Friday, September 9, 2016

I am grateful for you

Thank you, dear readers, for hanging on with me through thick and thin, sickness and health, travel and stagnation. Last months Amazon money was the most it has been in a long time - from book sales and blog subscriptions.  That is such a great help to us now.  Thank you.

In general, things are improving for us.

The husband is steadily recovering from the dis-ease caused by the hospitaler doctor's mistakes and reaching a new point of equilibrium.  We have many days to go before he will return to his former health, if ever.  That said, the end of this month will see more testing and finally actual treatment for the problem that took him to the hospital in March of this year.

That's right - we've spent six month recovering from the "treatment" and now maybe he can get some treatment that is correct for him given his preexisting problems.  Some of which are now worse - because of the treatments prescribed by a doctor who didn't know him, wouldn't listen to us, etc.  But we are trying to put that behind us now and move forward.

My dear MIL has gifted me with a newer (used) computer to replace my poor old desktop.  I'm working on teaching the new machine to write, draw, edit photos, blog, and in general do the things I do.  Okay, I taught it to find Crunchyroll (for anime) and WRCPlus (for rally racing) first but hey...

So I am in the process of going through and moving files from the old computer to either the external harddrive or to the new computer.  As I find things I think you might enjoy, I will share.

Like for instance, all these pretty pictures of New Mexico sky.

 You suppose God is mad at them in that church for some reason?  Sorry I couldn't resist.

I shall be here - uh - when I'm here for the next few weeks, but I hope to be able to resume something like a normal life with a normal blogging schedule sometime this year.

But I am kind of off making "plans" these days.  Seems like it makes the gods fall over laughing, and then when they get up they rearrange them in such as way as to cause maximum misery.


Summer Foovay

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