are times in your life when you need to turn the page and move on.  Some people find that suspicious for some reason.  Others think I never do it soon enough.  Good thing I don't live for anyone's approval but my own.  Growing up with no approval, ever, from the ones who should love and encourage you will do that.  You grow up knowing you'll never be able to make anyone else happy with you - so you don't try to.  
2016 has been a pretty horrible year for us.  Truly one of the worst since my hubby and I have been together.  But there are signs of hope now.  A glimpse or two of daylight coming our way.  There have been some very major changes, but we are adjusting.  Transitions are always rocky roads to travel.  Some more than others.  
We are starting to talk about the future.  The next few months, the new few years.  We are winnowing away the emotions and keeping the lessons learned.  Although we have lost quite a few things from material things to health to friendships this year - we have not lost our dreams.  They have simply endured a bit of adjustment.  Instead of settling down in five years or so - we will be settling down temporarily where we are at.  And then doing a little more traveling, we hope, to find a new place we love to settle and buy land.  We have always dreamed of our own self sufficient little farm when we were ready to settle down.  That time seems to be now, rather than five years or more into the future as we had planned.
But then, we make plans and the gods laugh.
Because of new higher expenses, I really need to increase my income from my kindle publications, so forgive me if I get a little self-promoting for a bit.  We need the money if we are to have the life we deserve and desire.  I don't think we ask for much - but right now we are barely able to afford survival.  That needs to change.  
Thanks for hanging in there and reading my words.  I hope once in a while I say something that gives you joy, happiness, or even contains a nugget of wisdom.  
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