Thursday, September 22, 2016

Not one of our better days

Yesterday was not one of the best days in my life.
We got a good start, but when I started Firefly up to take him to the Coumadin clinic, the brake light came on. We checked and were low on brake fluid.
I climbed up to the rooftop storage to get our brake fluid out - and someone has stolen everything from that storage. Seriously. Someone paid enough attention to see we were not in the Firefly (as we live there, that's unusual enough) and it was someone who knows enough about RVs to climb the ladder, get on the roof, open the storage, and then steal a half bottle of brake fluid, and a half jug of oil. That's it. (Fortunately, pretty much all that was in there) I'm more hurt and disappointed than anything else. Especially since it has to have happened in the last two weeks, and almost HAS to have happened while Firefly was sitting in front of a hospital or dialysis clinic, or doctors office.
She was still stopping (good ol gal) so we took him to his clinic appointment laughing about people cutting in front of five tons of Detroit steel with no brakes. We planned to get some brake fluid on the way home. Only we didn't go home.
Instead we took James to the ER and he was admitted to the hospital.
He has fluid on one lung making it difficult for him to breathe.  Apparently just one of those things with congestive heart disease.  We may be here all weekend, though, as they have to wait for the warfarin to leave his system enough to do minor surgery and drain the lung.  Meanwhile, with the warfarin getting out of his system, I'll be holding my breath hoping he doesn't clot either the permacath now being used for hemodialysis off or clot the still maturing fistula and ruin it.  Life is such fun.
Definately not one of our better days :P

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